Prepper Gear – Living Off The Grid – Survival Skills

     Learning and knowing all that you can about living off the land, including wild edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms, is just as important in being a prepper as knowing survival, tactics, gear, weapons, trapping, and everything else in the field. -Chris Matherly

Prepper gear comes in all forms. From prepper books to essential survival tools. You need to know how to survive, what gear to use, what tactics work. The resources on this page present prepper gear used by real world preppers and wilderness survival instructors.


Recently described as THE outdoorsman’s Bible, this book takes a look at over 400 animal attacks and explains why they are happening at such an alarming rate. What you learn you may shock you but also may save your life!!

Snare Trap Survive
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When it comes to prepper gear, these guys know their business. They bring to the table the essential tools and you won’t find cotton candy survival here.
From survival traps, snares and instruction books these guys live it and breathe it.

We carry snaring and trapping supplies as well as survival foods. We focus on trapping and snaring because when a disaster strikes, food stores can only last so long. You NEED to know how to snare, trap and survive!
~Snare Trap Survive ~

Grid Down – Reality Bites

Follow a group of survivors on the journey to a better life after the world has been rocked by disaster. Learn valuable survival skills as you enjoy the thrill of the story, one of the few books to give you a blueprint for survival in a riveting storyline. One of the few survival / prepper books that actually includes real worl survival tips in the exciting story line.