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News about the “Morel Mushroom Hunting Club” website being back online:

     I am so excited to have my website back up and running. I am rebuilding everything from scratch and intend to make it bigger and better than ever! The HOME page and all of it’s links are nearly all completed and better than before. I have links in the top menu bar to my social media Facebook pages and groups that I encourage you to like or join. I am now offering new memberships to the club as I will need your support for me to accomplish creating the very best foraging and wild mushroom hunting website of the entire Internet. Many of you have already sent me donations to help get the site back and you are certainly appreciated! Those of you that have already given a donation will receive a free one-year membership to the club, just as I promised. In the meantime, anyone currently wishing to make a contribution for my efforts will also receive a free membership by sending your financial support to my new Paypal account for the new club site to: .  Or:


I am now working hard on building the “MEMBER-ONLY” content, and adding new pages every day.

     For those of you that are my faithful lifetime members, you will need to email me and let me know so that I can get you hooked up to be able to log into the members-only section of the site as soon as I get that mushroom-filled content part of the site installed, as all previous membership info status and data was lost and I have to start from scratch. Please bare with me on getting everything going again. I will be building sections that will include:

  • Report Your Mushroom Finds
  • Mushroom Progression Maps
  • Foray Information
  • Mushroom Species List
  • Mushroom Videos, (Dozens of new ones)
  • A Photo Section filled with 1000’s of amazing photos covering dozens of specific subjects
  • Recipes
  • Hunting Tips
  • Drying/Freezing/Preserving your finds
  • Monthly newsletters
  • A New Photo Contest
  • A New Mushroom Products Section
  • Edible Plants Section
  • Medicinal and Nutritional Wild Mushroom and Plants Section
  • Wildflower Lovers Page
  • Mushroom Hunting and Foraging Forum and Chat
  • and much, much more!