Reddening Parasol Leucoagaricus americanus

Reddening Parasol (Leucoagaricus americanus)

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identification id of reddening parasol Leucoagaricus Americanus

Young Buttons:

Notice the “Reddening”:



Leucoagaricus americanus is a mushroom in the genus Leucoagaricus, native to North America. It was first described by Charles Horton Peck, an American mycologist of the 19th and early 20th centuries, in 1869. It grows in waste places, on stumps, and the ground. It is considered edible, but it might be harmful to ingest the mushroom sometimes.

The cap is 3–15 cm and oval in shape when immature, becoming convex to flat when fully grown. The cap feels dry and smooth at the beginning, but gradually gets reddish to reddish brown scales. It is white in color but reddens with maturity or after being handled. The gills are free from the stipe and lie close together. They appear white when young and are stained pinkish to maroon. The stipe is 7–14 cm long, often enlarged at or below the middle and tapering toward the base. It appears white at first, staining or aging pink or reddish brown. It feels smooth with its silky hairs. The membranous veil leaves a white double edged ring on the upper stipe that may disappear in age. The spores are white to cream in color and measure 8–10 x 6–7.5 µm. The flesh is white throughout. It bruises yellow to orange when young but dries reddish when mature. The flesh is thick and discolors when cut, bruised or damaged. Spore Print: White.


In mulched areas and landscaping, sometimes in grass or pine needles.


Edible, good.

 Similar Species: 

Poisonous Green-Gilled Parasol or Lepiota (Chlorophyllum molybdites):

Edible Common Parasol (Macrolepiota or Chlorophyllum procera):

Preserving (Drying or Freezing):

Dries very well…

Recipe Suggestions:

Linguini With Wild Mushroom Sauce:

½ cup diced Leucoagaricus Americanus (or wild mushroom of choice)
1 cup diced white store mushrooms
½ cup diced white onion
1-2 diced garlic cloves
1-2 diced celery stalks

Sauté in olive oil until fragrant – 3-4 minutes.

1 lb lean ground beef

Cook everything together until the meat browns. Add your favorite herbs & spices now. I like basil, oregano, red pepper flakes, ground fennel seed and a pinch of rubbed tarragon.

If you have garden tomatoes, now is a good time to use them. If not, add in 2X28 oz cans diced tomatoes and bring to a simmer.

I cheated a bit here and also added a can of Campbell’s Cream of Wild Mushroom soup. Note the small amount of Leucoagaricus Americanus I used. This is because of the first time cooking with them, and I didn’t want too much for the initial trial. Feel free to add as much or little as you like of your shroom of choice.

Grill about 4 hot Italian sausages on the BBQ. Slice them diagonally and add to the sauce.

Simmer until thickened – about an hour. Serve on linguini with salad & crusty bread. Garlic bread if you insist.