Lifetime Mushroom Hunting Foray Membership

$1000.00- Normally-(5 Year) Special: “Lifetime” Unlimited Foray Membership (one person) (expires May 1st, 2019)

Current HUGE savings discount code: LIFETIME350-OFF use at checkout! (expires April 1st, 2019)

$1800.00 (two persons)

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You get full access for lifetime to the member areas! You can attend any standard weekend foray you want for 5 years! You will receive a full color laminated member card personalized with your name.

2 thoughts on “Lifetime Mushroom Hunting Foray Membership

  1. Hi Chris, love what you do with your t.v. shows and all your books and just the over all info you put out to help people learn how to find all the editable mushrooms in their own state and how to identify each one so they are safe to eat and enjoy the fruit of their harvest. I would love to meet you here in Indiana and go out with you on one of your members only hunts. Unfortunately the last 10 years i had to work both Saturdays and Sundays so i never had a chance to go shrooming on a weekend. Recently i found out im sick and have been going through alot of test and hospital visits. I haven’t been able to work since March of 2018 and just found out I’ll have to go on permanent disability. Theres alot of bad parts to that with the worse being i wont have any income for at least 6 months to a year while waiting to be approved. Ive already went through all my savings since March and had to end up moving in with my 27 year old daughter. So its definitely sucks because now I’ll have all the free time i want to hunt mushrooms at least until i wont be able to walk the hills anymore hopefully i have a few years left. I had two heart attacks last year and found out two months ago i have 3 types of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, overlap syndrome ( muscle deterioration disease) severe chronic fatigue syndrome, and being tested tomorrow for M.S. so i got hit hard in the health area all at once. Once my disability gets approved my first check will be all the back pay from the very first day i signed up so it will be several thousand dollars. Trust me, ill be getting the largest membership you offer then because i love hunting mushrooms but just haven’t had the time or chances these last several years and i just started getting interested more snd more in fall time mushrooms right before i started my job 10 years ago. I always did the Morels in spring but once i started learning about how many Fall mushrooms Indiana had i really couldn’t wait to get out and start looking. That first Fall i was deer hunting and while sitting in my deer stand i noticed something reddish looking a good 35 to 50 yards away and when i used my binoculars to look i could tell it was a chicken growing on a stump. It was my very first Fall find and i wasn’t even mushroom hunting i was deer hunting but when i seen it there wasn’t any mistakeing what it was and ive been going crazy wanting to get back out to Fall mushroom hunt and now i have the time just not the money. I live a couple hours North to where you do most your mushroom hunting here in Indiana but where you mushroom hunt is where i do all my Turkey, wild pig ,and some deer hinting at so i know that aera real good. Because of the job ive had the last 10 years i haven’t Turkey hunted or deer hunted not one single time in that 10 years because on the weekends when all my hunting buddies were taking off hunting i had to work. Long story short well maybe not short but ending. Soon as i get my disability money ill be joining the membership. Id like to think id get my money in time to join and make the spring 2019 hunt but i doubt ill get my money in time for that so im definitely hoping for the fall 2019. I know you have some chefs you sell too back home in Georgia but i didn’t know if you had any chefs here in Indiana you sold too. I know 3 major high dollar upper class steak houses all 3 about 25 minutes from each other in the central part of the state here. One is downtown Indianapolis called ( St. Elmo’s ) then 25 minutes north of St. Elmo’s is Petterson’s steak house then just East of there about 20 minutes is Ruth Chris steak House i would bet all 3 would be interested in buy fresh wild mushrooms and each one would pay high super high top dollar

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