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UPDATE: The March, 2019 Newsletter is available to the general public for free but please consider supporting this website and joining the club!

Current Newsletters:

March 2019 Newsletter

The 2019 Morel Mushroom Season, Chris’ Insights”

February 2019 Newsletter

“Cordyceps on humans? Should we be worried?”

January 2019 Newsletter

“Have you ever had a MOREL DREAM?”

December 2018 Newsletter

“Is Santa Clause a Shaman? Do reindeer really fly?”

November 2018 Newsletter

“Mushrooms you can find in the Winter”

October 2018 Newsletter

“Top 15 Fall Mushrooms”

Previous Newsletters:  

September 2018 Newsletter

“How to Properly Identify a Mushroom”

Upcoming Newsletter Subjects:  

  • Top 15+ Fall Wild Edible Mushrooms
  • Best Methods to Store Your Motherload Finds
  • Growing Mushrooms
  • What is the Best Tick Preventions?
  • Know the Common Poisonous Mushrooms to be More Confident on Consuming New Species
  • Tree Association of Morels; Elms Diminishing, Ash are Wiped Out… What Next?

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