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    So you have been coming to this website for a while now, or maybe for the first time, and used the “Current Mushrooms Finds” page, or the “Recipe of The Month”, took a guess at the “Mushroom Photo Of the Month”, viewed the “Morel Progression Maps”, or took a look at the extensive 650+ “Species List” with photos and descriptions, or maybe you submitted a photo to Chris to get his help with the “Mushroom Identification” of your find. Maybe you left a message on the “Morel Message Board”. All of these things are free to the public, and what a job it is just to keep up with all of this. So what on Earth could there be beyond this in the “Member Areas” that would be a benefit to me?

The member areas contain so much data and info, that it would take you days to go through it all. There are hundreds of specific web pages on specific subjects, and many thousands of photos. Here is a list of many of the pages:

  • Reports– The popular “Video Morel Report”, like the Weather Channel but for Morels!
  • Newsletters– View all of the past newsletters with very interesting and informative subjects from the past, beginning in 1999! Subjects like Morel Growing Kits, Fall Morels, GPS and Mushrooming, Growing Mushrooms, Freezing, Drying and Canning Mushrooms, Festivals, Forays, DNA Studies, Growth Studies, and much more.
  • Photos– Chris has been an avid photographer since childhood, and has 1000’s of photos posted, High Quality Morel Photos for each year since 2000, breathtaking, eye dazzling shots of other beautiful mushrooms. There are many members also like Chris, with their photography, and they too have submitted Unbelievable photos of Morels. There are hundreds of member submitted Morel Photos, each year categorized separately from each year.
  • Member Submitted Photos– Hundreds of great photos of the members and their mushroom finds!
  • Recipes– Other extensive recipes for Morels, Chanterelles, and other common edibles.
  • Mushroom Questions and Answers– Compiled questions and answers from years of submissions, and most of the common questions asked.
  • Hunting Tips– Detailed hunting tips for Morels, including detailed tree identification info, when to hunt- timing, where to hunt- common places to begin looking.
  • Places To Hunt– Yes, we even have specific locations of where Morels have been reported to be found, and where Chris has personally found them. There is a separate listing for all 50 states with detailed info.
  • Morel Species– View all of the photos and details of each Morel species.
  • Video– There are full-length videos of all forays! Each up to 80 minutes long! The full length Travel Channel episode on Morels, The full length History Channel episode- Modern Marvels of Mold and Fungus. Many other videos as well. Hours of video content!
  • Foreign Morels– We have photos and info on separate web pages for these Countries: Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, and many more.
  • Fire Burn Morel Info– Yukon, BC, and Alaska, as well as Washington and Oregon and other out- West locations. Even a link to forest fire data info, so you can find last year’s fire areas.
  • Members can link to other Members– Names and email addresses to members, listed by each State. Make new mushroom hunting friends and contacts.
  • Facebook Group– so all members can communicate with each other and plan your own new get-togethers.
  • Chat Room
  • Identification Help: Text Chris directly with pics of your finds you need help identifying. Chris will respond within 24 hours!
  • – During Morel season, Chris is in the Chat room nightly, and there has been as many as 75 members from across the country chatting about mushrooms at the same time!
  • There are also other web pages such as: Tiny Morel Bug Info, Morels from Hungary, Mushroom Video Links on the net, Myth Busters, Mushroom Festival Info, Growth Studies- See A young Gray Morel turn into a large Yellow Morel in 2-3 weeks!, Wildflowers, Go Mushroom Hunting Online, Mushroom Stories, Mushroom Humor, Kids and Mushrooms, and the most extensive Mushroom Links page available.

All of this for as little as $25.00? You have got to be kidding! No- it’s the truth! Help Support this site today!

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    Morel Mushroom Hunting Club Liability Waiver

         I hereby acknowledge and accept that BY JOINING, I realize that there are inherent risks involved in the collection, identification and ingestion of wild mushrooms. I realize that mushroom forays are held in public or private woodlands where natural hazards do occur, immediate medical attention may not be available and the foray leader may not be trained in emergency treatment. I further understand that people can have known or unknown food allergies and that people can experience gastric disturbances from ingesting wild mushrooms. In consideration of this acknowledgement and my voluntary participation in activities relating to the Morel Mushroom Hunters Club (MMHC), having read this waiver and understanding the risks involved in participating in the MMHC events, and of the agreement by the MMHC to allow me to participate in its activities. I hereby release, on behalf of myself, and my successors, heirs, assigns, executors, and administrators, the MMHC, its officers, directors, members and volunteers from any claims of liability or demand whatsoever, including but not limited to bodily injury, sickness, disease, death, property loss or damage, or any other loss or damage of any kind which may arise out of or in connection to my participation in MMHC events, whether resulting from negligence or from some other cause. I have read and understand the forgoing Waiver of Liability, and BY JOINING I indicate my agreement. It is my intent to be legally restrained from asserting any claim connected herewith and I understand that this agreement is unconditional and may not be waived by any person for any reason whatever.