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March 2019 Newsletter

“The 2019 Morel Mushroom Season, Chris’ Insights”

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     As of 3-19-2019, it appears that the 2019 season is about right on the normal average as far as timing goes, or maybe as much as a week earlier than normal in the Southeastern US. There was a 3-night freeze in March in the south with lows in Atlanta of 19 degrees! This did in fact damage many early babies and there are signs of frostbite.

     Also, reports from Texas showed even worse damage. Overall amount of Texas reports are very few and far between.

     For whatever reason, the finds in Georgia and Alabama have surprised me as overall not much damage has shown up and it seems that the size and quantities of finds reported are also surprisingly way above average. The photo below shows 20+ pounds found in Central Georgia on March 16th:

     I found my first morel locally in Paulding County Georgia on March 14th, and this particular local spot had signs of heavy flooding from winter rains, leaving lots of 6-inch deep sand bars all over my hunting areas. This is why on my forecast map, I colored-in this area as below average finds but this may not be widespread.

     Earlybird black morels have already been spotted as far north as Kentucky. Realize that there are microclimates that occur such as rocky soil where the ground temps heat up much faster than the rest.

     Also, realize that morels grow slowly, up to 3-weeks. The baby black above would have grown another 5 inches if left another 15 days. 

     Snowfall totals for 2019-2019 are above average across the entire US. As a result, areas especially in the Northern US and New England as well as the PNW should have above average morel finds.

Image result for snowfall totals 2019

     Also, the plains states such as Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri finally had decent snowfall amounts this past winter and also should make the morels be more plentiful there.

Image result for snowfall totals 2019 pnw

          Snowfall depths in the Western US are also quite impressive. This should lead to above average morel finds in these areas, especially in the fire zones.
     On Wednesday, March 21st, I am heading south to scope out 2000 acres of land. I was contacted by the owner who is interested in learning about morels and offered to host a foray there in the future if indeed we do find that it is a good location, and I suspect that it will be. Wish me luck! I will add content on this page when I return of what we found.
     I wish everyone the best year ever, and think that it certainly has the potential to be just that for most. Happy hunting! Hope to see you in the woods!

Chris’ annual video morel forecast for the 2019 season, and current finds:

Forecast Map:

Current Hot Spots Map (updated 3-19-2019):

Latest Progression Map:

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