Mushroom Friends Links:

David Fischer, my original mentor from the beginning… “Americanmushrooms”
Tom Nauman, “Morel Mania”
Michael Kuo, great identification site!
Add your own observations and post mushroom photos, view others….
Tom Volk’s website, great information…
California based, amazing info and photos…
Stephen Russell’s site from Indiana…
Great publication from NAMA…
NAMA official site, amazing forays and locations…
Participate in this project…
New York based organization…
Myco Map, submit your observations…
Probably the largest website and contains the most mushroom observations, help with identifications…

Many, many others:


Family Links:

My daughter Kylah’s Photography Website…

About Kylah’s Photography:

Hello!!! My name is Kylah! I’m a freelance photographer who is passionate about capturing beautiful memories that will last forever! I am addicted to coffee, love corny jokes, and being creative is a lifestyle for me. I am also a super proud Air Force wife and mother of two wonderful children.


And My Daughter’s Etsy Craft Shop….

About Kylah’s Creative Crafts:

Loving what I do.

It is important to love what you do. Creating something new out of old is my passion, especially if it involves a paint brush. Painting is the one thing I know I can control. There is a new challenge with every piece, and that is exciting to me. Upcycling is the thing right now! Taking something aged and dusty, and giving it a new life is something beautiful in itself. I absolutely LOVE weathered wood. What has it been through? How old it is? What kind of story could you have? I give it a new life, a new meaning, and a new purpose. Let me create your ideas on something that will last a lifetime.

This is my passion. This is my life.

My Brother’s Wildlife Fine Art Website…

About Mike’s Artwork:

The works of artist-painter Michael Ross Matherly are collected throughout the world. Michael’s main sources of inspiration are from the vast beauty around us that God has created.

As a young boy, Michael showed outstanding talent. The achievements he holds are evidence of his love for and dedication to his art. With a multitude of interests, he works in acrylic, always striving to call forth a freshness in his works. He spends a great deal of time researching his subjects. That is obviously reflected in the details of his paintings.

He has done commissioned work for the National Wildlife Federation in Washington D.C. His work has been published on covers and inside several national and state magazines. He has won a total of six Indiana Game-bird Habitat Stamps and Indiana Trout-Salmon Stamp Competitions. He has designed several postage stamps for the United States Postal Service in Washington D.C., many of which are still available at your local post office. He was commissioned to create a series of twelve collector plates for the Franklin Mint, titled “The Majestic Cats Collection”, which were sold around the world. According to the Franklin Mint, he is one of three artists to ever have a plate series extended to twelve plates, and his series has been the most successful in the history of the Franklin Mint. He also designed a single collector plate, “Midnight Majesty”, in addition to the series, that was endorsed by the International Wildlife Coalition. He has designed several commissioned works for the Postal Commemorative Society. In addition to the above, Michael’s artwork is licensed by many different manufacturers and produced on dozens of different products sold worldwide such as print reproductions, greeting cards, mugs, coasters, trivets, T-shirts, jigsaw puzzles, tapestry afghan throws, woven pillows, calendars, mirrors, mirror coat racks, furniture, cross stitch, tote bags, decorative tins, wallpaper wall murals, kiln fired tile wall murals, woven men’s and women’s cardigans and pullovers, magnets, decals, serving trays, see-through auto window graphics, paint-by-number kits, gun safes and many new licenses are in the works.

Gallery of his amazing work:
Mike’s US Postal Stamps and Duck Stamps:

Mike’s Artwork was on a Geico Commercial:

Also on HSN:

My Brother David’s Books… He has traveled the world taking amazing photographs!

About David Matherly:

David’s images have appeared in regional magazines like Montana Magazine; Nevada Magazine and Mexico Events Magazine; in National Park Service wayside exhibits; Smithsonian Institute Exhibits; on Bill Moyers PBS NOW program; in numerous Children’s books and magazines like Kidsbooks; Kids Discover Magazine and Children’s Press; in books published by American World and Geographic Publishing; Northern Rockies Publishing; Grolier; McGraw-Hill; John Wiley and Sons; Simon & Schuster; West Publishing Co.; Holt, Rinehard and Winston; Lerner Publications; Michael Freedman Publishing Group; Focus Magazine; Realizaciones Editoriales (Spanish edition); and many more both in Europe and in the US. David’s images are also represented by stock photo agencies in Europe and the U.S.

Gallery of a few Amazing Photographs featured in his books:

Friend’s of Mine Links:

Michigan Mushroom Market owned by my friend Ken Harris from Petoskey…

Gallery of Ken’s photos:
Ken was featured in this magazine:

My friend Ioana Sasu’s Photography website:

Camping and Mushroom Hunting Adventures:




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