recently added january february 2019

recently added january february 2019:

February 25th, 2019:

New Page Added:

Added over 50 new morchella species photos:

Added dozens of new photos in member-only photo section:

Added several new entries to the 2019 photo contest:

Added new Morel map (morels now found in Alabama and Louisiana):

February 23rd, 2019:

Updated public maps:

Updated Home Page:

Added 2-new mushroom festivals:

Added new Morel map (morels now found in Alabama):

February 9th, 2019:

Over 650 New Photos added in 30 different categories:

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New Page: Social Media Links:

New Page: “Sponsorships and Advertising”:

New Page “Current coupons, promotions, and discounts”:

Updates to “Top 30 Edible Mushrooms” Page:

February 8th, 2019:

New British Morel festival added:

Compilations of finds updated:

Map Archives Updated:

New Maps and Compilations of finds added:

Several new photo entries added in photo contest:

January 31st, 2019:

New Videos added:

February 2019 Newsletter added:

January 26th, 2019:

2019 Photo Contest Entries Page added with the first few entries:

5 new pages added in member-only section including complete list of all Morchella species:

January 25th, 2019:

Mushroom Photo Contest 2019 added:

New page added:

New recipe added:

January 17th, 2019:

New Species Added: Peach Club Fungi Clavariadelphus

New Species Added: Coral Pink Polypore Phlebia incarnata

New Species Added: Mock Oyster, Phyllotopsis nidulans

January 12th, 2019:

New Species Added: Earth Stars, Bird’s Nest Fungus, and Dead Man’s Fingers

Member and Public Mushroom Maps updated…

Four New Videos Added in Member-Only Videos…

January 9th, 2019:

30 New Products added…

January 5th, 2019:

Member and Public Mushroom Maps updated…

January Newsletter published: My Morel Dreams, do you have them too?