Recently added archives jan thru march 2020

Recently added archives jan thru march 2020

March 7th, 2020:

Added new blog- “Tips for finding morel mushrooms”:

Added these state maps to the member map page:

Maps updated:

Maps updated:

March 5th, 2020:

Added new species of cup fungi to species list “Devil’s Urn”:

Added new pics to page “Hawaii and Florida Morels”:

March 4th, 2020:

Added/ welcomed over 75 new members :

February 29th, 2020:

Added new blog- “2020 Morel Mushroom Season Forecast by Chris Matherly”:

Added new video “2020 Morel Mushroom Season Forecast by Chris Matherly”:

Maps updated:

Maps updated:

February 24th, 2020:

Maps updated:

Maps updated:

Added new pics/ info on species list page “Lion’s Mane”:

February 18th, 2020:

Added over 50 new photos to “Amazing Colorful Fungi” and over 25 new pics to “Animals and Mushrooms”:  , and:

February 17th, 2020:

Added HUNDREDS of new mushroom related photos, subjects include- Amazing colorful mushrooms, Ancient Mushroom Statues/etc, Animals and Mushrooms, Art- paintings, sculptures, artist conks, Mushroom Beer, Mushrooms on Buildings, Cave Art, Cave Mushrooms, Christmas and Mushrooms, Commercial Picking, Mushroom Cookies, Giant Morel Carvings, Giant Morels, Other Giant Mushrooms, Graveyard Mushrooms, Holiday Mushrooms, Kids and Mushrooms, Member Submitted Photos, Morel Look Alikes, Morel Snowman, Morels Growing From Moss, Mushroom Bouquets, Mushroom Currency, Mutated Mushrooms, Mushrooms Shouldn’t Grow Here, Stinkhorns, Morel Tattoos, Morel Trophy, Morel Ice Sculpture, Unknown-Strange Fungi, Vintage Morel Pics from 1968…

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February 16th, 2020:

New video added “The 2020 Morel Mushroom Season Has Officially Started”:

Revamped/ made some changes, and added new content and links to the main Members-Only Page:

Maps updated:

Maps updated:

February 13th, 2020:

Added new photos and video to species list page:

Added new blog “Velvet Foot Mushroom Hunting Guide, Enoki)”  :

February 10th, 2020:

Maps updated:

Maps updated:

February 9th, 2020:

Added new video: “How will a mild winter affect the 2020 morel mushroom season”:

Added new blog: “How will a mild winter affect the 2020 morel mushroom season”:

January 24th, 2020:

Added new video- “How to find Wild Ramps or Leeks in the FALL!”:

Added new video- “2019 Fall Ohio Foray”:

Added new video to species list “Yellow slime mold or dog vomit fungus”:

January 23rd, 2020:

New blog added “Shrimp of the woods hunting guide”:

Added over 300 new mushroom photos- kids and mushrooms, mushroom cakes, mushroom tattoos, stinkhorns, amazing colorful mushrooms, basketfuls, glow in the dark, humor, and more:

January 22nd, 2020:

Maps updated:

Maps updated:

January 11th, 2020:

New video added “Shrimp of the Woods”:   

New foray videos added- 2019 Fall Illinois Foray, 2019 Fall Georgia Foray:

January 8th, 2019:

New post added “Past Forays Photo Galleries”:

New foray video added- 2019 Fall Washington Foray:

January 7th, 2020:

Added new products “Living Off The Land Wild Mushrooms and Plant Cookbook“, “250 Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms Book”“Morel Mushroom Hunting Secrets”. 

Added member page- List of mushroom farms, growers, and suppliers worldwide:

Updated 2020, 2021 mushroom events page:

Main Forays page updated with number of remaining spots for each foray:

Updated public mushroom map page:

Added new updated mushroom progression map:

January 1st, 2020:

Added a new page “2019 foray videos” :

Made many new updates on the members-only main page:

Added new page “Chris’ huge plans for 2020”: