Russula messapica

(Macowanites messapicoides)

Russula messapica

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Very rare and newly named. Macowanites messapicoides, a hypogeous relative of Russula messapica. Two fruitbodies each of Russula messapica and Macowanites messapicoides, identified by morphological characters, were screened for polymorphism in the ITS and the IGS of their ribosomal DNA, as well as in mitochondrial rDNA by RFLP analysis of PCR-products. The two species were monomorphic for all markers with the exception of the IGS. This limited genetic differentiation indicates a close relationship between these two species. The overall correspondence of the RFLPs between R. messapica and M. messapicoides adds molecular evidence to the relatedness of Russula and Macowanites, and suggests the possibility that M. messapicoides is recently derived from R. messapica.


Swampy damp-wet-woodlands in the midwestern US. Late summer-fall.


Yes, and quite an interesting flavor.

 Similar Species: 


Preserving (Drying or Freezing):

Dries amazing.

Recipe Suggestions:

Add to any dish to spice it up and make it unique.