sebacina schweinitzii

Sebacina schweinitzii, (formerly Tremellodendron pallidum) Jellied False Coral Fungus”

Sebacina is a genus of fungi in the family Sebacinaceae. Its species are mycorrhizal, forming a range of associations with trees, orchids, and other plants. Basidiocarps (fruit bodies) are produced on soil and litter, sometimes partly encrusting stems of living plants. The fruit bodies are cartilaginous to rubbery-gelatinous and variously effused to coral-shaped. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution, but fewer than a dozen species are currently recognized worldwide.

Fruit bodies are typically cartilaginous or rubbery-gelatinous. In effused species (those that spread out loosely or flat), they are formed on the soil surface or in leaf litter, often encrusting fallen twigs and debris, sometimes encrusting the stem bases of living plants. In the type species, irregular or coral-like outgrowths may also be produced. In one species, bracket-like outgrowths are formed. In two other species, the fruit bodies are entirely coral- or net-like. Spores are white in mass. Photo below shows a very young specimen. They grow extremely slow. 

This fungus is often mistaken for a young cauliflower mushrooms. It is bitter and not edible…