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June 13th, 2019:

New pics added “Misc mushroom photos” including mushroom skulls, trophies, morel cloud, mushroom ghost, shaman mushroom mask, and several more:

New video added “Chris Matherly’s powerpoint morel mushroom presentation”:

New USA Morel Progression Map, New Summer Mushroom Map, New State Maps: MI, MN, WI:

100 New pics added to photo collections “Morel tattoos”, “Stinkhorns”:

June 12th, 2019:

New photo category added “Scanned newspaper articles about mushroom hunting”:

New photo category added with over 40 photos “Unknown/strange fungi”:

New pics added “Spore prints”:

New pics added “Giant morel statues”, “Mushroom houses”:

New pics added “Commercially grown”:

New pics added “Member submitted photos”:

New pics added to Foreign Morels, “France, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Japan”:

New growth studies pics added:

New pics added: “Moss morels”, “Ginseng”:

New pics added “Morel marriage proposal”, Morels growing from rocks or wood”, “It snowed on my morels”, “Morels shouldn’t grow here”:

New pics added “Commercial picking”:

New pics added “Kids and mushrooms”, “Animals and mushrooms”:

New pics added “Morel Clumps”:

Previous Morel Progression Map and Previous Finds Compilations added to public maps:

New USA Morel Progression Map updated 6-12-2019, New Summer Mushroom Map, New State Maps: Neb, MI, MN, WI:

June 2019 newsletter added “Golden oysters, their origin”:

New videos added “Video Morel Reports and Forecast” :

New videos added “How to find Matsutake Mushrooms” :

June 8th, 2019:

Previous Morel Progression Map and Previous Finds Compilations added to public maps:

New USA Morel Progression Map, New Summer Mushroom Map, New State Maps: Neb, MI, MN, WI:

New species added “Cedar Apple Rust”:

New page added with several species of parasitic plants that lack chlorophyll:

  • Monotropa(Ghost Pipe)

  • Epifagus virginiana(Beech Drops)

  • Sarcodes sanguinea(Snow Plant)

  • Conopholis americana(Squawroot)

  • Pterospora andromedea(Pinedrops)

  • Cistanche tubulosa

New species added to Species List:

Split the extensive mushroom videos into categories and added dozens of new videos:

20 new pics added “Giant Mushrooms” :

20 new pics added “Stinkhorns” :

New pics added “No Hunting Mushrooms Signs” :

Added several new pics”Mushroom Cakes” :

Added new pics “Animals in Mushrooms” :

Added new pics “Morcheloid prolifikations” :

Added foray videos: 2013 Oregon Truffle, 2013 Michigan Upper Peninsula Burnsite Morel , 2012 Fall Washington Matsutake, 2012 Telluride Colorado Porcini, 2014 Fall Vermont, 2013 Fall Indiana Foray:

June 6th, 2019:

New wildflower photos added:

40 new high resolution morel photos added from the 2019 Washington Morel Foray:

2019 Michigan foray video, and 2019 Washington Foray video and photos added:

New public morel progression map added (updated as of 5-24-2019):

New entries added to photo contest:

May 25th, 2019:

Added 2-new growth studies for oysters and morels:

May 24th, 2019:

New pics added “Mushroom Art and Paintings”:

New pics added “Graveyard Morels”:

New pics added “Giant Carvings of Morels”:

40 new pics added “Artist Conk art” :

20 new pics added “Animals and Mushrooms”

160 new “Kids and Mushrooms” pics added:

30 new “Morel Clumps” pics added:

40 new “Morel Twins” pics added:

20 new mushroom tattoo pics added:

2019 Galena, Illinois Foray Video added:

New mushroom festival added:

Aded 75+ new pics “All past finalists in the mushroom photo contest”:

New page created “Mushroom Photo Contest Winners 2000 to 2018”:

New entries added in the mushroom photo contest:

Updated State Morel Progression Maps added for Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan:

New “Hot-Spots” maps added for black and yellow morels:

New video added “Morel growing in a basement”:

New photo category added with 150 pics “Moss Morels”:

May 2019 Newsletter added “Ticks and Prevention”:

Links added to over 100 categories and over 35,000 Mushroom Photos:

45 New pics added “Giant Morels”, 20 new pics added “Morel Clumps”, “Baby Morels”:

New pics added “Mushroom Crop Circles”, Mushrooms Shouldn’t Grow Here”, Morel Look-Alikes”,

New pics added “Morel Pits and Ridges”:

New pics added “Mushroom Beer/Liquor”, “Morel Tattoos”:

New pics added ” Morel Twins”, “No Hunting Signs”:

May 22nd, 2019:

New pics added “Mushroom cookies and cakes” as well as “Basketfulls”:

Added 15 new pics “Animals and Mushrooms”, as well as over 100 new pics “Kids and Mushrooms”:

Added 2 new vintage pics pre-70’s:

Added over 150 new high resolution morel mushroom photos from the recent 2019 Galena, Illinois Foray and the 2019 Petoskey, Michigan Foray. :

Many new interesting and amazing facts were added to the page “Did you know this about morel mushrooms”? :

New photos and amazing information added to the page “Fire Burn Morels”:

4-New 2019 Morel Mushroom growth studies photos added, very interesting! :

May 21st, 2019:

New member-only maps added and updated 5-21-2019: Main morel progression map, State Morel Progression Maps: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois:

New public morel progression map added (updated 5-15-2019):

New Compilation of finds photos 5-15 to 5-22, 2019:

Several new photos added in the 2019 mushroom photo contest:

Added photos of 2019 Illinois and Michigan forays, also added pre-registration pages for 2020 Georgia and Illinois Motherload Forays:

May 8th, 2019:

Over 75 new photos added “Kids and Mushrooms”:

New entries added to the mushroom photo contest:

May 7th, 2019:

New Video Morel Report (updated 5-7-2019) added:

New Ohio Morel Foray Video added:

New member-only maps added and updated 5-7-2019: Main morel progression map, Black Morels Hot-Spots Map, Morchella americana Hot-Spots Map, State Morel Progression Maps: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma:

New public morel progression map added (updated 4-30-2019):

New Compilation of finds photos 4-30 to 5-7, 2019:

New high resolution morel photos added for 2019 from Delaware, Ohio:


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