Russulas (brittle-gills)


Around 750 worldwide species of ectomycorrhizal mushrooms compose the genus Russula. They are typically common, fairly large, and brightly colored – making them one of the most recognizable genera among mycologists and mushroom collectors. Their distinguishing characteristics include usually brightly coloured caps, a white to dark yellow spore print, brittle, attached gills, an absence of latex, and absence of partial veil or volva tissue on the stem. Microscopically, the genus is characterised by the amyloid ornamented spores and flesh (trama) composed of spherocysts. Members of the related genus Lactarius have similar characteristics but emit a milky latex when their gills are broken. 

This Section, for convenience of keying, is divided into eight groups based on the color of the cap. To the extent that some species have variable cap colors that will key out in different groups, there will be multiple entries of the same species.

Group 100 – Cap white or cream.

Group 200 – Cap yellow or orange.

Group 300 – Cap red, orange-red, pinkish-red, brownish- or blackish-red.

Group 400 – Cap red-violet, violet, purple, reddish- or brownish-purple.

Group 500 – Cap bluish, blue-gray, gray.

Group 600 – Cap green, yellow-green, olive-green.

Group 700 – Cap tan, yellow-brown, brown, pink-brown, red-brown, soot-brown.

Group 800 – Cap of mixed colors.

  1. Russula parvovirescens
  2. Russula aeruginea
  3. Russula variata
  4. Russula crustosa
  5. Russula redolens
  6. Russula compacta
  7. Russula rosea
  8. Russula flavida

  9. (Macowanites messapicoides) Russula messapica

  10. Russula hixsonii

  11. Russula sanguinea

  12. Russula emetica

  13. Russula mariae

  14. Russula xerampelina

  15. Russula nigricans

  16. Russula brevipes

  17. Russula claroflava 

  18. Russula ochroleucoides 

  19. Russula lutea

Coming Soon:

  1. Russula sericeonitens
  2. Russula aurea
  3. Russula mustelina
  4. Russula decolorans
  5. Russula cyanoxantha
  6. Russula dissimulans
  7. Russula xanthoporphyrea
  8. Russula crassotunicata
  9. Russula delica
  10. Russula rubescens
  11. Russula atropurpurea
  12. Russula ornaticeps
  13. Russula caerulea
  14. Russula vesca
  15. Russula viscida
  16. Russula fragilis
  17. Russula gracillima
  18. Russula integra
  19. Russula krombholzii
  20. Russula nana
  21. Russula vinosa
  22. Russula rugulosa
  23. Russula paludosa
  24. Russula silvicola
  25. Russula subtilis
  26. Russula albida
  27. Russula amoena
  28. Russula fragrantissima
  29. Russula densifolia
Russula parvovirescens

Russula aeruginea

Russula variata

Russula crustosa

Russula redolens

Russula compacta

Russula rosea

Russula flavida

(Macowanites messapicoides) Russula messapica

Russula hixsonii

Russula sanguinea

Russula emetica

Russula mariae

Russula xerampelina

Russula nigricans

Russula brevipes

Russula claroflava 

Russula ochroleucoides 

Russula lutea