Morel Mushroom Hunting Club

Morel Mushroom Hunting Club

Mushroom Hunting Club Founders Chris & LavnaHunting for Morel Mushrooms is Chris Matherly’s True Passion!

It is because of my love and enjoyment in hunting mushrooms that I am bringing you this site.

Morel Mushroom Hunting consumes my thoughts every spring. Me being in the woods, enjoying nature, and hunting Morel mushrooms has been my obsession ever since I was 5 years old. At that time, stepped on a lot! And I have been doing it ever since. Mushroom hunting seems to get in your blood, once you do it a few times, you are addicted. I enjoy just traipsing through the woods, and the excitement of finding the mushrooms, and, of course, EATING them! It is like adult Easter-Egg Hunting, so exciting and fulfilling and truly a “Green” activity. This site is directed to help you enjoy your ‘Shroomin’ also! Enjoy!

What the Morel Mushroom Club is about.

There is a great deal of “Free” activities and information on this page, and even several things that you can get involved with without actually joining the club. However, I certainly encourage you to officially join and become a member of my fun-filled club. We have a lot going on all year long, even during the off season for mushrooms. I also really get into all edibles, not just Morels, so many other great tasting and medicinal mushrooms growing out in the woods! Hen-Of-The-Woods for example can shrink tumors, lower blood pressure, and build your immune system, plus it is very delicious! Lion’s Mane, Chanterelles, Lobster Mushrooms, King Boletes (Porcini), Oyster Mushrooms, Puffballs, Chicken-Of-The-Woods, and Cauliflower Mushrooms are just a handful that we discuss on the site and have recipes for! If you ever have any questions, just email me.

This is the one-stop website for morel mushrooms and many other great edible wild mushrooms and plants. We will provide you with up-to-date information on the mushroom hunting seasons. We do this through our up-to-date maps that show you where people are finding the mushrooms that are in season. You will find information on most of the edible mushrooms throughout the United States.  We provide information on the poisonous mushrooms you want to leave in the forest. We keep you up-to-date with the medical findings to improve your life. We are a certified morel mushroom selling site and will provide you with mushrooms when they are in season. We offer mushroom hunting equipment and much more.

Please Note: This page is a public access free page.

Use info on this page and enjoy. The member areas have literally 1000’s of mushroom photos, mushroom recipes, mushroom videos, mushroom hunting tips and info.  Newsletters, chat room, places to hunt wild mushrooms, and just about everything else you can imagine relating to wild mushrooms, not just morels. By joining this club, you will have unlimited access to all of the member areas for your benefit, but most importantly, you will be helping to support this website. We now have a network of over 1000 members worldwide and in all 50 states. As a member, you also can participate in any of the Mushroom Hunting Forays. These Guided mushroom hunts have been experiences of a lifetime for many, and many new friends are always made.


Chris and Levena

Mushrooms progression maps

Our progression maps show which type of mushrooms are being found and where they’re being found. Maps are updated frequently so you have good information to know if you should go hunting mushrooms are not.

Morels are still being found in high elevations! Summer mushrooms are popping up everywhere!

Our Mushroom Guide Blogs

Morel Mushroom Growth Studies

Morel Mushroom Growth Studies

Morel Mushroom Growth Studies Do morel mushrooms pop right up full size overnight when the weather is just right? NO! They do not pop up in one day,...

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Mushroom Reports

Report your Finds or find out where and when people are making great finds for all types of mushrooms.

Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips

We provide Basic hunting tips for morel mushrooms and other species of mushrooms.

Morel Mushroom Forays

Guided Mushroom Hunts are now available for registration. Private Hunts are also available. Sign up today!

Mushroom Products

ind hundreds of great mushroom products including: Books, DVDs, Stickers, Ornaments, Art & more.

Must See Videos

View Chris’ very informative mushroom related videos!


Mushroom Growth Studies

Find hundreds of great mushroom products including: Books, DVDs, Stickers, Ornaments, Art & more.

Mushroom Species List, (Edible and Poisonous)

Identification Help! Mushroom Species Photos and Descriptions. Complete Scientific List.

Photo Collections

Chris’ Unique Mushroom Photo Collection (samples)

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