Chris’ Plans for 2020

Chris’ Plans for 2020:

  1. I already have added 4 new blogs and plan to add dozens more in 2020!
    1. I plan to write blogs of morel hunting guides for every specific state/region. 
    2. I will be adding numerous blogs of mushroom hunting guides for at least the top 35 edible mushrooms.
    3. Blogs about specific mushroom seasons and specific regions.
    4. I plan to be adding at least one new mushroom recipe every week (until it gets too busy for me in April/May). 
  2. I have already been working on getting all 5 of my books converted over to Amazon print on demand, even have 2 completed, because as you know, self-publishing is extremely expensive and a minimum of 25 copies at a time. I have been out of stock on nearly all of my books for 2 years now, unable to afford to do reorders.. Once this is completed, I should be able to always have a few copies available on forays, etc. In addition, I am already in the process of writing a few new books! They include:
    1. 150 edible and medicinal plant field guide including recipes.
    2. Fire (Burnsite) Morels- where, when, why, species, tips.
    3. Top 25 edible mushrooms for beginners. -easiest species to identify, most commonly hunted, and delicious!
    4. A new massively full of content, every possible aspect of Morels (Morchella).
    5. A book of my medicinal concoctions from wild plants and mushrooms, my teas mixtures for specific ailments, how to make tinctures, etc.
    6. And finally my 3rd cookbook. I already have plenty of new recipes that I have created in the past 3 years since the last cookbook. I am excited about this one!
  3. I plan to “Go Live” on Facebook pretty often, maybe weekly, doing a cooking demo, or maybe in the woods hunting.
  4. I intend to work on the species list pages, as I already have sorted hundreds of photos of different species.
  5. I want to do dozens of new short to the point YouTube videos of species, and of instructional videos.
  6. I have already completed one new video DVD- “Morel Basics”, an hour long.
    1. I plan to produce an intense 3-4 DVD set for Morels, every possible aspect of them.
    2. I also plan to produce a top 25 wild edible mushroom DVD.
    3. A foraging for wild edible plants DVD. 
  7. I really want to get into growing mushrooms at home. I mean, I already have been but I want to do many more species, and keep them going all year long. Image may contain: flower and food
  8. I have big-big plans for my product line.
    1. T-Shirts
    2. Hunting Gear
    3. Many new custom made items
    4. New hand-carved morels
    5. A huge line of medicinal teas and tinctures
    6. Dozens of dried mushroom species
  9. Plan to really gear up the social media interactions, and this alone is simply so huge of a task it will require a few interested people to become admins, etc.
     As you can see, I will be a very, very busy “Fun-Guy” this year and am really excited, motivated, and looking forward to this new year of 2020! Damn I am getting old… well my brain still thinks I am around 23-24 but my body’s aches, pains,cramps, and stiffness say otherwise. Thank you so very much for your support and I hope to see you on a foray this year!

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