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2020 morel mushroom season hunting finds reports map

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Final Public Morel Progression Map (updated 5-17-2023)

Previous Public Morel Progression Map (updated 5-10-2023)

Previous Public Morel Progression Map (updated 4-30-2023)

Previous Public Morel Progression Map (updated 4-14-2023)

Current Member-Only Maps:

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Newest Updated Member-Only 2023 Morel Progression Map as of 5/17/2023<—-(Click to view)

Current State Morel Progression Maps:

Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky

Current Soil Temperatures Map:

Weekly Precipitation Map: 

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2023 Fall Vermont Foray September 1-3rd, 2023 (6-spots remaining)

2023 Cougar Washington Matsutake-Porcini-Lobster Mushroom Foray September 15-17th, 2023 (7 remaining spots)

2023 Ohio Fall Foray October 6-8th, 2023 (8 remaining openings)

2023 Fall Brown County Indiana Mushroom Madness- Motherloads of Hens, Chicken, Lion’s Mane, and More! Oct. 13-15th (4-spots left)

NEW!!! 2023 Georgia Fall Foray November 10-12th, 2023 

2023 California Fall/Winter Trumpets-Chanterelles-Porcini-Candy Caps Foray December 15-17th, 2023 (5-spots left)

New!!! 2024 Oregon Truffle Hunting Foray and Class January 19-21st, 2024

New!!! 2024 Winter California Mushroom Foray January 26-28th, 2024

Sorry, The Following Events are Now FULL, waiting list only:

2023 Telluride Colorado Porcini Foray August 18-20th, 2023 (sorry now FULL)

2023 Upper Peninsula Michigan Chaga and Porcini Foray August 25-27th, 2023 (sorry now FULL)

2023 Fall Minnesota Foray September 22-24th, 2023 (sorry FULL)

2023 NW Illinois Fall Foray September 29th-October 1st, 2023 (sorry now FULL)

Spring 2024 Morel Mushroom Forays (Register Early and Save $$)

NEW!!! 2024 Georgia Morel Mushroom Motherload Event March 29-31st, 2024

New!!! 2024 Illinois Morel Mushroom Motherload Harvesting Event April 19-21st, 2024


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2023 Video Morel Reports and Forecasts by: Chris Matherly

“It’s like the Weather Channel for Morel Mushrooms”!


   The Video Morel Reports that Chris does is for members-only to the Morel Mushroom Hunting Club where his latest VMR is available every 7-10 days of the morel season. Once a new report has been uploaded, the old one, usually 10-14 days prior is then made public. Become a member for as little as $25 per year and get the latest up to date VMR and morel progression maps as well as a new feature Chris has added which is State Morel Progression Maps! (Only available as a member)…

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