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Concerning Picking Mushrooms: Please, do not pull up the Morels! Pinch them off above the ground, or use a knife and slice them off. What you are doing is exactly the same thing as breaking a branch off of an Apple Tree to pick the Apple. You damage the underground plant of the Morel by pulling them up. You keep this practice up, and in a couple of years you will not have Morels in that spot any longer! Besides, why do you want to bring home all of that dirt anyway?- Chris M      Featured Info:

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Current Reports Of Mushroom Finds:

April 2nd, 2009:The smallest award goes to me, Grey Morel, April 2, 2009 Dave Warner, Richmond, Indiana

April 2nd, 2009:Morels this morning after a nasty lightining storm in Cobb co.  Ga.  didn't get a weight before I gave a bunch to my buddy who helped.  My guess is around 5-6 lbs. muss

April 2nd, 2009:froebeli, black morel - general location = Augusta County, VA, Growing Conditions = Area of Tulip Poplar along creek , Additional Comments = This is the earliest I've ever found one here. More to come I'm sure.

April 2nd, 2009: April 02 - Me and my brother found these and 3 more in Creek County, OK.  All were found under elm trees. About 45 degrees outside. about 25 yards from the creek. Looks like wild hogs or deer had beat us there. They rooted up the ground all over the place. Thanks Ben Scroggs

April 3rd, 2009:Amy, black morel - general location = Found three small blacks around hard wood trees Brown County Indiana, Growing Conditions = North side of hill has been raining and temps between 60 and 70 degrees...Additional Comments = YEAH!!!  Finally the season is here!

April 3rd, 2009:   SUE HUFFMANgrey morel - general location = CASEYVILLE, IL  ST CLAIR COUNTY, Growing Conditions = FRONT YARD

April 3rd, 2009:butch, grey morel - general location = Tennessee, Lafayette, Macon, Growing Conditions = a rise in a creek bottom, on south facing slope. These are the first ones we find here, consistently every year. This was the most at this spot ever. Under damaged elm trees from logging. Additional Comments = 4/2 a few blacks and some half free's just coming upon a ridge top. Big rain last night. Will try to update sunday

April 3rd, 2009:Don Stokes, black morel - general location = Union County, Mississippi, Growing Conditions = Steep hillsides near ash and hickory trees Additional Comments = Found five blacks, a half-free, and 21 "deliciousa" morels on March 28, which about a week earlier than usual.

April 3rd, 2009:Lisa Evans, black morel - general location = Centerville, Ohio, Growing Conditions = Found in a local park by elms and under honeysuckle bushes - same early spot every year, but still March 31st is still a week or so earlier than normal

April 3rd, 2009:Greg Fassler, yellow morel - general location = Paris, Tennessee / Henry County, Growing Conditions = In lowland by creek under 3 Persimmon trees with oak leaves after a 1 1/2 inch rain. Location faced South West. Additional Comments = First time I have found Morels in Tennessee

April 3rd, 2009: Hey, Pics of the Verpas I found.  Usually find a ton by now and some real morchella but its been cold up here this year. Ill let you know when the real thing starts poppin.  Also A pic of a mushroom I found last fall growing in the middle of a camp site.  You tell me?????  Thanks for all your hard work.  Great site.Brendon A. Lamoreaux

April 3rd, 2009:Hey Chris, I found these in North Texas up near the Red River just past Sherman TX. I think I got in on the last of them, there were a few getting pretty dry. Only 20 but I'll take them. Jamie Houser, Dallas TX.

April 3rd, 2009:david, grey morel - general location = madison co. il. Growing Conditions = ash trees Additional Comments = freeze coming monday night & possible snow hope it doesn't hurt

April 3rd, 2009:We found these mini morels in south central PA on April fourth under tulip poplars. My four year old daughter's finger is in the picture for comparison.

April 3rd, 2009:Cosmiccharlie, black morel - general location = macon county, NC, Growing Conditions = southwest facing slope, under tulip trees, some maple in the area.
Additional Comments = Hey indianaMtnGrl, I noticed your from brevard. I was thinking of coming over that way to look. I know of good beech woods in your area, and i'm learning of spots to find ASH. Maybe you would be interested in lookin with me? The few blacks I found were pretty small, but I think it's still early.

April 3rd, 2009:I have been reading your website and decided to do some hunting yesterday and was wondering you you could tell me for sure if what I have found are morel mushrooms. Im located in East TN around Knoxville if that's of any help. Also do you have any tips on finding these things? Thanks, Aric

Yes, you have Morels! - Chris M

April 4th, 2009:joe,what is the name for an elephant ear mushroom - general location = connersville,IN fayett co. in my mulch around the frount door

April 4th, 2009:stubob, black morel - general location = allegheny co.,md., Growing Conditions = top of ridge, Additional Comments = earliest ever  found here

April 4th, 2009:johnny wolfe, black morel - general location = KY, Sidney, pike Growing Conditions = mountian side under a dog wood rich soil

April 4th, 2009:Brandi, black morel - general location = Indiana Monroe County, Growing Conditions = by some ash trees

April 4th, 2009:Stacy Clark grey morel - general location = Parkersburg, WV, Growing Conditions = Mid way up hill, sunny side, but was shaded. Found two by may flower buds.

April 4th, 2009:Hi Chris, My husband, Uncle and myself went out for a quick peek on (April 3),Friday afternoon to my little "honey hole" or "mushroom bush" as I like to call it. It's just outside Kalamazoo.  They were tiny, but there were 6 little blondes within a 5 foot area. We were cheesin'!!! It won't be long, we sure hope this is a sign of good things to come. I sent a picture for my proof :-)Have a nice day!! Kellie Greene

April 4th, 2009:Mike, black morel - general location = April 4th.  Found 44 beautiful black morels in central Indiana.  What fun!  Growing Conditions = Growing around Poplars and Oaks.  This is a place where we always find the early ones! 

April 4th, 2009:Hi Chris, I just submitted the fora for mushroom sightings I did not see an option to upload a photo so I will email it to you.  This is in reference to finding 44 black morels in Monrovia IN on April 4th. Mike


April 4th, 2009:Robert Grey, grey morel - general location = Lyon county north of Emporia Kansas. Growing Conditions = Good conditions but not perfect yet. These two were just early starters and checked all my other normal spots and found nothing. Just a couple of orphaned but I found them a new home on top of a BBQ'd cheese burger. Additional Comments = Enjoy your site and will join after I finish college and get a real job.

April 4th, 2009:Eric, black morel - general location = Russell County, Virginia, Growing Conditions = Sunny side of the ridge under in a stand of white poplar trees

April 5th, 2009:M Hoshor, yellow morel - general location = Gardendale area of AL. Found 47 Growing Conditions = All yellows. Found on wooded creek bank. All were at least a week old.
Additional Comments = 1st time I have found morels in Al

April 5th, 2009:I found a 1 1/2'' brown today in putnam co. wv

April 5th, 2009:Michael Lake, grey morel - general location = Collinsville IL 62234 Madison county

April 5th, 2009:Malou McKinley, morel-other - general location = Arlington ,Washington, snohomish county Growing Conditions = under leaves in a marshy type area with alot of little run off streams around alders, devil clubs,pine & cedar trees & lots of stinging nettles Additional Comments = My son, nephew and I went out this morning for about 2 1/2 hrs just to see if they were coming up yet in an area we were showed last year. at first we didn't think we were gonna get lucky only finding 2 or 3 then my nephew lifted up some leaves that were rising up a little bit and woo hoo we started hitting the jack pot. they are really just starting but we came home with about 60 or so. not sure which kind of merels they are didn't know till today that there was more then 1 kind. they are kind of a brownish top with white stems. good luck all in hunting. thank you for this wonderful site

April 5th, 2009:Kiowa Muncie, yellow morel m- general location = powell co. Kentucky Growing Conditions = tulip poplar

April 5th, 2009:shroomer, yellow morel - general location = 4/4/2009 macoupin county il Growing Conditions = south facing slope next to a creek bed

April 5th, 2009:kerry, black morel - general location = Kentucky, Kuttawa, Lyon/Trigg Growing Conditions = At the bottom of slopes where moisture was still present. Additional Comments = 186 today, two patches that produced around 40 each in the 3 to 5 inch size.

April 5th, 2009:shaun,black morel - general location = found in huntington ind Growing Conditions = early spot i found years ago, nothing special about area Additional Comments = did not think i would find any as the mayapples are not even up

April 5th, 2009:Lee Simpson, burnsite morel - general location = Chillicothe Ohio Growing Conditions = Burn area Additional Comments = They were very hard to spot we hunted for 3 hours and found 9 in the last 15 minutes of hunting

April 5th, 2009:Terrell Sanders, yellow morel - general location = Lincoln County, OK, Growing Conditions = In lowlands near elm trees Additional Comments = Found 4 nice yellows and 2 older ones. Found practically in my own back yard (literally my brother's back yard) after spending hours looking all over the state.

April 5th, 2009:Rob Green, Uncertain - general location = Herefordshire, UK.  Front garden. Growing Conditions = Gravel garden Additional Comments = New to this and uncertain of type, but they are grey/brown in colour and about 2 inches tall

You have true Morels! Enjoy! - Chris M


April 5th, 2009:Phillip and Gloria Walley, half-free morel, hickory chicken - general location = Muhlenberg Co. Kentucky, Growing Conditions = On a hillside near a creek under poplar and hickory trees
Additional Comments = First time out this season found mostly half free "pecker heads" and a few blacks. Found 90 all together

April 5th, 2009:Chad Caupp, black morel - general location = Portland, Indiana, Growing Conditions = High part of woods

April 5th, 2009:Teresa Dalton, grey morel - general location = Osceola, St. Clair County, Missouri, Growing Conditions = under oak and elm

April 5th, 2009:steveyellow morel - general location = cherokee county ks, Growing Conditions = rich brushy area above creek bank behind old barn. 26 total 10 greys 16 yellows.

April 5th, 2009: just found about fifty morels this PM in old forest growth in west TN Shelby county will send pics tonight thanks aj cates

April 5th, 2009:jason chandler, half-free morel - general location = puyallup washington pierce county 4/5/09 47 found Growing Conditions = under cottonwoods

April 5th, 2009:found 47 half morels in puyallup washington under cottonwood 4/5/09

April 5th, 2009:Jeremy, black morel - general location =  Kentucky Jackson County Growing Conditions = Found 9 in a popular swag, in the direct sun. Additional Comments = We are suppose to have some bad weather this, I hope it doesn't hurt the hunting.

April 6th, 2009:Wes & Amy, Josh & Becky & Lana found these black morels in Jefferson Co. IL. There are 121 black and 2 half frees. They were all growing on two south facing hills covered with oak trees and tree leaves. Looks like the beginning of a good shroomin season in IL.

April 6th, 2009: Hello again Chris..  we found 54 saturday april 4th and another 35 today april 5th. Most were near the top of the hill in the hocking hills just outside Laurelville ohio .   The same woods as every year this early, lots of oaks and poplar trees.  They are starting to pop at the bottoms of the hills now too.  The time has come fellow shroomers, get out and check your early spots!!  Jayson Walisa

April 6th, 2009:Hi Chris....Morels, I just joined your club this year...I am loving all the info ....we are in southwestern PA.... ..I know, I know, they are little, but hey it's a start right....;-)Marcia

April 6th, 2009: Angie, I am a member We found 60 grey and yellow morelís near Pittsburg KS on Saturday April 4, 2009.  It was a south facing slope under cottonwood and elm trees.

April 6th, 2009:Hi Chris, I hope all is well with you and your family. Well, got my first find in IN on 4/5. Just a couple young blacks and some half frees about 45 minutes south of Indy.  Still a little early. Good luck to all, Chris O.

April 6th, 2009:  Being from Michigan I was pleased to find Morels in my woods in Alpharetta, GA.

April 6th, 2009:Brdley Ausbrook, black morel - general location = Clay County, Illinois, Growing Conditions = In assorted locations, South facing, South west facing, even in an old trash pile.
Additional Comments = My Dad and I found over 200 on the 3rd and 4th, But cold today with call for snow. Guess they will be easier to see in the white snow. LOL

April 6th, 2009: Hi Chris, Four of us found 100 Blacks on a ridgetop (1500ft. elev.) in Botetourt Co, VA    They were in a mixed hardwood forest of Tulip Poplars, Oak, Hickory, Maple, Sassafras, Dogwood, Elm and other trees.  We find them in this early spot every year. Becky

April 6th, 2009:steve, black morel - general location = Hocking Co, Ohio, Growing Conditions = Up high, NE slopes, Additional Comments = Little ahead of schedule this season. Found about 50 blacks. Keeping my fingers crossed on the cold weather thats on it's way. Marked & left a dozen or so small ones to mature, so I'll be able to see for myself how these very small shrooms weather freezing temps.

April 6th, 2009: First morel found in Hopkinsville, KY (8 mi. from Pennyrile State Park) on April 5. About 2Ē long. Ė Jim Roberts

April 7th, 2009:jed moore, yellow morel - general location = KY, Crestwood, Growing Conditions = Under Oak Trees, Additional Comments = We found goldens and Greys.  They just popped up over the weekend

April 7th, 2009: Terrell Sanders - 6 Yellow Morels (4 nice sized and very fresh). General location: Lincoln County, OK. Found near a creek in a mixed wood with some elms.

April 7th, 2009: Chris, Was able to gout this past weekend (4/5/09) and found 7 m. esculenta in Chatham county, NC (old site I have found them before) and then a friend and I went to a new site and found 136 m. delisosa in Wake county, NC.  The m. esculenta were in the bottomlands along a creek in a mixed hardwoods consisting of (tulip) polars, sycamores, oaks and very few ash.  The m. delisiosa must not have read the book!  They were found 100 feet from I-440, inside the beltline around Raleigh, in a bottomland area with mostly sweetgums, tulip poplars and pine trees! Crazy good.

April 7th, 2009:karen thompson,  yellow morel - general location = central oklahoma city, Growing Conditions = in the woods, all over Additional Comments = found the biggest morels we've ever found here.will send pictures when i get  them

April 7th, 2009:harold steven busick, black morel - general location = indaina   orange county, Growing Conditions = ash tree

April 7th, 2009:craig steiner, yellow morel - general location = dunalp tn sesqwathie county, Growing Conditions = wetlands around pople  trees and on edge ofhills at road Additional Comments = consider road hunting always look on edge of road fount 27 around 4 inches tall just easing down gravel rd      happy hunting

April 7th, 2009:Brent Knott,  grey morel - general location = Found 127 yesterday here in Paris, Tennessee.  Growing Conditions = In a draw with a large quantity of tulip poplar trees...
Additional Comments = I found both fresh grey morels, and the other half were huge...about 5-6 inches tall, but were a little dark because of a cold 2 nights last week. Very few people in this area hunt them, and they are a little hard to find.. I never even made it to my good spot yet! They were everywhere I looked yesterday...It was a day to remember!!

April 7th, 2009:Brandon Moore, black morel - general location = Brown county, IN, Growing Conditions = Under elms. Additional Comments = I'll make sure I get pictures next time!!

April 7th, 2009: Chris, Found 57 on the 3rd just south of Raleigh amongst the Yellow popular, primarily on the top of sloping hills.  Good drainage, rich ground, still havenít found any yellows yet.  Will try another woods on the 4th. William R. Pinkstaff

April 7th, 2009:The picture is Martha Fisher,

April 7th, 2009:Found 7 black morels on Sat, April 4, 2009. Growing conditions: Open hardwood flat, on top of hill. Temps that day were 65 or so.Scott, Clark County Indiana

April 7th, 2009:Hi Chris, Three of us found 8 blacks and one half-free yesterday near Eagle Rock in Botetourt Co, VA and then I went out near Claytor Lake in Pulaski Co., VA and found 15 or 20 more Blacks. Becky

April 7th, 2009:Pat and Mike Crain, half-free morel - general location = Smith County, TN, Growing Conditions = We found these about twenty to forty yards  inside the woods towards the bottom of a steep hill.  Most of the mushrooms were in plain sight in the brush and leaves. Additional Comments = We found 75 half-free morels in this area over a timespan of a few hours.  Most of the locals that we talked to do not know about this delicacy.

April 7th, 2009:Hey Chris,    Hope all is well with you and yours, just wanted to  report some finds on April 4 from northern TN. Ted S. and Rick S. found about 20 in all in Cumberland City. Ted had spotted 7 blacks growing in the driveway while taking mom for a walk (never seen them grow here before), we looked in another spot and found 3 more. Then we went to a known honey hole that produces large yellows (none yet)and found 5 pecker heads, and again 5 more at another spot. The yellows should be coming soon, maybe in a week or two. Attached are some pics , hope you can post some. Good Hunting to you, and *May the Spores be with you*.

April 7th, 2009:Hello, My brother Mike Crain talked to you over the phone recently.  We went mushroom hunting in Middle Tennessee this past Saturday and found 75 half-free morels in a few hours time.  We are originally from Ohio and this is the first time we have found mushrooms in quantity in TN.  Another friend from OH told us about this location as his honey-hole of mushrooms.  Attached are two pictures of mushrooms from our excursion.  We enjoy your website. Pat Crain

April 7th, 2009:jason ratliff,  grey morel  general location = southern indiana/perry county Growing Conditions = high grounds under poplar trees Additional Comments = there were 17 of them only 1/2" tall, i left them there to wait for me

April 7th, 2009:Hello again Chris, I found more blacks today, April 7th 09 and to top it off it was snowing the last two days here in central ohio.  In my mind it did not hurt things a bit.  The ground temps were still around 50 degrees and its just more moisture as far as I see it!!  These were found outside Laurelville Ohio on the same early hill ...east facing, loaded with poplars and oaks.. The shrooms will be exploding soon enough and my bags will be overflowing,  I forsee this year to be another great one, so if your in or near central ohio get in the woods and look around, you wont be disappointed !! Jayson Walisa

April 7th, 2009:jason, half-free morel - general location = washington state/ orting.Growing Conditions = rich lowland Additional Comments = great season sofar

April 8th, 2009:david wilson,  black morel - general location = montgomery county ohio  Growing Conditions = top of south ridge

April 8th, 2009: Craig in NC, nice yellows!

April 8th, 2009:Well, the ole' SE slope under poplar and ash held true today about 45 minutes SW of Indy. I got 20 young blacks and left alot of little ones. Good luck to all, Chris O.

April 8th, 2009:Another 78 from the "Old Faithful Patch" , that makes 183 so far from that small patch you sniffed out years ago. Dave W, Richmond, IN

April 8th, 2009:ShermanEC, black morel - general location = Kingsport TN Growing Conditions = High lands Additional Comments = Found 115

April 8th, 2009:heres a few pics from last saturdays hunt.............. 396 !!!!!!!!! wow, Big Eddie, Knoxville, TN

April 8th, 2009:hi chris  my name is craig  i wanted to let you know that we have been finding abundent supplies of black and yellow morels fount close to 300 so far they are just starting here happy hunting craig of whiwell tn

April 8th, 2009:lacyk, black morel - general location = North Christian County Kentucky Growing Conditions = hillside facing southeast, near ash and poplar trees Additional Comments = found 46

April 8th, 2009:Travis, grey morel - general location = Oklahoma, mayes county  Growing Conditions = Found 24 on april 4th in the normal spots under live elm trees in a river bottom.  This is my early time of the year spot, in fact some of them had been burnt from the recent freezes we have had .  

April 8th, 2009:chuck portokalis, half-free morel - general location = southern kentucky cumberland county Growing Conditions = 4/9/09 on an hill facing east on old logging trails found 40 half free and a few blacks still fresh all were around poplar trees

April 8th, 2009:darin Futch, morel-other - general location = Herrin, Illinios, Williamson, Growing Conditions = under a maple tree in my back yard Additional Comments = I really dont know much about mushrooms but these  mushrooms have grown in this same spot for as long as i can remember (at least 15 years) i never knew what they were until today there was an article in the newspaper with a picture of morels and i could'nt believe it.

April 8th, 2009:Clinton S.,  grey morel - general location = Springfield, IL Growing Conditions = South facing hillside near elm Additional Comments = Found 4 this afternoon

April 9th, 2009:Scott F., black morel m- general location = Clay County, Mississippi. Growing Conditions = Found a few blacks and deliciosa morels today while at work. I didn't have much time to look after I started finding them, so I was only able to bring home just a handful. These were found growing on a ditch bank under mostly sweetgum trees and privy hedge.

April 9th, 2009:Joe, black morel - general location = Experimental Forest. Vinton Co. Ohio. Growing Conditions = Actually found these near pines.  Additional Comments = I went out this evening after work. About 5:30. I found 53 Blacks in a matter of 25-30 min. Will be back out in the morning!!! Good luck everyone!

April 9th, 2009:24 more blacks in my Pulaski Co/Claytor Lake spot Becky in Virginia

April 10, 2009 Tammy G. second time out with sister & brother in-law found 29 black morels on 4/4/09 and 33 on 4/8/09 in Ross Co. Ohio

April 10th, 2009:Peggy Ellwood yellow morel - general location = Saluda,NC not far from the Saluda Grade RR tracks. Growing Conditions = 5 were at the base of a tree(unsure what kind) and 1 was more in the walking path near by. It was a dark one.

April 10th, 2009: Hi Chris, I'm so sorry its taken me so long to get a report to you but as you probably know I've been busy in the morels woods. I dont have a total for the season yet but we have taken a total of 878 morels for one scope of 15 to 20 acre woods. There's more from other places but I am so excited to tell you that we found blacks, greys, and esculentas all in the same patch! I also did a speech and morel tasting demo to educate these MS folks to the joys of morels. I met a lot of great folks who seemed interested in getting into the morel woods. That was really exciting to me because it seems that MS folk have really been missing out! Anyway, the morels are plentiful this year and I hope to have more news later on. Maybe we will get internet back and I can get back into keeping up with what everyone else is doing and finding. God Bless, Susan, Baldwyn MS

April 10th, 2009:Chris Reporting this latest find in Morgan County Tennessee by Michael Bunch,  son of Roger Bunch AKA Outdoorsman. Mike got home from school and took a look in an area I suggested a few weeks back. To his surprise he found 10 nice morels right along the creek bank in sandy soils and under poplar and ash. Not bad for a first timer!

April 10th, 2009: I hunted with Otter at one of his spots southwest of Indianapolis, and we found 5 perfect fresh blacks and 5 nice half-frees (and only saw about 5 million other hunters in the woods...). -- hugh, Columbus, OH

April 10th, 2009:shroom, black morel - general location = Bloomington, IN Monroe cOUNTY Growing Conditions = poplar,ash,sassafrass Additional Comments = Found VERY QUICKLY DIDNT LOOK LONG

 April 11th, 2009:Casey Gorsuch, black morel - general location = Mossy Grove Tennessee,Morgan co. Growing Conditions = Poplar groves near OLD sawmill sites Additional Comments = 4-11-09 post thunder storms

April 11th, 2009:Jim Maynard, black morel - general location = 12 blacks, nipens RD 7 miles west of Waverly OH. Growing Conditions = N Side of Hill in Hardwoods no other growth of plants
Additional Comments = Please any one that makes a find Report it so others can ENJOY Morel Hunting.

April 11th, 2009:Steve Haughn, black morel - general location = Indiana Terre haute City Park, .Growing Conditions = Top of Hill Facing the morning sun Additional Comments = Hi dad call me when you find this

April 11th, 2009:My name is steve haughn attatched is 1-pic of the black morals i found today  I filled out the form and just sent it in but i could not figure out how to send a photo so i did it this way Thanks and i hope you get this 4-11-09

April 11th, 2009:travis edgar, bolete - general location = mo verailles morgan Growing Conditions = blak soil south hill side 10 ft from wateroak Additional Comments =  good luck hunting

April 11th, 2009:Las Vegas, unknown shroom....

April 11th, 2009:This mushroom is growing near a stump.  It is very large. Morels are growing here now, but this has the white stem and a reddish brown cap. Can you tell  me what it is and if it is edible.

I do not reccomend eating these but many people do. This is Gyromitra carolinia, a FALSE MOREL, and contains toxins and other ingredients found in ROCKET FUEL. Boiling first, helps (don't breathe the fumes) but as I said, I say no....-Chris M

April 11th, 2009:Chris,   Some of the morels my youngest son and I found today.  He would get a big "kick" out of it if the picture was posted on the website.  His name is Ian and he is 8 years old.  Thanks, Kent Buckles Desoto Illinois

April 11th, 2009:Mona Buchanan, black morel - general location = Roan Mountian Tennessessee on the back roads I also found a mess on April 9th 2009 . Growing Conditions = On a bank side
Additional Comments = I actually thought it was to cold cause we had a freeze and about 3 inches of snow earlier in the week.

April 11th, 2009:We took a walking tour today of 2 miles of a Wildlife Preserve in Southern Ohio, Adams County, and saw dozens and dozens of black morels, grey and several species that I do not remember. The ground was covered after all the rain yesterday, and we did not pick any, but the ranger had been there 2 days before we were and said they saw one, just one and in 48 hours, the ground was covered...nothing huge, but large areas of several types. It surprised even the guides that that many were around, so it is a very good year so far for morels.

April 11th, 2009:brandon barros,  other  - general location = snellville georgia, Growing Conditions = under tarp in complete darkness wet grounds near wood pile, white grown in patches or groups
Additional Comments = i would like to know the name of the type they are- I would need to see photos....Chris M

April 11th, 2009:James P.,  black morel - general location = Braxton County, WV, Growing Conditions = Found them around Poplar trees, damp grey colored leaves. Additional Comments = Found 383 mushrooms.

April 11th, 2009:I think it's going to be a great April for mushrooms cause of all the rain. Dave

April 11th, 2009:Harold Grittner, grey morel - general location = Hi, found 33 grays, and 2 blacks in Kittrell,North Carolina, Growing Conditions = Nice little low lying area with downed trees, and a creek running through the middle.

April 11th, 2009:Found these today in So. IL , around a patch of May Apples. Pete G.

April 11th, 2009:Hello, Chris and Casper,    I haven't found any Easter eggs yet, but I did find these 22 Morchella deliciosa by my back sidewalk (Knoxville, TN) this morning.  I had been watching them for a week.  They were growing in a complex microcosm of bloodroot, violets, snakeberry, larkspur, trillium, Dutchman's breeches, tulips, autumn beauty, dogwood, elm, sugar maple, and poison ivy :-).  Only two grew there last year. Ed

April 12th, 2009:r beatty, landscape morel - general location = south-western indiana, near pleasantville.Growing Conditions = stipper hills

April 12th, 2009:M. Wind, half-free morel - general location = Clark Co. in east central Illinois, Growing Conditions = sunny hillsides, Additional Comments = We found 82 mushrooms on Saturday, April 11.  All were black morels with the exception of a few half-frees and ranged in size from 1/2 to 4 inches. It appeared to still be very early for this woods as the "normal" indicators weren't present or far enough along.  Hopefully, this will mean a longer mushie season!

April 12th, 2009:Found 2 greys in my spot, an old slip with many dead trees ,south facing. normally find many yellows in same area my first greys in this spot. Lincoln county wv

April 12th, 2009:Found in Sandy Soil under Sycamore Trees along The  Little Sugar Creek in Indian Land  Lancaster County South Carolina

April 12th, 2009:Ray Fiscus,grey morel - general location = Elkhart, Indiana, Growing Conditions = Next to dead elm tree Additional Comments = It's been cold here all week. We had 3 inches of snow last monday but temperatures are starting to get a little warmer each day. Next week should be much better.

April 12th, 2009:James B. Found 20 morels on a hillside around a bunch of hickory trees outside of Springfield, TN. Biggest one about 6 inches.

April 12th, 2009:Ross Elliott, black morel - general location = baltimore MD, Growing Conditions = under popular trees Additional Comments = My daughter allie and I went on our first and at the old honey hole we found ten

April 12th, 2009:My daughter and I went today on our first trip and found 10 black morels same honey hole

April 12th, 2009:vyonna &jerry lewis  , grey morel - general location = WEST POINT GEORGIA,LANETT ALABAMA, Growing Conditions = WE FOUND THEM UNDER POPULAR TREE'S

April 12th, 2009:Kiowa Muncie, half-free morel,= blacks, yellows - general location = Powell Co.  Clay City, Ky, Growing Conditions = under ice storm damage, Additional Comments = best season yet!!!!!!!!


April 12th, 2009:Kentucky, Elkhorn, Pike, Yellow Morels, Doretta Smith

April 12th, 2009:Chris,  Greetings from NC! Saturday found some big m. esculentas.  Thought I was in Georgia when I saw them.  At an old homestead site where there was an apple orchard.  See pic 0597. Sunday found my first black ones (m. angusticeps) in NC!  These were on a very steep slope, facing North, up from a giant Tulip Poplar.  See pic 0600. Sunday's haul : see pic 0601.  Mostly in bottom lands around Tulip Poplars. Craig

April 13th, 2009:Patrick,  black morel, Black morels and three yellow orchard morels - general location = Sullivan, Missouri, Growing Conditions = Growing under tulip poplars, at the south edge of the woods.

April 13th, 2009:Black morels and three yellow orchard morels found near Sullivan, Indiana under tulip poplars, Patrick

April 13th, 2009:Hey there, Just wanted to get this listed on the "Finds" page so folks in the mid-Atlantic get some good news on the morel season.  Yesterday (Easter) we found 30+ half-morels and blacks in the Springfield, VA, areas just south of Washington, DC.  Found in old poplar forest near may apples. Happy Hunting! Ally

April 13th, 2009:J.D., black morel - general location = person co. n.c. Growing Conditions = under walnut,elm and poplar rich bottomland

April 13th, 2009:Debi,  black morel - general location = Washington County, Maryland- Weverton/Brownsville areas, Growing Conditions = Mostly Poplar covered, wooded mountains. The yellows haven't started yet- they are mostly in the valleys and along the railroad tracks.

April 13th, 2009:Rhonda howard, yellow morel - general location = paris tennessee,henry county, Growing Conditions = under oak trees near a creek

April 13th, 2009:found this Morel in  the woods near my house. monda,

April 13th, 2009:Hiya Chris, It sounds like your Georgia foray was a resounding success - I'm glad to see that you continue to add more forays. What fun this must be for you!  I've had some good luck so far this year.  I have found quite a few black morels the past couple weeks, which is especially nice since I only found a couple last year.  They just didn't seem to fruit like they normally do, for some unknown reason.  Any ideas about that?  They grey/yellow morels seemed to do actually better last year than in previous's not quite time for those yet here in KY, but I have found a few of the very small greys.Our mushroom hunting group will be camping in Southern Illinois this year instead if Western KY. (April 15~19).  Partly this is because of the extensive damage from the ice storm.  Also, I discovered a very nice private camp ground, that has 800+ acres of woods that seem very promising for morels.  The owners are being very accommodating and have given us permission to hunt anywhere on their property - their neighbors have as well.  I'll let you know how it goes.  If we are successful in finding morels, it may be a good place in the future for you to have a Southern Illinois foray ;)  I'll keep you posted! Hope this finds you well and having a wonderful morel season! Tomi

April 13th, 2009:owen county hill hopper,black morel - general location = found 182 black morels on north facin slope in Franklin county Kentucky on 4/10.  found 55 blacks and 72 greys in owen county. 4/12 Growing Conditions = Some were in grass and others were in leaf litter on north facing slopes. found in stands of poplar and dead elm on 4/10.  The ones I found on 4/12 were in my favorate spot under ash trees and in sticker bushes.  HURRY UP AND GET THEM BECAUSE THE TURKEYS ARE EATING THEM UP.  several of the patches that i usually go to i only found a few but turkey scratching was all around i was just getting the ones they missed

April 13th, 2009:Sue, black morel - general location = Morgan County Indiana, Growing Conditions = Wooded area, under poplars. Additional Comments = Yummy!

April 13th, 2009:DAVID grey morel - general location = kentuckey lexington usa 40509 Growing Conditions = under oak trees

April 13th, 2009:Chris, me and my buddy, Al Bundy went out today in Cherokee and found 37! Found some nice ones and some small ones! Was drizzling a little bit and got foggy on us! But we went for about hour and half before we had to get back to play cribbage. So we quit and may go back bout Wednesday when the weather is suppose to be nice. Found all but 3 on steep banks near poplar trees and may apples. but i am attaching a few pictures. one of them is the big on and one is the small one.

April 13th, 2009:Hi Chris. Found almost 30 black morels in Licking Co. OH. SE slope was key for early season shrooms. Good luck to all.

April 13th, 2009:Rickey Sowards, black morel - general location = Wise County, Virginia Growing Conditions = Poplar groves and burn areas high on a mountain. Additional Comments = Started finding March 28th.  Up to now, April 13th I have found over 500.  Different colors and variations, but all morels.

April 13th, 2009:I am trying to send you some pictures of my finds today.  Hope it works right.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions about this area of Wise County and types I have found here. 

April 13th, 2009:di shockley, grey morel - general location = south carolina greenville county, Growing Conditions = spacious hard wood creek bank, Additional Comments = i just found this site 2 days ago...originally from indiana i always looked forward to mushroom season. i've been in sc for 10 years now and every time i asked about mushrooms people looked at me like i was crazy. i thought maybe they just didn't grow here. i am happy to report i found the little delights today and am looking forward to finding more to savor the flavor for the first time in all these years of living in sc. thank you for this wonderful site.

April 13th, 2009:j smith, grey morel - general location = central indiana 13 decent sized greys, Growing Conditions = along dead elm same tree for the last 5 years Additional Comments = just starting need some sun plenty of rain

April 13th, 2009:Hi,  My name is Bob Borton and I live in Perryville, Ky. Just wanted to report to you all that in 3 outings I have found 603 black, yellow, gray and half morel mushrooms in Washington County!! This may seem unbelievable but the first day I went by myself on 4/10,(Good Friday), during the rain storm and brought home 178 black morels most were 4" to 5" tall. They were like little black pine trees standing up everywhere.. and 34 half morels or pepper tops to go with them. Then on Saturday 4/11 I took my daughters boyfriend with me to the same spot and in 2 hours we found another 114 blacks. Today I took my neighbor, who is a Dr. in Danville,Ky, and together we found 247(it was his first time ever hunting mushrooms and he had a blast, even though he only found 60 and I found 187). Of these found today, 101 were blacks and 143 were gray and yellow sponge and only 3 peppertops. The blacks are starting to dry out now but the grays and yellows are starting to come on strong. This is the first time in my life I have ever found this many 'shrooms in a single area. The woods I am hunting is about 54 acres but I have found all these in the same area of about 2 acres. I can't imagine if the rest of the woods is the least bit productive as this area is, how many of these tastey morels are out there going to waste..Happy Hunting and good luck..
Bob Borton


April 14th, 2009:April 13th, our best find yet in Jacksonville, Oregon. Found blacks last weekend and mostly yellows this time.

April 14th, 2009: steve owensblack morel - general location = 4-11-09 found 578 morels 4-12-09 found 962. total for the year so far is 2643 all found in   clinton county ky. Growing Conditions = most of them were found under ash trees Additional Comments = the total weight for 4-11 and 4-12 was 30 lbs 5 ozs

April 14th, 2009: Photos i previously had posted from Roger and Chris M hunt a week ago, 45 minutes south of Atlanta


April 14th, 2009:rick,  black morel - general location = wva, martinburg.berkeley, Growing Conditions = east side of mountain

April 14th, 2009:Bill Fannin, , black morel - general location = Kentucky ...Lawrence county , Growing Conditions = top of ridge  under hickory trees with some poplar, Additional Comments = we found  400  morels  from a place that a week earlier we  picked  200 from  prime conditions.. :)

April 14th, 2009:Eric Kellner, yellow morel - general location = Spring Hill, TN, Growing Conditions = Low lands with oaks, elms, and populars.

April 14th, 2009:racheal sowers, black morel - general location = ross county ohio near pioneer farm, Growing Conditions = hill side facing southwest

April 14th, 2009:Chris, I found 26 black morels today in my little timber line in SW Virginia, Smyth County. Temps have been in the 50-60's and lots of rain and sunshine. ThanksAnna B

April 14th, 2009:JZ,,  grey morel - general location = IL East Peoria Tazewell County, Growing Conditions = By a patch of dead ELMS 2 - 4 inches in diam. SE hillside, mossy.  Additional Comments = Found 1 no picture now but will try to post one in the next day or two.  Mushroom is very small.  I can lay it on a dime and it does not hang over the edges.  My buddy also found 1.4 LBS. bottoms.  Love the site keep it up.  Good luck to all!

April 14th, 2009:Hey brother I haven't reported my last few finds but with the cool weather and the crazy storms Sunday and Monday night I thought I might give it a last ditch shot, and, BANG....4 more lbs to bring my TOTAL for the 09' season to 40+ pounds!! I'm getting 80 next year....LOL!!  Possibly the last chance for that burger!! Good hunting. muss

April 14th, 2009:andi gelsthorpe,  grey morel - general location = Madison county, Illinois, Growing Conditions = by elm trees

April 14th, 2009:jason ratliff, grey morel - general location = noble county IN, Growing Conditions = under dead elm trees by the river bank, Additional Comments = we are getting lots of rain just need some more warmth, it has been in the 40's and we had 4 inches of snow a week ago, supposed to warm up this week

April 14th, 2009: BluegrassBill, WE FOUND THESE YESTERDAY  IN KY.

April 14th, 2009:blacks greys half free   found april 14th  central indiana  around poplar just starting here.  j smith thankyou

April 14th, 2009:patti ,  grey morel - general location = belleview mo, Growing Conditions = along a creek on a slope Additional Comments = great website

April 14th, 2009:Jimmy-4-Eyes, yellow morel - general location = Lake Tapawingo, MO (KC east) Growing Conditions = In the most random grassy area right on the fringe off taller grass between an open meadow and a brushy wooded area. Additional Comments = An early start on the greater KC area season. The MOTH Posse has been eagerly anticipating and focusing energy on the start of the season in our area. My brother-in-law [A-to-tha-P] a.k.a. Stinky Feet, the Notorious B-I-G (Nose), and walking stick crafter extraordinaire, and I [Jimmy4Eyes] have been out in the woods for a couple of weeks now...hunched over...looking...hoping...wishing...with full on mushroom eyes...visually scouring the ground. Area legend says "Tax Day is the day of the first morel in these parts". Well, this year we were committed to finding the first reported morel in this area of Missouri; and we were hoping against hope to find it before April 15! We've been concerned about cooler temps, but held firm to the belief that "anything's possible" Then, today, after a couple hours in the woods...we went home disappointed...again. We'd all but convinced ourselves we were still a little too early. As the story goes, my 6 year old son [Lil Honcho], another member of The MOTH Posse, asks to go mushroom hunting this afternoon; so, to appease him we go out before dinner not far from the house. We have about an hour to be back for dinner. We stay within the Lake Tapawingo city limits (and it's a small city), and go to a wooded area...typical geography for the area...and we walk around for a while. I wasn't looking real hard; mostly just enjoying the time with my boy and letting him lead the way. And, as it turns out, we don't find anything by the time we have to head back home for dinner. Then, as we're walking back to the car...I'm looking down scanning the ground as I walk...there it is! One lonely morel. (We looked around in the immediate area for as long as we could before we had to leave.) My son will always remember it and tell the story as he found it...he found the first morel of 2009...and I'll let him have that. He was about as excited as I was. And, though my B-I-L wasn't with us [he was working at the Claycomo Ford plant...building trucks...thinking about morels], I know he was with us in spirit, and this first find is dedicated to him. Now we are ready to rock it. Shout out to our newest recruit, FireCratch. Werd to tha shroomas. ROWYCO//Men of the Hole

April 14th, 2009: ( From a Blackberry)

April 14th, 2009:Bob ,  yellow morel - general location = Oxbow of a stream, south facing side.  Lawrence, KS. Growing Conditions = Near many sycamore trees

April 14th, 2009:Beau Fealty,  black morel m- general location = Perry County, Ohio. Growing Conditions = On south facing slope near tulip poplars and hickory trees.

April 15th, 2009:aaron payne,  grey morel - general location = Jackson Co. Mo, Growing Conditions = south facing field grass Additional Comments = Only found one, and it was my brother inlaw that scored it.  About 60 deg and sunny. It's about to start this week, Here we go!!!

April 15th, 2009:Jeremy Olson,  grey morel - general location = Atchison Kansas Atchison County, Growing Conditions = Near Dead Red Elm in the river bottoms

April 15th, 2009:Josh,  yellow morel - general location = Thayer,Kansas Growing Conditions = Along creek banksAdditional Comments = First found yellows on 3-31-09, and I have gone back to the area and have found only ones I missed before. 

April 15th, 2009:Heath,   grey morel - general location = Missouri--Bates County Growing Conditions = In a burned batch of scrubby elm trees.

April 15th, 2009:steve smith, black morel - general location = found 23black morels on south facing hill side half way up Growing Conditions = around ash trees

April 15th, 2009:andiaustin, grey morel - general location = South Central Kansas, Growing Conditions = Wooded areas....never consistent! Additional Comments = Okay...kansas is taking of verrry slow and weird...seems some started growing right before the freeze we got and their tips were shriveled but the rest were fresh...biggest found so far only about 3 inches....mostly 2 inch greys...:)

April 15th, 2009:Eric Enold,  black morel - general location = Ohio, Carroll County, Growing Conditions = logged poplar grove Additional Comments = southeast side of hill, up high.  They were young so I let them go for a few more days, Havent heard of any others in this area yet, its one of my early spots, alot of rain the last three days with sun and warm nights starting tomorrow. Another week and our county will be coverd with morels. Goodluck to all!!!

April 15th, 2009:John Beckett,  yellow morel - general location = Douglas County Georgia Growing Conditions = Hillside elm debris Additional Comments = 1st season hunting.  I've been bit by the bug.

April 15th, 2009:mikeb,  black morel - general location = pa centre Growing Conditions = old burn site

April 15th, 2009:attached is a pic of the grey my 3year old found. its his 1st and as far as i know its the 1st in the decatur/shelby county area in indiana. found on a south slopping hill surrounded by ash and elm trees. it a spot that i always find early greys. we picked 94 half-frees on saturday that we did a growth study on because 85% of the people around here think they don't grow they just pop up. i laugh my butt off every time i hear this..we've had very cool temps so they didn't grow as much as i had liked but in 10 days from the time i found them they grew on an average of about 2-4 inches. they were looking rough from the freeze we had so we picked them.  post me as freddyp

April 15th, 2009:Lori, James, & Mitch,  black morel,  earlies (dog peckers) - general location = Ohio-Bethel-Clermont, Growing Conditions = Hardwood hillside Additional Comments = Just starting to mushroom hunt this year, and we already found a mess of earlies, 4 black morels, and 1 lil' ol' grey......beautiful! Got some pic's too. Shrooms are out Ohio, good luck fellow hunters.

April 15th, 2009:Raine,  grey morel  - general location = Independence Kansas, Montgomery Co.Growing Conditions = surrounding a mobile home & in ard Additional Comments = I'm curious as to when I should leave smaller mushrooms? If left will they continue to grow? Morels can grow for THREE whole weeks or longer, especially in a cool year like this one. In the member areas, I have time-lapse film of a baby Morel growing over a 10 day period, and other interesting photo studies! - Chris M

April 15th, 2009:Debbie,  grey morel - general location = Southern Indiana, Growing Conditions = N. side of small hills

April 15th, 2009:Greg Bennett,  grey morel - general location = Lee county Illinois, Growing Conditions = Found two small greys on a south west facing hill. They were about the size of a dime. Same spot i find them first every year. Should be popping up good within a week. 4/15/09

April 16th, 2009:I found 82 greys today in North Kansas City, Mo.  I was hunting the Missouri River around cottonwood trees in the sandy soil.  Biggest was 6 inches, some were fresh and some were older and burnt on top.

April 16th, 2009:Terry,  black morel - general location = Just outside of Martinsburg, WV, Growing Conditions = Old farm with mixed hardwoods

April 16th, 2009:turned out to be a good day even though it has been a bit chilly. We have had plenty of rain and I forsee this weekend after the warm up being a great weekend to hunt. We found this nice mess near Laurelville Ohio, east facing hill and they were from top to bottom. Mostly blacks but a good bit of nice halfrees. nearly 2 lbs and there were over 200 total. Its gonna be another great year and shrooms are about to explode here in cental ohio very soon!! Happy hunting and good luck to all.  Jayson Walisa

April 16th, 2009:Caryn Schmitt,I think greymorel - general location = St. Louis County, MO by Gravois Creek, Growing Conditions = lowlands

April 16th, 2009:1st year hunting for 3 weeks now and there they were.  Douglas County Ga.  A nice patch spread over about 50 yards under various hardwood dead fall.

April 16th, 2009:travis edgar,  grey morel - general location = morgan county mo fond 18 last yaer and 23 this yaer 12 feet around a dead ash tree Growing Conditions = most black soil
Additional Comments = if it is hard for you   to find morels just find dead tree,s and set down and look slowy around .or if your on a hill side get on the down side of the tree and look up hill.thanks for the site mushroom man.

April 16th, 2009:Shelle - general location = Franklin County, OH, Growing Conditions = Mixed Woods Additional Comments = Anyone want to weigh in on whether Deer eat Morels?  Our woods are overrun with deer, seems like they trample every inch of ground.  We usually find a few out there but i always wonder if the critters are eating them before we find them... human or otherwise!  Good Hunting to all.  We're hoping to find our first this weekend!

April 16th, 2009:Wayne Steffen,  yellow morel - general location = Went out on my lunch hour today..... 4/15/2009 at 1pm in Adams Co. IL. out skirts of Quincy IL. and found a dozen little yellows. Thought I would find Grey's not yellows. Going to be a great season. Happy hunting ~Wayne!! Growing Conditions = Under Cotton Woods south facing slopes

April 16th, 2009:Gabriel Bridges, Gyromitra gigas - general location = Found some Snowbank false morels in between 4000 and  5000 feet in the central Sierras.   Tuolumne county,  California.
Growing Conditions = Under old growth mixed coniferous forest.  Near a trail with a prescribed burn that was several years old.   Additional Comments = Looking forward to the warm up next week.  Fire Morels should be good in the Sierras this year. Not dry like last year. Good moisture content and perfect timing for the warm weather.  We'll see what happens....

April 16th, 2009:Dede Caplinger - general location = Along Stranger Creek, Atchison County, Kansas Growing Conditions = Under soft maple in wet area. Additional Comments = I don't know the variety--they are very small--about the size of my wedding ring in height.  We always find these in same area about a week to 10 days before the greys and yellows start popping...


April 16th, 2009:bucky worrall, yellow morel - general location = colcord Ok, Growing Conditions = hill side and bottoms  around sycamore and ash trees

April 16th, 2009:Ted S. and Rick S. found about 40 mixed morels in Cumberland City, TN. , still trying to find the mother lode.

April 16th, 2009:chris nichols,  grey morel - general location = Kansas City, Missouri, Growing Conditions = In the bottoms, blown over Cottonwood. Just starting to come up by Elms.

April 17th, 2009;Hey Chris We found our first blacks here in Union County, Ohio.  I'm so happy to get this season started here.  Thanks Julie

April 17th, 2009:Seth Draeger,  grey morel - general location = South side of Columbus, Ohio Franklin County in some brush in an abandoned lot. Growing Conditions = in some brush in an abandoned lot. After a few days of cold rain then a clear warm day. Not sure what trees were there.

April 17th, 2009:Doris Courtois, black morel, Red ones - general location = On a sloped bank by a creek in a wooded area. Growing Conditions = Damp soil under various trees. Red ones were found in the shavings of a tree that had been cut down.Additional Comments = April 15, 2009 DeSoto, MO My 8 yr. old granddaughter, Riley, and I found around 30 small black morels and 3 red ones (they look like a brain and I think they are called 'false' and supposed to be poison but I have been eating them all my life).  Good luck to all~!!!

April 17th, 2009:TJ,  yellow morel - general location = Allen co ky Growing Conditions = southwestern slope where poplars met cedars Additional Comments = found blacks yellows and halfs 30 +

April 17th, 2009: Mark Stanton,   grey morel m- general location = Johnson County Iowa by oxford, Growing Conditions = Found 3 little grays on a south facing slope.  Additional Comments = This is the same spot i found my first morel last year except last year i found it on April 25 anf this year was April 15.

April 17th, 2009: bryan wolfe,  black morel - general location = va} damascus} washington, Growing Conditions = most of them around great big poplar trees.and around old logs. Additional Comments = love to hunt them but cant eat them.they make me defley sick.and what kind of bugs are on them???? Sorry to hear that, some people are allergic but it is fairly rare. - Chris m

April 17th, 2009: Kiowa Muncie    Clay City, Ky.  Black morels  found 2 more pound this evening, been finding them under ash and poplar trees with heavy ice storm damage, on north eastern slopes. In the last 7 days ive found 13 pounds and a total of 1,834 morels so far this season, alot of season left, waiting on those big yellows to show themselves... here are a couple pics   thanks

April 17th, 2009: Beau Fealty,  black morel - general location = Ohio, Perry County Growing Conditions = Under Hickory, cottonwood, and poplars on a hillside

April 17th, 2009: troy toney,  morel-other - general location = frankfort indiana, Growing Conditions = old gravel pit

April 17th, 2009: Here is a few that have been found here in dayton.  On hillside ,sunshining down during the evening. I have other photos of other morels that we didnt pick because we were going to let them grow but the older gentlemen that lives close by keeps picking them and refuses to let the grow. He didnt find these yet. Ireceived my dvd yesterday and I wanted to let you know that the family and I enjoyed it.

April 17th, 2009: Steve Odle,  black morel - general location = Delaware County, ok. Growing Conditions = hillsides and next to creeks around sycamore and elm trees.

April 17th, 2009: lawmanslady, half-free morel - general location = Clay County West Virginia, Growing Conditions = Mostly under elm and poplar trees. In a lot of downed trees from last fall too. 
Additional Comments = We've found close to 700 already this year. It looks to be a great year.

April 17th, 2009: Roger Baldwin, black morel - general location = Ohio Mechanicsburg Champaign, Growing Conditions = I found 50 black sponge in a wet woods anound all kinds of trees

April 17th, 2009: Wendi Morse, burnsite morel - general location = Scio, Oregon, Growing Conditions = past clear cut area (had been re-planted), but also current little burn site (small wildfire)
Additional Comments = Hey Chris - Brad found these in Oregon, among our group 1st find in Oregon so far.  Pretty cool!

April 17th, 2009: Cori,  grey morel - general location = Mason, Ohio, Growing Conditions = the ground was moist and mossy by a creek. I'm not sure what type of trees. There was alot of walnut shells around. Additional Comments = I found about 50 in one location. This is my first find this year. yummy!!!

April 17th, 2009: Terry Ratterree, yellow morel - general location = Mountain Grove, Missouri, Growing Conditions = Spring fed lowland with large ash trees. Additional Comments = 26 real nice yellow morels in real rich soil most under ash trees and a couple in a gravel dry creek bed.

April 17th, 2009: Yesterday my dad and I went mushroom hunting and found nothing. We planned to go some where else today and go back to our normal spot tomorrow. As I was walking home from the bus stop, I looked down and found a grey morel. Lexy B. Sidney, Ohio Shelby County.

April 17th, 2009: Found 58 more greys in Orrick, Mo. today.  Took a photo to add to the contest.  Thanks for your time and your website, it's GREAT!  The greys were found under elms on the Missouri River in Orrick, Mo.

April 17th, 2009: Lee Roy Jarnagin Sr., greymorel and blackmorel - general location = OHIO  KENTON   HARDIN, Growing Conditions = SAND AND PEA GRAVEL HILLS, Additional Comments = 1" TO 4"

April 17th, 2009: firecrotch, grey morel - general location = jackson county missouri, Growing Conditions = some were found along a "south facing" creek bank. and some oddly enough were found right up next to a chain link fence. Additional Comments = i've never really hunted the "mush" before. i was really just trying to find some before my b.i.l., who is a fanatic!!(he's even joined this website)and his b.i.l., who isn't quite as crazy, but he has been known to "work from home" just so he could find one before tax day!  so my son and i walked the creek behind our house for the soul purpose of beating these "shroom dogs" to the punch.  we looked for about 10 minutes, before my son decided it was more fun throwing rocks in the water (he's only 4) than showin' up his uncle A.P.!!  i came to an area that looked pretty good, and was saying to myself there has  to be one somewhere around here. well before i could even finish that thought--there it was! i couldn't believe how excited i was. i snatched it up and showed it to my son.  he thought it was pretty cool!  although when i asked him if he wanted to eat it, he said "NO WAY JOSE'"!!  so, there it is mission accomplished.  i found a morel before my b.i.l.  problem is i went back out an hour later, and have been out everyday since!  how much are those membership dues?!! happy hunting- firecrotch

April 17th, 2009: Hi Love your site!      14 Morels found & 3 Verpas on the left.    Portland,Or,  4/17     68 Morels found Portland,Or  Last Photo - 2 unknown morels?   Any idea what kind they are?
Nate & Darrin Portland, OR

Second Photo are Half free Morels, Morchella semilibera - Chris M

April 17th, 2009: found these mushrooms while looking 4 morals.can you id and r they edible?  white stems . tops r about 2" wide and 1/2"thick. the gills r a light brown almost pink and the top is dark brown center 2 light brown edge.  found by dead log found 25 morels so far also. just started 2 worm up here. thanks dave in caseyville il

Probably Pulteus cervinus, the fawn Mushroom ,edible but not that tasty! - Chris m

April 18th, 2009:   I Found these Morels Friday 4-17-09 on the DNR interlake Property Located in Pike county, IN. I found a total of 25 or 30 in about 2 hours,alot were burnt on top, These 5 were the largest, the center one is 5 5/8 inch tall. Maybe I'll have better luck next week. Happy Hunting!!! Alan Carr Oakland City, Indiana

April 18th, 2009:Sabrena baker,  yellow morel - general location = Jennings county, indiana, Growing Conditions = In low lands, under pine trees, Additional Comments = Sometimes you gotta get dirty,scratched, and it's all worth it!! When you see the mushroom you gotta het it mo matter what!!! LOL

April 18th, 2009:Dwight,  black morel - general location = Ohio,Clark County, Growing Conditions = 27 Black morels Mixed woods Tops of hills and near edge of woods

April 18th, 2009: Becky Henley,  black morel - general location = VA Speedwell Wythe, Growing Conditions = Under Poplars, Additional Comments =  The season is starting late this year.  We found about 30 blacks on Thur. left around 15 so they can grow a little bit.  Going today to look for the white ones.  Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!

April 18th, 2009:Patricia and David Beck - general location = Fredericksburg, Virginia Stafford County,  Growing Conditions = Under our oak tree in our front yard in a subdivision. Additional Comments = we are not sure they are morel's can you tell us? I have a picture but do not see where I can attach to send.

April 18th, 2009:These are some mushrooms I found today.  Not many, but nice!

April 18th, 2009: john miller,  grey morel - general location = constantine michigan Growing Conditions = dead elms.

April 18th, 2009:Ricky Wood, grey morel - general location = North Kansas City, Mo. Growing Conditions = Found them in the timber around elm trees.

April 18th, 2009:Hi Chris,  We hunted the same area last year and found our first Morels today.  145 total for the day.  First picture is 94 found around noon.  Then 51 more found at the same area at 3:30PM the same day. Granville, Ohio-  Woods, with downed trees on a Southern sloping hill. Thanks, Molly & Eric Morrison

April 18th, 2009: randy jones , yellow morel - general location =  comanche county oklahoma, Growing Conditions =  under elm trees

April 18th, 2009:Dalton K, grey morel - general location = Fayette co,Ohio, Growing Conditions = Found 42 in a weeks time all in our yard under a old apple tree,find them every year in this spot but not this early we have walked hours and have had no luck anywhere else!

April 18th, 2009:jonny , morel-other - general location = Missouri Growing Conditions = In the rich low-lands

April 18th, 2009: Rick Anderson, black morel - general location = East Liverpool, Ohio (Columbiana County) Growing Conditions = Under dead elms ! Additional Comments = Found a dozen or so blacks but found our first grey/yellows. They were small and only 3 of them but the big boys are just around the bend here.

April 18th, 2009:Mark Cromer, grey morel - general location = Kansas City, Mo. South of the river. Growing Conditions = Found them in the ditch next to the road under dead elms.

April 18th, 2009:mike sillett  , black morel - general location = Mt. Pleasant ( Westmoreland County ) Pa. Growing Conditions = Damp, south sloping hillside. Rich soil with coal clinkers and ash residue. Old apple trees and dying elm tree woodlot. Additional Comments = Spent about one hour - 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. - scoutingto see if they have started yet. Found a couple of groups. Total take 8 Black Morels about 1.5 inches. A couple were slightly larger and appeared a few days old since they were starting to dry.

April 18th, 2009: AP, grey morel - general location = Jackson Co. Mo, Growing Conditions = close to a stream, in thick bryer, and under elm's Additional Comments = Things are starting to heat up for real, still small, and only a few at a time, but getting to be bigger small ones, and more frequent

April 18th, 2009:We went out looking for blacks and instead found 26 yellows, much to our surprise. All were around dead elms. This is a week earlier than I have ever found yellows in that spot.  -- hugh, Columbus, OH

April 18th, 2009:We found a few blacks around a giant ash tree in park south of Columbus -- one was practically growing out of the root. -- hugh, Columbus, OH

April 18th, 2009: I have now  updated  the 17th, and 18th of April here tonight and the April 19th and newer finds are posted on the new page! Hope you like them! - Chris M

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