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Morel Finds Archives June 9th, 2003 Until May 31st, 2004

June 9th, 2003: I have 30 lbs. of dried morels.        $80.00/lb

June 10th, 2003: Kim Griffin Sales Associate Heritage House Realty Of Harrisville, Inc.,  morel, General location: Out Showing Property We Have Listed For Sale. Harrisville,Michigan Alcona County

June 12th, 2003: Tom Stotesburymorel - general location: Orange County, New York, Growing Conditions: abandoned orchard, Additional Comments: I am an avid outdoors person, but, as yet, not a mushroom hunter.  I am reluctant to harvest and consume the mushrooms I have found.  What is a positive way to identify the mushrooms? A photo to you?  I'm afraid that a field guide might not be sufficiently complete for my region. T

June 18th, 2003: Chris, webmaster, found Chanterelles, and Boletes in Central Georgia.

July 12th, 2003: Hugh Urbanchanterelle - general location: Hocking and Franklin Counties, OH 
Growing Conditions: Chanterelles under Oak, Boletes and Detinum  under conifers , Additional Comments: the summer mushrooms seem a little late this year, but we're beginning to see a lot of chanterelles, boletes and sweet tooths (dentinum repandum). we got a nice batch of chanterelles yesterday and saw hundreds of babies poking up. it should be a good year. we've also found more dentinum repandum than ever, and they are a definitely a treat, much rarer than the chanterelle around here. boletes are just now coming -- a few small edulis and others.

July 17th, 2003: Hugh Urbanchanterelle - general location: Hocking County, Ohio , Growing Conditions: under oaks, Additional Comments: We've been getting the first chanterelles and boletes of the summer over the last two weeks. The boletes are still fairly small, but the chanterelles are starting to get good-sized.  We've found a few hedgehogs (sweet tooths) as well, though none any bigger than a half-inch or so. Very few lactarius so far. Everything seems a little later this year than the last two years.

July 24th, 2003: Ashley, found  morels,  - general location: Pritchard, Id, Growing Conditions: In the woods under a tree. I tried to verify when these were found and did not get back a response. Morels may occur well into August in high elevations in the west!- Chris M

August 6th, 2003: Chris M, webmaster, found Boletes, Russulas, Lactarius, Amanitas, and Chanterelles in Central Georgia.

September 15th, 2003: Chris Matherly Writes: I had an email from Idaho wanting to sell fresh morels that she recently found, and I wrote her back, wanting more info, never got a response. She had found them in high elevations there.

September 23rd, 2003: "Mushrooms from Italy"

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September 25th, 2003: Mitch Gilt Hen of the woods (maitake) - general location: Broome/Tioga county, New York. Growing Conditions: Under oak trees. Additional Comments: Have found about 50 lbs to date, but its early. Rain is soaking them pretty bad, some dry weather and cool temperatures would really bring them on.

October 1st, 2003: Martin Lewy From the UK writes: 

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October 2nd, 2003: Rondahen of the woods (maitake)- general location: Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in Augusta County, Growing Conditions: Near dead but still standing very very old oak trees,  Additional Comments: 1st find 2 weeks ago (9-20-03) 7lbs , today (10-01-03) 23lbs 1 mushroom total for the day was 40 lbs and 5 mushrooms.  Left some to get later but calling for a freeze warning tonight so will keep an eye on them to see what happens.  Also measured them to see rate of growth.

October 29th, 2003: hugh urbangrifola frondosa (Hen of the woods, maitake) - general location: Columbus, OH, Growing Conditions: at the base of an oak tree,  Additional Comments: I've only found one maitake this year so far (I had much better luck last year), and only a few shaggy manes and blewits.  A cooking tip for maitake: not only does it make a good vegetarian bacon substitute, but you can make a wonderful pate out of it  that keeps pretty well frozen

November 2nd, 2003: Gary Tbolete - general location: Long Beach Wa., ..
Growing Conditions: Beautiful huge king boletes, the biggest were at least 2 lbs! Excellent condition after heavy rains and a real warm spell. The biggest kings I have ever found. Under spruce trees.

November 16th, 2003: Dear Chris:  I was sent a link to your website from a friend in Iowa.  For the 15 years we lived in Jo Daviess County, in the NW corner of Illinois, we loved to hunt morels in our woods along with wild asparagus that we found along the country roads.  I went through your Spring state listings and did not see any morels listed for my area now that we live in the South.  I figure perhaps it is too humid in South Carolina, but I ask every year around March and people here just look at me funny.  Usually my friends in the midwest make me salivate with their morel stories but your website and it's excellent photos has me dreaming about sauteed morels over steak!   We also used to beer batter them - YUM.  We now live in Aiken County, SC near Augusta GA.  Have you ever had reports of morels in this area?  If my friends were ever to share, what is the best way to ship them?  I always remember the thrill of hunting and finding them, like an Easter Egg hunt for adults!!! Kind regards, Cindy in SC Cindy, good news! I have personally found Morels near Augusta, GA myself! I think I  may be able to help you find some. You need to look for similar conditions as the places I found Morels in my area, Central GA. Lowlands, near streams, under large Poplar trees, or if you can find areas with Ashe trees, I can assure you you will have luck! A few years ago, it was unheard of to find Morels in the south. Now, I have proof that they grow much further south than anyone ever imagined. I have a friend, Tim Geho in South Carolina that finds pounds of them there locally. Consider becoming a member to our club, and join in on the fun!- Chris Matherly.

November 24th, 2003: richard lee, Other kind of mushroo0: I have no idea, - general location: By Mound City, KS.  Sugar Valley Lakes.  My lake lot.  Linn County, Growing Conditions: I have found Morels for about 25 years now.  Every spring I find numerous morels, typically around elm trees, but always in the spring.  Yesterday, Nov. 23rd I found a mushroom on my lake property.  It was about 8 inches tall.  There was a hole in the top about the diameter of a pencil.  Now I cannot describe what was on its very top.  It looked like a flat flower, but it was not a flower.  It was more like flat points that protruded out of the hole in its top and they were about 1 cm long.  There were 12 of these little points.  They were flat like a plate.  The mushroom was completely white, except for a brown liquid that was in the indentions on the head.  It was a soggy day so I assume the water had condensed on the flesh of the mushroom and mixed with the spores to form the brown liquid.  I inspected the ground around the base and could tell that it was growing out of a pinkish white mat that was spreading accross the ground.  It was between three trees!
es; one of them was an elm, one was a white oak and the other was a redbud.  The stem had little wholes in it as if it was stuck by a small pin hundreds of times.  The base did not appear hollow. Additional Comments: The ground was very wet.

December 1st, 2003: 

Sir, Please let me know this is morel or truffle. The smell is of truffle and when it is cut across the centre is white and have chocolate colour ring and again a white ring with skin.The photo of the whole piece is attached, Thanks
Lalan Tharakan
5/ 685 Aroor
Pin 688548
Kerala, India
Tel 91 478 287 2004

Jan. 12th, 2004: A  small whitish Russula  has appeared in Central GA.

Jan. 18th, 2004: Randy Marchandoyster mushroom - general location: Campbell River Vancouver Island BC Canada, Growing Conditions: on dead Alder trees, Additional Comments: was surprised to see so many in January

Jan. 27th, 2004: Angus McGeechanterelle - general location: Bay Area, California, Growing Conditions: Under Oak Trees and Mostly growing in leaf litter. Additional Comments: They Were Delicious.

Jan 27th, 2004: RAMZE BEYDOUNchanterelle - general location: CALIFORNIA  SAN DIEGO  USA
Growing Conditions: UNDER OAK TREES, Additional Comments: THE SIZE AV ABOUT 200GRM EACH

February 8th, 2004: Vince D'Alochanterelle - general location: Contra Costa County, Bay Area. < Ca. 
Growing Conditions: Under oak trees in oak leaf litter/ grass

February 9th, 2003: chickenofthewoodscraterellus cornucopioides (a chanterelle)- general location: south of eugene, oregon , Growing Conditions: along a river, amongst very old trees. Additional Comments: it's about time.   waiting for morels.   saw many dentinum and craterellus neotubaeformis...   california, speak up!

Morels! First Report Of The Season For 2004!!

February 17th, 2004: Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 00:25:13 -0800 (PST) Subject: Sighting for 2004. Leroy is out in Oceanside, California. Called today said he found 65 blacks yesterday. Growing in shredded bark used for flower beds and walkways. He tells me that people out there don't seem to be aware of what they are walking past and stepping on.What a shame!!!............Ryn back in Michigan . Congrats to Leroy, this is the first sighting reported for 2004!

February 18th, 2003: Chris Matherly, webmaster, writes: I went scoping new areas for Morels. I found Trillium in bud, and did find this mushroom, but no Morels yet. Maybe another week or so. Central GA.

February 20th, 2004: Mushroom MikeOysters - general location: Growing on an old log. I couldn't tell what kind of tree it was because it was covered in moss and very badly decomposed. Growing Conditions: Found them in the foothills among oak trees near Auburn, California

February 24th, 2004: Mushroom Mike, Boys, Mushroom Mike is back! Today I became the second person in the United States to find morels! First in Northern California. I will even go so far as to tell you all where I found them.... It all started today when i pulled into the brand new Starbucks for some good black joe. So there I was sipping on some coffee and I decided to have a look see in the planters, being that they were all full of new red bark. HHmm, says I, what do I see over yonder??? Yep, you guessed it: Morels, yellow morels. Not many but enough to make me cry in delight...I will send photos when my girl gets home. Well, I am otta here. There are many planters to check. Oh yeah. I found these yellow morels in Roseville California at the corner of Cirby and Riverside, I have never found any yellow morels. In Idaho, all I ever found were blacks. They certainly stand out much more. I don't like the looks people give me when i am walking through planters and flowerbeds. I'm sure I will be explaining what i am doing when the cops eventually show up..

February 27th, 2004: chickenofthewoods, found 2  morels!,  - general location: EUGENE OREGON.... 
Growing Conditions: IN THE CITY - AROUND A GARDEN.  Additional Comments: found one on the 26th and one on the 27th.  opposite sides of town.   the one from yesterday was large and mature.   OH< HERE"S A LINK TO SOME PICS!!!

February  28th, 2004: Jason writes, 

February 29th, 2004: Georganna Hancock writes, 

February 29th, 2004: Rob writes:

March 1st 2004: Greg writes: Dear Chris, .Do you ever sell fresh morels? I am in Pasadena CA. Also, I have found morels in Southern California, always on the same lawn under the same conditions: rain, then sun, perhaps after the lawn is cut. There is a long needled pine tree on the lawn. The mushrooms fit all the descriptors for edible black morel except that they are always a little slimy with dark brown liquid, which dried up as you dry them. I have never eaten one but have dried and frozen them in case I can ever get them tested. Greg Critser  Chris Matherly's reply

You have yourself a fooler there! This is NO Morel at all, but a stinkhorn. You won't want to eat it, it probably won't kill you but it will taste like something from Fear-Factor! lol Morels are hollow inside, this is probably full of stuff in the stem. Morels never have slime, unless they are way too old. -Chris M


March 2nd, 2004: erwin ludwigmorels,  - general location: San Anselmo, Marin Cty, CA, .On February 25
Growing Conditions: In a flat area previously used as a garden. Additional Comments: Sadly, I sprayed round up on the area two weeks earlier because it was so overgrown with weeds. I wonder if this had anything to do with fruiting. I've only seen morels in the yard twice before in the last 20 years.

March 3rd, 2004: john , I can't believe it I found 50 blonde morels here in Oklahoma.  I  will send some pics. I hope I find more.

March 5th, 2004: Chris M found one fresh Red Russula in Central GA., no morels yet......

March 6th, 2004: Todd LayfieldOyster Mushrooms - general location: Atchison, KS, Growing Conditions: We found 5-1/2 pounds of fresh ones in the shade, on the southeast side bark of a dying white oak tree...  the temperature was around 56-58 degrees out. (the warmest day of the year so far). Additional Comments: These mushrooms are edible and are great flour-fried in butter with a dash of salt.  To my knowledge, this is the first edible mushroom sighting of the year for Kansas.

March 6th, 2004: Shredder , Hey guys...I was visiting my parents this weekend, and while walking up toward the house (after a walk with mom) I noticed, in her front yard, that there were some fungi that looked like Morrels. I picked one and broke it open. It was hollow, and had similarities to what I have best identified as "blonde" morrels. I would like to send you guys one or two....but that's all. I want to use the rest in a veal sauce that I'm preparing for some friends. He he he. looking forward to that. As far as where they parents live in Merced (central California, 1.5 hrs south of Sacramento). I found them growing in the flower bed, which just happens to be filled with fresh wood chips. The mushrooms weren't growing from the wood, but rather from the dirt beneath it. Is that a factor in identification? I picked around the area (about 8 by 9 foot area) and found six fair sized specimens. Can I expect to see more? How often do they reproduce? And, can I grow a garden of them? I've never seen them in California, as a matter of fact, I've never seen them until today when I picked them. Until now, it has been on the net or in books that I've seen them. Would really like to know.  

March 7th, 2004: Darvin DeShazer , Picked my first morels of the year today in sunny California. They were growing near apple trees, within 10 feet. All of them were under the branches of Incense Cedars that grow next to the apple trees. Three prime specimens were saved for the morel project and will be mailed in.

March 7th, 2004: Johnwayne,  Got my first half frees today along the Columbia River, Washington. Will be anouther mounth before the blacks and snowbanks show up on Mt. Hood. Noticed some new burn sites on Mt. St.Helens during elk season so I plan to go there in the next week or so, happy hunting too all

March 10th, 2004: rob in covelo writes: has any one found any wild or natural morels this year in northern california. I've seen many reports of morels found but they all seem to be landscaping morels? I've picked between 300 and 400 since feb 29th, but only in one spot that had the brush cleared last fall. I have yet to see any others in any of my spots or anywhere else for that matter. by the way I'm in Covelo, north east Mendocino county altitude of my find was about 1500 feet

March 10th, 2004: Tim Geho writes: I went out again today. Soil still holding at 52-54 degrees. Looked under the leaves near where we put flags last year and saw no bumps or other signs of Morel growth. Some red trillium is blooming as well as the redbud and bloodroot. Last year the first Morel in this area was found 3/14 so perhaps soon. South Carolina

March 13th, 2004: stacy I found 15 black morels near Dallas, Tx. They  just had a tan stem like all other mushrooms. I  need to  have more of a confirmation on this. I have not ever in the past, had a report of black morels in this region.- Chris M

 March 14th, 2004: richard in tennessee, I haven't officially found any morels yet, however, my spouse and I went to our favorite spot yesterday, March 13, 2004. What I saw was two very tiny blacks just coming up, they were about 1/4" tall. In about two weeks, I will be going back to harvest these and hopefully many more. They are very close now. The location was southern Middle Tennessee near the Alabama line. This also, not an official report. If they are 1/4" tall, not a true flush until they break through the leaves. What does this mean? Spring is near!         - Chris M 

March 14th, 2004: eric in Portland,OR writes: Picked a few pounds of early morels verpas?- Chris M, last Sunday! Found them in the thickets of swampy sandy soil along the Columbia river. This is my first time picking early Morels. I know not to eat a lot my first time trying them, but what about eating them for a few days straight? Also, do they dry well (really thick stems)? Happy hunting!

March 16th, 2004: Valeri Corleymorels,  - general location: I found them near the automatic gate at our apt. complex in Marina del Rey, CA!  There were only 3, but one is HUGE!!!! Growing Conditions: In the shade of tall shrubs, in a landscaped area. Additional Comments: I used to go mushroom hunting with my parents in Iowa and loved to eat them!

March 16th, 2004: Chris M writes: I went out again today here in central GA, and nothing yet. I am a bit concerned about moisture now. It is getting dry, and the small amount of rain we received yesterday didn't help much. All signs show that Black Morels should be flushing here right now, but haven't found any. Redbuds are in full bloom, Iris, even Dogwoods beginning to bloom now. 

March 17th, 2004: Joe P, morels, -general location: I found two large morels  in flower planters near San Diego, CA. Growing Conditions: In flowering pots (large ones). Additional Comments: These were right in the middle of a shopping area!]

March 17th, 2004: John, I found 20 black morels in muskogee, oklahoma yesterday

March 18th, 2004: Dave writes: Hey Chris, I have already found Gytromitra korfii here in central Tennessee. This is a common false Morel. -Chris M

March 18th, 2004: RANDY JENNYmorels,  - general location: ARLINGTON WASHINGTON STATE 
Growing Conditions: UNDER COTTON WOOD TREES,  Additional Comments:   My two boys and I picked about
4 pounds

March 18th, 2004: Darious, morels, -general location: Beacon Rock State Park, Washington, near Columbia River Gorge, Growing Conditions: Near a stream in a valley, mainly conifer forest. Additional Comments: I found them in the exact same spot last year on March 23rd.

March 19th, 2004: JKS Oklahoma, I found 9 yellows in central OK today. Ground temp. was 55.6. Bob, I have some pics I will send.

March 19th, 2004: Indiana Neil, Good news from my uncle in Tenn. he found 7 tiny black morels in huningdon tenn., thats west central tenn. so Indiana will be poping within a week, thats for sure. went out today and there were mayapples and fiddleheads and ginsing pointer all poping up, so get ready hoosiers. were getting very nice weather this next week, 60s and 70s and rain, thank god! 

May 19th, 2004: Rob in Covelo,  6 natural blacks found in Covelo Ca on the 17th. One dried up and one rotten black found today. Also found some spring coccora today I think but as ID is very difficult and they may be destroying angels I decided not to test drive them. 

March 19th, 2004: Subject: morels in alabama. went out this afternoon in extreme northern alabama and found 31 little blacks.  this is the first find of the season for me.  bring em on!!!!! harold in tennessee

March 20th, 2004: Robert Sharmanmorel - general location: Valencia, California , Growing Conditions: Wood chips near hose bib.

March 20th, 2004: Tommi555 writes: Oh Yeah!!!!  We had shroom fever so badly today that we just had to check out one of our sites that usually produces the earliest little darlings...after scouting the area for quite a while VOILA we uncovered 16 blacks hiding under the leaf litter.  HOW HAPPY ARE WE???!!!  We summarily ate them this evening!!  Let it be known that 3-19-04, the black morels are up and happening here in Paducah, KY!!!!!!  Cross your fingers for more rain and warm weather this weekend.  Oh my gosh - I can't believe that it's actually happened finally!

March 20th, 2004: James, The mushroom god has answered my prayer in a very small way. I found a whopping one morel today in Dallas county, Tx. My first Texas morel. It is about two inches tall. Its very dry now. Last weekend the ground was moist but now its really dry. I found it right on the edge of a creek in the moss. Eating this morel will only be a tease so I will donate it to the MDCP. I took the ground temp (60.1)and a soil sample. Only walnut trees, cottonwood, and a few spanish oak in the area. Hopefully I get a chance to travel north to find enough to eat. If we dont get a lot of rain SOON the morels will not grow.

March 20th, 2004: buckettogo i live in western washington and it is thursday night windy and cold. verpas are coming on in the extreme lowlands

March 20th, 2004: chuck  and doug and nick,   none yet,  getting anxious its saturday march 20 2004 live in south central ky cumberland county seen the report of a find in puducah now i'm waiting for day light to go look its 4 am now will be in the woods at daybreak ground here has pleanty of moistore with more rain coming today hope to find a few in the area me and the boys found last year its a little early yet but hopefull will try to get a soil temp reading this day and send a report later on today this is a great sight and may join soon ty chuck and kids, Growing Conditions: when we do find them its mainly on hillsides and flats with pleanty of hardwoods around like hickory ash oak and lots of poplar trees

March 20th, 2004: Roger R.,  morel - general location: Jasper co. GA. Growing in lowlands under poplar and elm.
Growing Conditions: Found a whopping 4 tiny morels this morning.They ranged in size from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2.they were very hard to spot due to the size. I searched the area for a while but did not find anything.The ground still seems pretty moist considering the lack of rain.Maybe they will bust loose in a week or two.

March 20th, 2004: Chris Matherly, found one tiny 1 1/2" Morchella deliciosa in Houston County, GA. It was growing under large Poplar trees. This one is going to the "Morel data collection project"

March 20th, 2004:  Hey Chris, Found 3 little black ones today at High Falls State Park, GA.  All of them within 5 feet of each other and 2-3" tall.  Still too dry here.  Hopefully we get some rain this week.  Did not find any on Robins AFB yet. Jody M

March 20th, 2004: John H., Went out scouting today (3-20-04) to one of my favorite spots and found 7 mushrooms. the weather is supposed to be 67 degrees tomorrow so that should help things along nicely. Always find them under cottonwood trees and no where else. We have lots of cottonwoods here in Alington, Washington. Happy hunting

March 20th, 2004: Johnwayne, Rogue River----No yellows on my part of the Columbia yet but some halfrees and also alot of verpas. I think tomorrow is Mt. Hood day' life doesn`t get any better than this. 

March 20th, 2004: Oregon Neil , Ok, they are right on time. Even though we haven't had any rain down here in southern Oregon for over two weeks. It's the first day of Spring and we found 34 true morels. There wasn't a verpa or half-morel to be seen. Maybe this is because it has been so dry lately. Temperature got up to 75 today. It has been getting up to about 66. Overnight temperatures have run in the low 40's. The good hunting season starts now. (grin) Neil & Teri, Rogue Valley, Oregon

March 20th, 2004: JKS Oklahoma  Hi gang. I found 10 more yellows in the same general area today. They came up in the last 24 hours. 

March 20th, 2004: Jasoninark  Went out today and gathered 46 blacks here in the Ozarks in NW Arkansas around the Eureka Springs area. Most are over 3-4 inches tall. Will keep looking--good luck everybody. 

March 20th, 2004: Indiana Neil  Uncle in tenn. found 11 more blacks today. I'm headed down there in a week, i cant wait!

March 20th, 2004: doug DEKALB, TN I went out scouting today, found six small black morels, It has started. The cold front will slow them a little. Warmer weather later this week will pick things back up. middle Tenn, get ready!

March 20th, 2004: Dave  Rockwood, TN Went out scouting today. I found Gytrimitra korfii (False Morels), Entoloma vernum (Early Spring Entoloma)and Pluteus cervinus (Deer Mushroom), but NO MORELS YET!  

March 20th, 2004: Cowilke Urbana, Missouri, More news From Lawrence county, Thursday the 11th of March found four more reds, Grey Morel found in Cedar county just north of here, they're starting to show, slowly but surely, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 2oth, 2004: Out in Fraser river Park in Burnaby, British Columbia Canada, ,found my first 3 morels this year.Not bad for the first day of spring! Wil go back in a few days , hoping for more rain.Also; has anyone been over on Bowen Island ? Sam.

March 20th, 2004: 6 elbows of verpas and 2 blondies morels from the mid valley of oregon. the two blodies only an inch high but never the less there they were. it is still dry around here looks like no rain til mid next week. soon soon soon....andy b.

March 20th, 2004: found my morel in roberts creek between Sechelt and Gibsons,  British Columbia Canada..groovy....shoegy

March 20th, 2004: Verpa's in the cottonwoods near the rivermouths on southern Vancouver Island, just starting. Now to find the nearest burn.......Patchless

March 21st, 2004: Dewella S.  I found my first two Morels of the season on 3/18/04 around Dutch Ridge,West Virginia.

March 21st, 2004: OK_shroomingirl, found six small ones yesterday waiting for it to rain so I can find more central Oklahoma.

March 21st, 2004: 30 lbs. of verpas yesterday. Winters are done. 5 morels. All south of Eugene, Oregon. Cornvalley Picker

rynket_klokkemorkel.jpg (69389 bytes)

Note: These are false morels, Verpa bohemica, and although many people do collect these and eat them, even sell them, they may cause very bad health concerns, and are known for many poisonings. I do not recomend. -Chris M

March 21st, 2004: hill climber Picked a dozen Sat 3/20/04 in the middle TN hills above Bradyville, TN Right in the middle of a traveled path! Didn't find a thing in the woods however. This week we'll be hopin'

March 22nd, 2004: Michaelpossibly the white morel - general location: Pasadena, California, Growing Conditions: On the side of my house in shaded area.  Started to grow from the foundation of my house to 2-3 feet away. 

March 22nd, 2004: Went back to fraser river park, B.C. today. Did much better than yesterday. Found about      45 morels. Found alot of stems without caps.(over soon?) Can't wait to go up to the interior B.C Happy picking to yal ! Sam

March 22nd, 2004: Breck  - general location: North Geoargia / S.E. Tennessee, Growing Conditions: Under cedar trees. Additional Comments: Today found three small greys in an area that produces every year.  All were under cedar trees very near field wash outs and no more than 1" tall.  Weather is in the low 50's with low 20's expected tonight.

March 22nd, 2004: Kevin,  morel - general location: VancouverB.C. Canada, Growing Conditions: damp & swampy cotten wood forest, Additional Comments: March 22 2004    Found 2.5 pounds morels yesterday look around the swamps until we get some rain.

March 22nd, 2004: chuck and kids, - general location: south central kentucky cumberland county, Growing Conditions: found nothing yet took soil temp in 3 differant places i find morels temp is between 45 and 50 degrees on 3-21-04 had cold front pass through gonna wait a cpl of days till it warm up this week temps to to be in the 70's by weekend with some rain hope to find some this coming weekend till then good eating to all those who have found them allready and good luck 4 those that have'nt

March 22nd, 2004: Paul King writes: Hello Chris, Thanks so much for your e-mail and your kind inquiry about the morel situation in Switzerland. Oh yes, I already found the very first morel conica this year here at the Lake of Zurich - (15th March) - We had a long and cold winter this year. Last week we got - for the first time - "warm" weather (up to 20 deg C) for a few days. The result you can see on the enclosed picture. At the moment the temperature is down again to 3..5 deg C with some rainy days - not bad for our starting morel season! I'll send you some more pictures ASAP (after the season here really is going on)  - if you like. Your March Newsletter with the "DNA Study Of Morels, Different Species" was one of the best I ever read for "amateur mushroomers". Congrats, Chris! Have a prosperous morel season! Paul in Meilen (near Zurich) Switzerland.


March 22nd, 2004: Bob Tn. Clarksville Tn. Found 2 small blacks, about 2" tall picked one for proof and marked the other to mature.

March 22nd, 2004: From: "Mikey" SHROOMS! I found three black's today,in Hardin County, near the Eichorn area,They were growing on the edge of a gravel road,They were growing out of the gravel/dirt,too small to find any in the leaves. Mike,Elizabethtown,IL.

March 22nd, 2004: Roger and Chris M. found this in Jasper county, GA.

March 23rd, 2004: Breck - general location: N.Ga./S.E. Tennessee. Growing Conditions: Same place as yesterday.  Today found 27 greys with the largest being 3".  These popped over night even with temps in the 20's with no frost coverage.  Under cedar trees with major field wash out nearby.

March 23rd, 2004: Tomi, in Peducah, KY: We found 20 more black morels on an old road bed.  We think they pop up there quicker because the rocks help heat the ground up earlier.  There were many that were still tiny (2 cm or so) that we found under the leaf litter.  We marked them for future scouting.  With some warmer weather and more rain, we should be seeing them really pop in the next week or so.  HURRAY!!!

March 23rd, 2004: David Kalskett Hi all I'm in Port Orchard Wa. Went out in the yard yesterday to check on my asparagus bed and almost crushed a 6in brown morel. After looking around I was able to pick a sandwich paper bag full. This was in my yard! First time my kids have tryed them now they are ready to hit the woods to find some more. Good hunting to all. 

March 23rd, 2004: Kathy in OREGON Found about 12 half-frees today out along the cross-country trails behind Hood River Valley High School, had got a tip from someone who had gotten 12 lbs there this morning! They are paying $11.00 per lb. for Verpas and $20.00 per lb. for true morels! COME ON TRUES!!! 

March 23rd, 2004: richard in tennessee My wife and I went looking today March 23, 2004. we were able to find 11 small to medium blacks. They were located in southern Middle Tennessee near the Alabama line. 

March 23rd, 2004:Larry in Tenn. The season has started in mid tenn. in Cookeville. The family and I found 9 blacks today, 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inch on the east side of a hill just up from a creek and 1 grey near a lake.

 March 23rd, 2004:  Carolyn M.  Central Oklahoma  It was a year ago on March 18th that we found our first little gray, so far this year none, except 3 big red ones on the 15th. The weather has been good, the nights are still a little cold here for them to grow, we are still looking though. Lincoln County, Ok.

 March 23rd, 2004: John H.  Sat. March 20, 2004 First of the Season. Found a handful of small grays and one black morel just West of Tulsa. If the temps hold and the rain comes in, next weekend should produce a nice crop. Good Hunting! JSH


March 24th, 2004: Helenmorel - general location: Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, Growing Conditions: In the back yard, in a flower bed, Additional Comments: Found March 23, 2004

March 24th, 2004: Tim  in SC, - general location: About 1 hour northwest of Columbia SC. 24 Morels, Growing Conditions: Found in the usuall early fruiting locations. Soil temps from 46-48 degrees. With the forecast for warmer weather, things should pick up in GA & SC in about a week. All near Ash trees

March 24th, 2004: Sherrie - general location: Douglas County, Kansas, Growing Conditions: Ground damp, alot of dead leaves and lots of green moss in the wooded areas. Additional Comments: I've got the fever, so bad I can barely sleep at night.  I've been out the past couple of days, but nothing yet.  Hopefully, with the predicted rain and 50 degree nights and 70 plus days this weekend could be a good one. I really hope so.   Good luck to all in their endevours.  GO JAYHAWKS!!!

March 24th, 2004: Eddie in Knoxville found two Black Morels on March 20th.

March 25th, 2004: Jimmy Rowland - general location: western Ky.  Lyon co. found 56 blacks, southern slopes wooded areas 
Additional Comments: weather a little dry

March 25th, 2004: picked 1/2 pound morels south of Eugene, Oregon. things are looking up. rogue or grants pass yet, humm??...andy b.

March 25th, 2004: Matt Hamby - general location: Near old Plantation north of Durham, NC. Growing Conditions: around very old black gum tree, Additional Comments: March 25, 2004, we only looked for 10 minutes just to see...found only 1 about 1/2 inch tall. Didn't take camera, thought it was to early but last night temp. was in the 50's and today got up into the 70, still waiting on a good soaking rain. I'll let you know then.

March 25th, 2004: RexFlammulina velutipes - general location: Southwestern Ontario, Canada , Growing Conditions: Fruiting on Dead Elm
Additional Comments: Common names include
Velvetfoot or Enokitake when reffering to the cultivated form.

March 25th, 2004: from B.O.P, Yellow Morels are up in Arkansas! Visited my favorite site today in the Arkansas River Valley - near Petit Jean State Park. A fellow hunter and I collected 28 yellow morels (all young - gray in color). We saw many large Gyromitra caroliniana.

March 25th, 2004:  run2itiam, Urbana, MO WOOT! Went home for lunch and found a grey, first for me this year, smack dab in the middle of lawrence county, will be looking this evening, Hunt on.

March 25th, 2004: Marty Fletcher, Johnson City, TN, I found my first yellow today,looking good for the weekend!

March 26th, 2004: D. Watt,  - general location: First find of the season, yellow morels.  Been looking for 2 weeks, finally found them yesterday, March 25, 2004, in Grayson County, Texas. .Growing Conditions: Near a large dying elm tree

March 26th, 2004: from Tracy S. Ohio, Found three black morels last night the size of your thumb nail in south central ohio. With the warm temps and rain they should really be up in two or three days! When I walked into my spot I swear I could smell them.

March 27th, 2004: Roger R.,  morel - general location: Jasper Co. GA. Growing Conditions: This morning I found eleven morels growing in the same general areas as before,rich lowlands under poplars.Even though the area has not had much rain,these look very strong."weather men" calling for rain monday so maybe they will have one last chance.At the rate these morels are growing,they should be ready to pick in a week.Same morels in the growth study.

March 27th, 2004: Breck,- general location: N.Ga.and S.E. Tn.. Growing Conditions: Chris,  I have visited two top producing areas and all signs lead to great temps with no moisture and no morels.  My finds have dwindeled to none as of Saturday.

March 27th, 2004: scott perkins, pluteus petasatus - general location: found them on Bainbridge Island, WA. 
Growing Conditions: in a wood mulch pile, Additional Comments: Looking for morels, but no luck.  Saw these and at first glance looked like shaggy leppies, but lacked a ring and saffron staining at the base of the stem.  After keying it out I found it to be P. petasatus.  First time I found it and plan to eat the large cluster I found.

March 28th, 2004: Shaun Eckert,  morel - general location: Charlotte N.C. Growing Conditions: lowland under poplar trees. South side at the bottom of a hill. Additional Comments: Found (3) small black morels this afternoon. one of which looked like it had been up for a few days.

March 28th, 2004: kevin & Aaron,  morel - general location: greater Vancouver, Growing Conditions: around cottonwood trees and swampy areas, Additional Comments: March 26 2004 , morels were every where! collected 6.5 pounds in only 2 hours

March 28th, 2004: Shawn Minks, morel - general location: Forsyth County, GA, Growing Conditions: On the west downslopes of a couple of run-outs near various hardwood trees. Additional Comments: They were mostly small blacks.  All but a couple were already pretty dried up from the conditions.  We need rain!

March 28th, 2004: Randy Miller,- general location: East of OKC, south side of a river bed!! 20 grays & yellows!! 
Growing Conditions: All over.

March 29th, 2004: teri,  morel - general location: topeka ks, Growing Conditions: feeder stream to a lake

March 29th, 2004: Jeffmorel - general location: South central Oklahoma City area. Growing Conditions: Riverbottoms around red cedars and dried grass. Needs to rain alittle more for proliffera harvest. Good enough early hunting that the future harvest might be another bumper crop. Happy hunting. Additional Comments: Good indicators of shrooms here in OK is redbuds blooming,dandylions and the scourge of the earth. Deer ticks.

March 29th, 2004: Sherriebeefsteak - general location: Lawrence, Kansas  Douglas County, Growing Conditions: Around dead logs, ground saturated from recent rains, Additional Comments: Went hunting for morels and found beefsteaks, not at all what I was looking for. The conditions seem to be perfect, however I'm not sure if we've had enough really warm, steamy days yet.I did find one other thing....TICKS. Hope everyone is finding more than I am. Happy hunting!!

March 29th, 2004:
steveblack morel - general location: marion county near salem,il, Growing Conditions: growing near ash trees oneast slope of hill

March 30th, 2004: Hello!!  My sister and I found morels!!  We had been a few places before, we found them near Red Top Mountain, GA.  We were in the park and on one of the trails and found 5 small black ones.  Size was 1 inch to 1/2 inch, but they were getting dry.  I am sure there should have been more but the state is soooo dry.  We found them under a tree near a stream on the trail.  I was sooo excited but we found no more.  We took them home and fried them up anyway....try splitting them up with 5 people!!  LOL!!  I wish I could go with you guys on your trip but I just can not afford it right now.- Michelle

March 30th, 2004: Phil Cartermorel, - general location: Alameda County Oakland, California, Growing Conditions: Under oak trees in leaf compost/clay soil in my backyard

March 30th, 2004: robert wehrlemorel, - general location: Cleveland county Oklahoma, Growing Conditions: twenty yards up the hill from a creek bottom in sappling stands of oak

March 30th, 2004: Brianmorel, - general location: Clark Co.East central IL. on the 27th., Growing Conditions:  in a small holler On a hill facing south.

March 30th, 2004: Tomi Oehlschlaeger, - general location: Paducah, KY, Growing Conditions: In our driveway!!!  Also, on old road bed and east facing slopes under hard woods (poplar esp.)Additional Comments: I was pacing around waiting for a morel-hunting friend to make it down from Indiana, and decided to check out a place that yielded a few morels in our driveway last year.  Even though we hadn't had much rain, I was amazed to see at least 16 tiny morels sprouting out of the gravel!   We also checked another place this afternoon and found 30 more good sized blacks.  Things should really be "popping" this weekend especially with the rains that have finally come.

March 30th, 2004:
Marty, - general location: Delaware County, Oklahoma, Growing Conditions: upper west facing slopes under sycamore trees, Additional Comments: Found about 100 morels Saturday (3.27.04) in known producing spots.  Some were actually a week or so old.  That night received 2+ inches of rain.  They'll be thick over the next few weeks.

March 30th, 2004: Dave the mushroom manmorel, - general location: whatcom co- state?. Growing Conditions: cottonwoods, Additional Comments: been getting them since march 13th last week over 20lbs, happy hunting.

March 30th, 2004:
Breck, - general location: Madisonville, Tn. Growing Conditions: Cedar Trees.  Just had rain last night and found 18 today.  

March 30th, 2004:
Erin Anderson found these morels after a rain in Dickson Tn

March 30th, 2004: Hi Chris! Just a little update...after two good days and nights of rain (finally), we went back out in the woods today and uncovered over 50 beautiful blacks and about 15 small grays in Peducah, KY.  I'm going to try to send you a few pictures of them.  I'm still in a learning curve with my camera and some of the images still aren't that clear - but you can at least get the idea of what we're finding so far :)    Hope things are well with you! Tomi

 March 30th, 2004: oregonBluesmorel - general location: city of rogue river, oregon, Growing Conditions: in grassy semi shaded pasture, Additional Comments: first find on my own property. also first of the season.

March 30th, 2004: Eddie, Knoxville writes: here's the ones you've been waiting on though....... lol found 32 yesterday

March 30th, 2004: kenny, - general location: south of broken arrow, oklahoma, Growing Conditions: old timber creek bottoms..where heavy vine growth meets or lays on the ground, Additional Comments:  the 6 morels found were small greys..2-3 inches in height..we have had some good rain recently but not the temps...another good rain and some temps in the low 80's and they will be coming up...good luck all

March 30th, 2004: morgahn grey,  morel - general location: san diego, california, Growing Conditions: under foliage and among all of the new landscaping.  There are fields and fields of them, Additional Comments: they are all going to waste because not too many down here really seems to know what they are.  They are in the la cima apartment complex landscaping areas

March 30th, 2004: Chris Matherly writes: Folks, I am heading off to Tennessee tomorrow for the foray, wish us all a lot of luck!

March 31st, 2004: Kimberly Kirschner, False morels, Velvetfoot - general location: Omaha, Ne , Growing Conditions: Around dead Oak Trees, Around decaying trees, Additional Comments: Found these shrooms close to river, in national park. No signs of Morels but found abundance of false morels, a couple fairy rings. Still too rearly but they are comming. Omahan's look out for Cadi girl! Good walkin'

March 31st, 2004: susie spoonerbeef steak - general location: Kansas, Labette County, Additional Comments:  One small beef steak. Last year we found several pounds and they were gigantic, all in that same place. It won't be long now.....

March 31st, 2004: Tim in SC,- general location: Northwestcentral SC, near Greenville. Growing Conditions: Under Ash, Dead Elm, Cottonwood. 5 pounds of morels. looks like things are just getting started for real here. Some early spots not even producing yet. Next week should see things pop. Additional Comments: 5 pounds, weighed on a scale and NOT ESTIMATED. All very fresh and young. 

March 31st, 2004: Diane Hightmorel - general location: Independence, Ks, Growing Conditions: along fence row...under scrub oak and cedars, Additional Comments:  Found on very cool day March 30th. 2004 expected to find small grey morels....was shocked to find yellows....think it was a miracle and have found zilch since

March 31st, 2004: Hey Chris,  only found 4 on 31 March.  1 black and 3 greys.  Same general location as before, Monroe County, GA.  It was still too dry I guess.  Going back up there today to try one more time. Jody

April 1st, 2004: tom,  like a false morel - general location: mich.marshall,calhoun, Growing Conditions: rich mossy low areas, Additional Comments: this is my second year hunting and trying to figure out if these things can be eaten? Send a photo!

April 2nd, 2004: ozarkhill hunter grey morel - general location: MO , outside of Lake of the Ozarks, Growing Conditions: found my first grey in a creek bottom, that has a lot of white ash trees, hittin the hills today, Additional Comments: talked to a few others in my area, and april 2nd was the first day the greys came up in our central MO, but people been finding reds for a week.

April 2nd, 2004: Cathy morel - general location: breathitt co. ky. Growing Conditions: poplar grove on damp side on hill

April 3rd, 2004: jeffmorel - general location: gibson county indiana, Growing Conditions: under poplar tree

April 3rd, 2004: Ananda B.,  morel - general location: I found some morels growing in the leaf litter under an old apple tree in Camptonville, ca ( N. CA) Growing Conditions: 3000 ft elevation. under fruit tree in composed apple leaf matter which was very moist and sticky. Additional Comments: Going out after rains I can spot mushrooms popping up.

April 3rd, 2004: Markmorel - general location: Kingman County, Kansas, Growing Conditions: Found under dead elm trees in the moist lowland

April 4th, 2004: bill harrismorel - general location: Oklahoma City near Tinker Air Force Base, Growing Conditions: south slope, I don't know what kind of trees, it just looked good from the highway

April 4th, 2004: Terry DavenportRed Beefsteak - general location: Central Oklahoma Lincoln County, Growing Conditions: Under dry leaves!!!  Hard to see!!!  Under a combination of Elms and cedars!!!! Additional Comments: Found 4 nice sized Beefsteaks.  But no Morels yet!!!  Need a good rain!!!!  Little to dry here.

April 5th, 2004: Roger Simsmorel - general location: Graves County, Kentucky, Growing Conditions: Creek bed under popular and white oak, Mature standing timber mostly oaks, base of large tree.  Moisture is very good from recent rain.  Additional Comments: My first trip mushrooming with friends.  Had a great time.  

April 5th, 2004: MANDY FLYNNmorel - general location: Garden, In Kettering, UK, Growing Conditions: iN BARK CHIPPINGS
Additional Comments: Whats the going rate?

April 5th, 2004: Almorel - general location: Kerr County Texas near my cabin in the bottom of a gully. Growing Conditions: Lots of ashe juniper needle enriched soil. Some oaks in location also.

April 6th, 2004: Chris Matherly, Eddie McMillan, Ivan Roy, Bob Welker & Mother Sally, Ritchie, Destin, Dave & Gwynn, Todd Hill & Wife, Tony & Charlene Breeden, Colleen Crandell and sister Karen, Barb Wooldridge & Zilpha, Dawne, Scott Umpstead and Jim Miller, found 115 Black Morels on April 1st in Knox County, TN, 62 Black Morels on April 2nd in Knox County, TN, 36 Gray, Yellow and half-free Morels on April 3rd in Roane County, TN, (and several Gyromitra spc. there also), and 140 Gray, Half- Free, and Black Morels in Knox County, TN on April 4th, during the Morel Mushroom Hunting Club's Member Foray, held in Big Ridge State Park. The April newsletter will have all of the photos and details! 343 Total Morels!

April 7th, 2004: Hey Chris, Glad you had some good hunting in Tn. Here is a photo of what we found over the weekend. Rick Sine: 

April 7th, 2004: Bill, Found about 70 on Sunday, same general area as on Friday, near  Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City.  These were farther up the south slope than on Friday.


April 7th, 2004: jack and shane,   - general location: williamson west virginia and pineville west virginia, Additional Comments: looked almost everyday and no luck yet. can't figure out why surrounding states have found morels and not us. not even a report of any ky seems to be the closest place. hopefully there will be some poping up soon good luck to all the morel hunters keep us updated

April 7th, 2004: David Witt, hickory chickens, Where did you find them- general location: havent found any yet

April 7th, 2004: ryan - general location: near greenfield indiana, Growing Conditions: found 4 small blacks in some moss

April 8th, 2004: Breck - general location: S.E. TN. Growing Conditions: Poplar and Ash trees, Additional Comments: My area that traditionally produces 5-600 at this time of year is just getting started.  Blacks have just started to show.  Found 66 with my children yesterday 6 April.  We are do a much needed rain tonight and tomorrow and hope to find the "motherload" since temps will be in the 70s till Saturday.

April 8th, 2004: Denton Braggmorel - general location: Cocke County TN, Growing Conditions: Mature Poplar, oak, near Mayapple clusters, Additional Comments: First gray morels this season, here. Always later than Knoxville area. Dogwoods just begining to open and short on rain, but ground under leaf litter is still moist. Also found some very robust Pluteus magnus growing from very rotted log and a large rosette of Meripilus sumstinei. Expecting rain off/on for next 3 days.

April 8th, 2004: Tomi Oehlschlaeger - general location: Paducah, KY, Growing Conditions: On east facing slopes under Poplars and other hardwoods. Additional Comments: It has been so dry and cool here that we had begun to think that we just weren't going to find many this year.  We actually have been skunked a few times in areas that have produced lots before...Anyway, we went out yesterday and found over 80 beautiful large blacks - still fresh, plus about 20 greys.   Finally!!!!  Still need more rain though...

April 8th, 2004: Breck - general location: S.E. Tn - Athens , Additional Comments: Found 46 greys and blacks. All are very small and found at least a hundred the size of your finger nail all in very much need of rain.

April 8th, 2004: Roger R. and Chris Matherly found 125 giant yellow Morels in Jasper County, Georgia. The largest was just shy of 8 inches. These are all quite large Morels, and total weight nearly 15 pounds! This area is where we found them at last year, and originally only held 4 this season, and we left them to do the Morel growth study, viewable in the member areas, and went out to film the final series of pictures, and was very surprised to find 125!

April 8th, 2004: From the Discussion Board: el wood, Subject: Morels in Japan? I live about 1 1/2 hours south of Tokyo in a little village named Morinosato. There are several large "nature" parks near my house so I get to see a lot of stuff every day most folks don't get to see (or rarely like the monkeys and the little deer they have here). If I hadn't literally almost tripped over these I never would have thought to look either. Black Morels in Japan!

April 9th, 2004: Jamesmorel - general location: Kingman County, Kansas, Growing Conditions: Flooded river bottom, Additional Comments: looked like deer had been eating a lot of them it was a good time, me and my dog had fun!

April 9th, 2004: doug amosgray morels - general location: Missouri,Platte City, Platte County, Growing Conditions: By a dead Elm tree, Additional Comments: I did not find these a friend did.

April 10th, 2004: Doug Wiltz - general location: Pott county Kansas, Growing Conditions: kansas river bank by cottonwoods
Additional Comments: I foung about 40 blacks and tans

April 10th, 2004: DUSTIN  PRICE - general location: MANHATTAN,KANSAS RILEY COUNTY, Growing Conditions: RIVERBOTTOM,UNDER TREE BASE IN TALL GRASS, Additional Comments: YELLOW MORELS ABOUT 60, THERE STILL KINDA SMALL FOUND ON APRIL 8TH, GOING OUT TODAY APRIL 9TH SEEMS LIKE THERE A LITTLE LATE THIS YEAR. WOULD LIKE SOME INFO ON HOW MORELS GROW, WHAT CAUSES THEM, DO THEY GROW AT NIGHT OR DAY? ETC. They do grow, sometimes slowly over a THREE WEEK PERIOD, contrary to popular belief. I did a Morel growth study this year and filmed a 2" gray Morel turn into a 7" yellow Morel over a three week period. Most people think they pop up over night, this is just not true, even in the hottest extreme conditions, it takes a few days at a minimum to reach maturity. You can view these remarkable series of photos in the member areas now.- Chris M

April 10th, 2004: Cindy L >ludwig, Additional Comments: April 9th - St. Louis MO I checked my favorite spot that has faithfully had mushrooms for the last nine years and there was none. We need rain and some warm weather

April 10th, 2004: Denton Bragg, Cocke Co. TN. Promised rain didn't happen. Perhaps tomorrow evening and Sunday. Still, I found a dozen blacks along a creek bed near cedar trees. Also a milk snake and a ring-neck snake. Breck, where are you in S.E. TN?

April 10th, 2004: Jeff - general location: Harrison AR., Growing Conditions: Sycamore trees, Additional Comments: Me and my daughter laken found 93 big yellows.

April 10th, 2004: Sandy - general location: West of Port Angeles, Wa. by the beach, Growing Conditions: Found only three in sandy soil with grass and lots of moss...On our way to SW Oregon Cascades as soon as we hear they are happening.

April 11th, 2004: jeff mann - general location: jakson co. mo. Growing Conditions: around dead elms,oaks. flat wooded areas. in grass. 17 grays 6 yellows.

April 11th, 2004: Doug - general location: Central Kansas, Growing Conditions: Under Cottonwood trees, pine needles, fallen bark 
Additional Comments: They are finally here in Kansas.  We found 144 in 3 outings.

April 11th, 2004: Mikemorel, Other kind of mushroo0: Yellow Corel (Scrumptious!!!!) Where did you find them- general location: Near Butte Falls, Or. Growing Conditions: Logging area , Additional Comments: Just starting, but the SEASON BEGINS!!!!!

April 11th, 2004: Mike Baremorel - general location: Somewhere near Roanoke VA, Growing Conditions: Under poplar trees

April 11th, 2004: Happy Birthday Kylah M., Happy Easter to Everyone!

April 11th, 2004: Jane, Mica Caps ,Cpromis ,ocaceis_ - general location: Found in a forest preserve in Peoria County, Illinois
Growing Conditions: Growing against a rotting log in a small woods near a dry creek.

April 11th, 2004: Jody - general location: Monroe County, GA. Additional Comments: Found 5 yellows.  They were almost too dry.  Benn there for a while.  I think it is about over at that area Chris.

April 11th, 2004: doug amos.  These were found on April 9,04. around one tree.the tree being a dead elm.These are both grays and yellows.

April 12th, 2004: Billy Bob morel - general location: Lakeview, Arkansas, Growing Conditions: In wooded areas.. Additional Comments: Started picking around the first of April, then things dried up and around the 10th the started growing abundantly again....

April 12th, 2004: David Witt - general location: Whitly co.Kentucky, Growing Conditions: Found 3 grays in a wild rose bush at a old house place on top of a hill, Additional Comments: The next good rain they should be up good.Happy Hunting.

April 12th, 2004: kenny - general location: broken arrow, oklahoma, Growing Conditions: old timber creek bottoms..under old elms and hackberry trees with heavy vine growth and heavy leaf deposits, Additional Comments: found 150 grays and yellows 3-9 inches in height on friday and went today and found over 200 blacks and passed many more of the blacks by as they have already folded over and died..the end of next week should be prime time here in central oklahoma

April 12th, 2004: joe spalding - general location: I found 14 gray moral in the state of illinois near flora county. They wher up on April 10th but they where small. Growing Conditions: They where rite in a old four wheeler trail by a elm. Additional Comments: It looks like it may be another week before they all come up.

April 12th, 2004: Sam Fate Longmire,  morel - general location: Nevada County, California, between 4,500 and 5,000 feet elev. 
Growing Conditions: old growth white fir and sugar pine, Additional Comments: It being an exceedingly dry year in the Sierra Nevadas, we may have to rely entirely on moisture from snowmelt in 2004.

April 12th, 2004: little-shroomer-MICHIGAN - general location: MICHIGAN- IONIA COUNTY --   Growing Conditions: poplar stand  sandy soil, Additional Comments: its really early -- i was just out looking because i had the itch.  did not expect to find any.  found 36 small black morels..

April 12th, 2004: Hey Chris, Thanks for the posting on your site, I plan to join soon. I sent it through your web site first, but I guess it did'nt make it through. They were found in Cumberland City, TN. Houston Co. near some mayapples and trout lilies, we find them there every year, I probalbly sould have let the yellow grow some more, will do next time. I can't believe the size of them yellows y'all are finding down there, they're monsters!!!!!!Good Hunting!!!!Rick Sine

 April 12th, 2004: Breck - general location: S.E. Tn. Growing Conditions: Finally received much needed rain.  I and my wife found 120 yellows just starting to really come up.  All were found under Hickory and Ash in the pouring down rain.  You Gotta Love It!!!!!!!! Can't wait till Tues. and Wed.   this week. Getting much more rain and sun.

April 12th, 2004: Steve Copeland - general location: Found them in Wichita Kansas. Growing Conditions: Found them in a a public wooded area.  Found 71 yellows in about 20 minutes.  They were all growing in a 100 foot radius.  They all looked very new and I know for sure some of them popped last night. Additional Comments: I think the season is just getting started and later this week should be very good with temps warming.

April 12th, 2004:
Jane, morel - general location: Southern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Growing Conditions: On open arbutus hillside; not so many as last year in the same spot, alas.

April 12th, 2004: neil heimsothmorel - general location: benton county, mo, Growing Conditions: under ash trees

April 12th, 2004: Pat Scalf - general location: My husband Randy Scalf found 30 on 4/4/04 and 20 on 4/12/04 in Jonesborough, TN.  They were cleaned, dipped in our flour/meal mixture and fried in a pan of oil/butter mixture. They were absolutely wonderful. Growing Conditions: Underbrush and cedar trees, Additional Comments: My husband Randy Scalf found both batches of this years Morels while I held our Lhasa Apsa.

April 12th, 2004: agustafolia morel - general location: okc, oklahoma, urban creek area, Growing Conditions: under large and dying elm tree with a understory of honeysuckle and green briar

April 13th, 2004: Sam morel - general location: Au bord de la Broye, canton de Vaud, Suisse Romande, Switzerland
Growing Conditions: beside a path, along the river, Additional Comments: hello everybody. Hello, wish you would send us some photos of your Switzerland Morels!- Chris M

April 13th, 2004: JKmorel - general location: Montgomery County, Maryland (Rockville) , Growing Conditions: In a small park among cleavers, chickweed and pine needles. The soil has a high clay content and is usually quite dry. Additional Comments: I found five good sized morels (3 - 5") which surpised me because temperatures have been about 10 degrees below normal (low - mid 50's instead of 60's) with night time temps in the low 40's. However, we have been having a lot of rain. Also, the spot they are in gets a lot of sun so perhaps the extra warmth and brought them out.

April 14th, 2004: Hi, I am in the process of moving to a place in the country here in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington new nieghbor, a retired man, gave me a bag of 'morel' mushrooms, I was thrilled!! I washed them carefully, sliced up a few and cooked them in butter...I didn't care for the taste or the smell (was so disapointed!!) and decided maybe morels aren't for me. I sent the picture of what my nieghbor gave me to my brother, a top Chef in San Francisco, who called me to tell me NOT to eat them, that they were in fact 'false' morels and were toxic (if I ate enough of them) One thing he told me that were true of these 'morels', is that the tube-like stem disconects from the cap easily, he tells me this isn't true of the real thing..and from pics on your sight I can see the cap and stem are one piece. Can you tell me what these are? Thanks! Adrienne Morgan

Adrienne, You have FALSE MORELS there, Verpa bohemica. Many people do eat these, but these are toxic to a lot of people. You got big trouble there, and they sure do resemble Morels. They are not hollow like Morels, this is one big indication. Another is that the cap hangs over the stem and is not attached to the stem like Morels, exception- Half- Free Morel. I am telling you, "Don't eat these!"- Chris M

April 14th, 2004: Mark Harvey,  morel - general location: MARYLAND  GARRETT CO. Growing Conditions: litle ash trees, Additional Comments: found wednesday 7 April looked easter still to cold ONLY FOUND ONE

April 15th, 2004: Anthony Tassinello,  morel - general location: El Dorado National Forest, No. California, Growing Conditions: Found in a mixture of logging and disturbed ground as well as some morels "naturally" occuring. Additional Comments: It's been a while Chris since I've posted but here goes. A typical winter has come and gone in No. California with lots of Porcini, Black Trumpets and Chanterelles, Bear's Head, Yellow foot and Hedgehogs too. The real gems are on the way though. This past weekend we foraged around 3500' in the Sierras and found between 150-200 brown and black morels. Yesterday a friend and I also found ten No.1 Queen Boletes to go with the 12 found over the weekend all growing where morels were found. Some rock solid with cream colored gills, others a bit older had the yellow showing and the faint red stipe. It has been extremely hot and dry for weeks here and the mushrooms are suffering, we are off to a slow start and the bugs are beating us to them. The dogwood is in full bloom at the low elevations and it may not happen at those low locations unless some rain helps things along.

Anthony, Thanks for the photo and the mushroom finds post. Have you dried any of these Sierra Morels for the Morel Data Collection? If not, email me for details about helping map a DNA of different species. Thanks again, Chris M

April 15th, 2004: ellen jungmorel - general location: seattle WA, Growing Conditions: lowlands

April 15th, 2004: alasdair mcwilliamsmorel - general location: letchworth garden city, hertfordshire, united kingdom. Growing Conditions: in the gravel of my small front garden, under light shade of sycamore tree, Additional Comments: one large (2.5 inches tall, 1.5diameter) 2 smaller (2 inches avg tall, 1 inch avg diameter) thought they were droppings from next doors dog :-), went to clear up realised they were mushrooms, checked on-line to identify. Send us a photo if possible!

April 15th, 2004: Mickey Lawson,  morel - general location: Between Fontanet and Coal Bluff Indiana {Near Terre Haute} Growing Conditions: Southward facing bank near ash trees, Additional Comments: My wife and I found 12 grey morels and one peckerhead in this small patch.

April 15th, 2004: jim maynardmorel - general location: louisa KY, Growing Conditions: on tpo of hill under old pine trees, the earlyest I've ever found morels in this area was march 9th 1999. the reason I remb the date my Brother pass away that day, Additional Comments: On the groth of morels in 1999 I put sticks around a small patch and they never got any bigger from day 1.they lasted until early april but never got any bigger, I found several large ones all around the sticks. but the ones I watch never grew can u tell me why. THANKS JIM The mysterious Morel?- Chris M

April 15th, 2004: mike mooremorel  yellow coral   1 bolete - general location: Klamath Falls,Or. Growing Conditions: logging areas of mainly fir trees, Additional Comments: There is already two buyers in Keno.The last time I talked to one of them,the price was $15.00 a pound.Poundage has been the usual trickle beginning but the current storm system followed by the sun should be just what the Dr. ordered!I will send pictures as soon as I find enough to do justice to this fantastic area that Ihave been blessed with being raised in!(Been picking since I was three)

April 15th, 2004: Frank Hutcheison,  morel - general location:  near Richmondale,Ohio Pike County , Growing Conditions: edge of a small creek bed, Additional Comments: I found only 4 in what was a general scouting trip. I am now going back out with my camera and a bag to collect the morels

April 15th, 2004: tillie marie,  morel - general location: Howard county, Indiana , Growing Conditions: mossy creekbank, only about 1 inch tall.  2 greys, didn't pick, i'll let them grow for a while

April 15th, 2004: Breck and son Tyler, - general location: S.E. Tn. Growing Conditions: All under Hickory and Tulip Poplar. Additional Comments: Thanks for two days of heavy rain my son Tyler and I found 140-160 medium sized yellows.  All were look as if they had just popped and most with leaves still on them as they rose for the picking. Looking forward to the next few days since temps.  are in the 70's.  Gotta Love It!!!!!!

April 15th, 2004: 

Hi Chris,
Well, (finally) the morels have popped in North Carolina, my sweetie and i went out yesterday ( for about the tenth day in a row) and found that elusive critter that was the object of our search, along with 77 of his little black and grey, and white friends. i guess they were waiting on a little rain, which we recieved for the past two days. we're going  again today and see if we may have missed any. we found over a thousand last year in this same 5 acres of woods and are hoping to find as many this year. the temp was in the low 60's, windy but sunny, and most of them were found within a hundred feet of a nearby creek. thanks for your site, and i hope to keep the next find out of my stomach long enough to send you some pics...  :P
                                                        Happy hunting,
                                                        Kevin + Cindy Harmon
                                                        Statesville, NC

April 15th, 2004: Uncle Sam, morchella greenbakus, found hundreds from my pocket today! lol- Chris M

April 16th, 2004: matt Thomasmorel - general location: Missouri River, Growing Conditions: Low spots in Islands

April 16th, 2004: Jason Hoffmanmorel - general location: Newcastle, WA 98056 (13 miles east of Seattle)
Growing Conditions: in mulch in a recently cleared area in a suburban development. Additional Comments: 4/15 - Found a beautiful black just east of Seattle in a development that was cleared from forest 5 years ago.  

April 16th, 2004: Aimee,  morel - general location: Found only one... just too dry and rocky here. waiting for rain... 
Growing Conditions: lowlands near creek bank , Additional Comments: Anyone else having any Luck in
NW ark (near Eureka Springs), or is it over here?

April 16th, 2004: Ravondamorel - general location: A woods that is being logged. Around old ash trees. Pleasant Plains, Ohio, Growing Conditions: Ash and Elm are a good combination

April 16th, 2004: Donald Menzelmorel - general location: KC-Kansas Jonhson co. Growing Conditions: Co-worker pulled off the side of the road. He said he looked around aa little, found 4 that are about 1" tall. All we need now is a good rain and we will be in heaven here.

April 16th, 2004: 

Hi Chris. I thought I would send you a couple pictures of our family's finds. We live in Jefferson City, Mo. On Wednesday 4-14-04 my wife, son, and I (Jen, Aus, Brian) found 5 grey/yellow morels. On Thursday 4-15-04 we found 50 grey/yellow morels. Looking forward to a hopefully good weekend of mushroom hunting. Happy hunting!

April 17th, 2004: efsunmorel - general location: denizli/turkey

April 17th, 2004: doug amosmorel - general location: platte city, mo. Growing Conditions: around dead elm trees.
Additional Comments: Turkey season starts in Missouri this week, April 19th thru May 9th.  So please be careful and wear orange or something that is a different color then turkeys.

April 18th, 2004: Spanky,  morel - general location: Frederick Co. Md, Growing Conditions: Found 4 blacks in a grove of poplars south east exposure

April 18th, 2004: 

Hi Chris, The season for M. esculenta now also started in Switzerland. We had a long and cold springtime - but that was no problem for  the M. conicas: We could find much more as usual. Now the yellow and dark M. esculenta are growing on different places - 90% under ash-trees (we don't have anymore much elm-trees in Europe). The enclosed picture of the yellow esculenta I have found very closed at the Rhein (near the boarder in Switzerland to the Principality of Liechtenstein and Austria). I hope you enjoy it. Best regards, Paul King

April 18th, 2004: Bev Patterson,  morel - general location: Terre Haute  IN, Growing Conditions: valley.....   none on hills. Too dry on hills. Rain is coming in tonite.  YES !!!  Found 2 2 inch white morels  already drying up on 4/17/2004. Additional Comments: Rain on its way tonite...4/18/2004

April 18th, 2004: 

Hi Chris! Just came back from hunting again today.  I think the season is just about over here in Kentucky:(  Yesterday we found about 30 greys/yellows - no blacks.  The largest grey was a monster!  The cap alone was 6 inches.  They were few and far between however - unlike the blacks that we find in clusters.  Found all of them in poplar woods - this time on mostly west facing banks.  Today we found about 40 greys - I'm attaching some pictures.  I also found 5 or 6 blacks that were pretty much past their prime.  It's basically been the worst season for morels here in KY that I've seen.  Have you heard that from people from other areas?  Anyway, hope all is well with you! Tomi

April 19th, 2004: Poopy puppy's mom & dad,  morel - general location: Illinios, near Galesburg.  Found 38 small grays today, 4/18/04.  Size ranged from a pencil eraser to just bigger than your thumb.  I thought it was too early, but the wife wanted to go.  Boy am I glad we did.   Dry conditions, won't be much of a season without some rain soon.  Good luck hunting! Growing Conditions: Around or near dying elm trees.  Under bark and around moss.

April 19th, 2004: Gregg KINDER morel GREY - general location:  WAYNE COUNTY IN. Growing Conditions: ON south facing hillsides around dead apple trees

April 19th, 2004: Jim, morel, - general location: Northwest Arkansas, Benton CO , Growing Conditions: found about 50 grays around the lake under oak trees in the leafy spots through the grass and underbrush, Additional Comments: It's pretty dry here I think if we don't get some rain in the next day or so we'll have to wait till next year

April 19th, 2004: robert wisnernone yet - general location: westmoreland couty still havent found any in the hot spots! Pennsylvaia

April 19th, 2004: John Conrad - general location: found 50 morels,a few were small yellows.We found
them on a south slope in
Iowa County,Iowa. We were about 8 miles north of I-80. Growing Conditions: Most were found under dead elms.

April 19th, 2004: Andy,  morel - general location: Johnson County, IA, Growing Conditions: Mossy east-facing hillside, Additional Comments: Weren't out last Friday.  Sunday found just a few in a "reliable" spot, so they must have just started over the weekend.  Cooler weather (we've had high 70s and 80s for quite a few days) and much-needed rain this week should mean a bounty by next weekend.

April 19th, 2004: Tammy bolete - general location: Around Ellensburg WA, Growing Conditions: Under Cotton woods and pines in fairly thick forested area. Very rich moist soil, Additional Comments: We found about 16 lbs. between the 4 of us.

April 19th, 2004: darin carpentermorel - general location: mcdonald county, missouri near neosho missouri, 
Growing Conditions: found morels at top of hills west edge of woods with clearing to the east, among oak,cherry and dogwood, moist rocky soil.

April 19th, 2004: mike bass lake mike,  morel - general location: NW Indiana. Growing Conditions: maple trees and others spots near elms, Additional Comments: Found around 100 or so mostly gerys afew blacks very small pick 12 about an inch for a will be jioning and I will be sending picture real soon best site on the web.of course let them grow about a week. I look forward to your photos! -Chris M

April 19th, 2004: Vic, - general location: Found a few Morels today in Kelowna, BC.  Only a few and they are kinda small so I think they are just starting.  I found them near where all the houses burned down due to the forest fires we had last summer.   Let the games begin! Growing Conditions: Beside a burned out tree stump underneath some roots.

April 20th, 2004: Bob Way morel - general location: South Mountain, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Growing Conditions: boulder and rock-strewn southeast-facing mixed forest hillside. Additional Comments: The past two years have yielded more black morels at this site than I can use.  Today I saw 5 new black morels emerging and it looks like it's going to be another good year.  My goal for '04 is to track down the mother lode for the white morel, which seems to grow uphill from the blacks.

April 20th, 2004: Shaun Eckert,  morel - general location: Charlotte, N.C. Growing Conditions: around poplar trees along a creek. Additional Comments: Found 30 before I went on vac. last week. Came back yesterday and it looks like they're up pretty good.

April 20th, 2004: Ben Young morel - general location: Western Iowa Along the Missouri river.  Onawa, Ia 
Growing Conditions: Among small trees, growing in the sand

April 20th, 2004: 

Hey again, Jim maynard I found about 30 diff mushroons  sat, april 17th but all were very small except 2, by this time last year i had found about 20lb, also the, 3 to the far right which I call hickory jacks are Great to eat but I have never seen were any one talks about them, I have have them 3 times this last week they are a little harder to get tender but weel worth it. theses were found in or around Waverly OH. THANK YOU

April 20th, 2004: 

I have been wondering this for some time, but never knew who to ask, so here it goes.  Can you find morels in Utah?  We are a dry state, but have plenty of forest.  Most of those forests are pine and quaking aspen, but there are hardwood stands here and there.  Up until this point I have just purchased fresh or dried morels, but I would love to try and find some if they grow around here.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance. Spence Harper. They do grow there in some specific locations. I have had just a few reports from your state, just not in big quantities. They will also fruit in fire burn areas in Utah. -Chris M

April 20th, 2004: 

Ted, Rick S. and friend Ben found 27 assorted black, grey and yellows, April 17, Cumberland City, Tn. Also found tick nest, they were climbing up my pant leg like a cloud, had to bail. On the second photo there's a double, good hunting. Also caught little brother using spoting scope to locate them. FOUL

April 20th, 2004: Hugh Urban Gyromitra - general location: Licking county, Ohio, Growing Conditions: elms, poplars and other hardwoods, Additional Comments: we've had no luck with morels yet, but did find a big gyromitra, which  usually comes just before the esculenta around here. so they should be just around the corner.

April 20th, 2004: Cliff harrismorel - general location: backyard in the country, Chanute, Kansas. Growing Conditions: in tall grass, under elm saplings. Additional Comments: the largest is 7 3/4" tall email me for jpg,

April 20th, 2004: Lanny Huff  None at with this visit - general location: Kenton, Ohio. Hardin County. Growing Conditions: Along the sides of old railroad beds. Additional Comments: Soil temperature a bit cool, have lot of rain and some warming up this last weekend, 70's  and 80's.  Will post finds as they appear.  Old Railroad tracks are real popular spots here.  Does that make sense to anyone out there?   Would apprreciate a response. Along railroad tracks are usually due to a dead elm being nearby! Send photos please, if you find some on or near the tracks this year! Thanks, Chris M

April 20th, 2004: Donald Menzelmorel - general location: Olathe K.S. Johnson county. Growing Conditions: By dead elms stumps

April 20th, 2004: Randy Hubbellmorel - general location: Randolph County, Indiana near Modoc. Growing Conditions: Thin forest area, near open fields

April 20th, 2004: doug amos,  morel - general location: platte city missouri, Growing Conditions: on the ground
Additional Comments: it did finnaly rain in platte city missouri

April 20th, 2004: Randy Thomet - general location: Greeneville Tennessee in Greene County about one hour from Knoxville towards the east. Growing Conditions: The 161 Morels we found starting on April 14 through April 18 were on aslope facing the North. We had received 1.5 inches of rain ending April 8th in the morning. Additional Comments: The ground was coverd with last falls leaves, when you spot one gently rake through the leaves to discover more. There are plenty of wild ferns in the area we found alot growning around and under them.

April 20th, 2004: Jamesmorel - general location: Wichita, KS area on April 18. Growing Conditions: Around dead elms and wooded areas neer a pond and river. Additional Comments: I have a morels grow several times in one season in the same area? We found about 40 yellows and a few greys and they were beginning to dry up. We have never found any in this area until this year. We got some good rain last night and today...wondering if we will find more or if this will be it for this year. It is worth a try, especially if it has been real dry. There may be a few fruit late with the added moisture. -Chris M

April 21st, 2004: johnmorel - general location: bonner springs ks, Growing Conditions: one in backyard in old elm leaves from gutter.    four in woods by river.

April 21st, 2004: R.Salesmorel - general location: Just West of Missoula,  Montana. Growing Conditions: Under a large tree on the side of a dry creek bed. Under a fallen tree on the side of the bank

April 21st, 2004: Curtis Lincolnmorel - general location: Found in Belmont,N.C. in poplar and oak groves near local golf course.Seemed dry and small,think I'm a little late. Going to try Ashville area today.(Skunked in Va. earlier in week)

April 21st, 2004: Jamimorel - general location: 6 small blacks Richland County, OH. Growing Conditions: sw hillside, lots of leaf cover.

April 21st, 2004: Cliff Harris submitted: 

April 21st, 2004: Lorimorel - general location: Warren County, IOWA. Growing Conditions: Around Dead Elm...a lot of moisture and mossy area, Additional Comments: Still a bit early but we finally had some rain yesterday and have heard of a few finds around the it is just starting!!!!

April 21st, 2004: brian konvalinkamorel - general location: south of washington iowa. Growing Conditions: scattered throught, no particular dead elms every similar to the huge finds last year

April 21st, 2004: skydog peckers   grays and some blacks - general location: southern ohio, greenfield area , highland county  
Growing Conditions: found all  62 in 1 area about 15 yards around a dead elm tree..   there up around sum ash and popler trees in the southern part of ohio

April 21st, 2004: hi  Chris, here's a second try with that gyromitra image as jpeg. I believe this is gyromitra  brunnea, which some sources list as edible "with caution" -- but I ain't eatin' it. keep up the good work with the web-site. hugh

April 22nd, 2004: Rick, morels, - general location: strip mines on southernly slopes or bottom of valleys after the first rain this month on 4-21-04. Growing Conditions: strip mines

April 22nd, 2004: Scott Wolbersmorel - general location: Morley, Michigan. Growing Conditions: Rich lowlands

April 22nd, 2004: Morels these are the ones I been looking after 4/18/04  picked them on 4/21/04 left half of them just in one spot. forgot to bring my camera out in the woods with me .I won't forget anymore.Going out the next three days.Get alot of pictures.P.S. I will be sending a check out to JOIN THANKS

April 22nd, 2004: Hagymorel - general location: Illinois, Madison County. Growing Conditions: On ridges and hillsides where there was enough moisture.  Mosly Oak, Maple, and a few Elm trees.

April 22nd, 2004: bobmorel - general location: lasalle county illinios. Growing Conditions: around trees

April 22nd, 2004: Tomi from Peducah, KY sent these:

April 22nd, 2004: Tarrat 103 - general location: Holmes County, Ohio . Growing Conditions: Found 20+, all grays, picked only a few to prove the find, will let the others mature a few days. All ranged in sized from 1" - 4", found near Elms, in slight mossy areas, good moisture content/rain fall w/ moderately warm temps so far this season. Expecting an above average find this season...lets hope. I am just glad the roons are here, and expect to find early yellows by this weekend...keep ya's On!!!

April 22nd, 2004: Traymorel - general location: Roanoke VA. Growing Conditions: wooded slopes. Additional Comments: I went out on the 19th only to find 4!  I'm so bummed that I may have missed the season, but I thought it was to cold and dry. I do have a question, we've recently gone up in temperature, high 70's to 85, with more rain could we get a bumper crop? Please say yes :)

April 22nd, 2004: Steve Jonesblack, white, and yellow - general location: Marion county near Salem, IL. Growing Conditions: found mainly on hill sides and bottom ground near ash trees, Additional Comments: I found about two andone half gallons with some of the larger yellows five inches tall. We need rain to produce many more.

April 22nd, 2004: Jerry Branstool morel - general location: Matthews N.C./Charlotte, Found 81 on 4/17 and 28 on 4/18. all yellow 1" to 5" tall. Need more rain soon, are season seems to be shorter here. I'm moved down from Ohio 19 years ago.


April 22nd, 2004: jay,  morel - general location: 5 pounds in east central illinois(rock island county)just starting to come up here
Growing Conditions: fresh slip bark elm trees

April 22nd, 2004: 

Hi from England, I have quite a few of these in my garden. Please can you tell me if these are very rare. Many thanksTommo

April 22nd, 2004: hugh urbanDisciotis venosa (veined cup) - general location: Licking County, OH. Growing Conditions: under elms
Additional Comments: Still no morels yet, but many eat the veined cup and claim it tastes like morels. I would appreciate comments from anyone who has experience with this one. I've never eaten it myself

April 22nd, 2004: Richard Williamson - general location:  Western PA Wampum area. Growing Conditions:  Under some peeling oaks
Additional Comments:  three small ones yesterday about thirty today.

April 22nd, 2004: Hi Chris If you are interested, here are  images of what I am fairly sure is Disciotis venosa, the veined cup, which many claim tastes like morels.   I realize the images are large -- if they're too big to post on your site, i understand. I can take them at lower megapixels next time, best. hugh. I enjoy your quality photos, most will need high speed internet to view them.- Chris M

April 22nd, 2004: Tommy morel - general location: Missouri, Springfield. Growing Conditions: In rich lowlands sorrounded by trees

April 22nd, 2004: mikemorel - general location: northern indiana,st joesph county. Growing Conditions: in a old tractor road,,in moss
Additional Comments: found 8 ,,small 3 inch blacks,,and 2 yellows i think,,its my second season looking for morels and never seen one like these,,maybe it isnt even a morel,,maybe u all can tell me?

Mike, your first image is a Black Morel, choice. Your second image is a False Morel, do NOT eat this!- Chris M

April 23rd, 2004: Dan Faddenmorel - general location: Northern California, Plumas County. Growing Conditions: Found at about 4000' level in recently logged timber. In logging skid trails and cat tracks.

April 23rd, 2004; jo writes:

Hi, I'm an herbalist and spend a lot of time in the National Forest recording and photographing plants. Today, I was quite stunned when I found a Morchella esculenta. This is a first for me in Central AZ. I looked around and found three more within approx. 50 feet of the first. They are (didn't pick them) growing at approx. 4,700 feet along both sides of a small creek. There are Pinyons, Junipers, Oaks, St. John's Wort, Monarda, Dogbane, Plantain, and Grasses growing along the creek bank.

Rare- Arizona Morel!

April 23rd, 2004: mushroom mattmorel - general location: prophetstown,Illinois, Growing Conditions: 123, all on dying elms.Hillsides
Additional Comments: All fresh,not more than a day or so old.

April 23rd, 2004: A phone report from Eddie in Knoxville, found 19 last time out still some blacks, small yellows, and grays. Not a good season at all this year here in the Knoxville area.

April 23rd, 2004: Tom Meyer, - general location: Scioto County, Ohio. Growing Conditions: Found 81 large black morels on 4-19-04 under large poplar trees on south east facing hill. Additional Comments: Seems to me that I always find the blacks a week or so before I find the blondes and grays, so if the sun pops back out the others should follow. Found a total of 1,500 morels last year at same location.

April 23rd, 2004: Juliemorel - general location: LaGrange IN, Growing Conditions: Old Railroad bed, Additional Comments: The Fungus are among us!!! Hallelujah!!

April 23rd, 2004: steve brem - general location: Southern Iowa near Rose Hill. After recent rainfalls a few are starting. Growing Conditions:      South slope of grassy hillside under dead elms. Collected maybe 30 medium grey/yellow. Just enough for a meal.

April 23rd, 2004: The giant is my daughter's first mushroom. Talk about beginner's luck! This picking is from a clearcut logging operation practically in our back yard in Klickitat County, WA. We've had nearly perfect conditions for a bumper crop,  and are the only ones hunting this particular site. Everybody who's gone out has been able to take our three gallon limit nearly daily, and a friend says this is the best harvest he's seen in 60 years of hunting morels. Mikey's MIL

April 23rd, 2004: hugh urban - general location: near Lancaster, Ohio. Growing Conditions: mixed hardwoods on a hill below a field with lots of run-off, Additional Comments: I went down to a spot near Lancaster, OH, with my friend Joe; we didn't find anything, but his grandmother got four nice yellows. Also fawn mushroom (pluteus cervinus) is up in many spots. Not much for eating, but a good sign that morels are about

April 23rd, 2004: Kent Klepinger morel,  - general location: Dane and Jefferson Counties, WI. Growing Conditions: Prickley Ash and dead elms, Additional Comments: Very small - some no bigger than a pencil eraser but this is the earliest I've found them at these locations.

April 23rd, 2004: darcy morel - general location: brooke county , colliers , wv. Growing Conditions: under dead elm that had bark hanging off of it and bark here and there on the ground below, hidden well under foilage, not too far off of the road (dirt road)

April 24th, 2004: 

Chris, I believe these are false morels - found in central Illinois on 4/15/04.  We did not find any morels as it was too dry.  Last year we found a bunch around 4/26 in this same location.  I have never seen a false morel, so I hope I identified it correctly.  Please verify if you agree.  We took pictures and then threw them away. You may publish this if you wish. Allan Finley

Yes, these are false Morels, maybe some type of Gyromitra, Stay Away from these! -Chris M

April 24th, 2004: Mindy elephant ear? - general location: Allen County, Indiana. Growing Conditions: In open woods near miscellaneous trees, may apples, Additional Comments: Still small..found a mushroom im not sure if I can looks like an elephant ear, with a similar stem to morel. HELP CHRIS! You need to send me a photo!

April 24th, 2004: Stefan Ziolkowskimorel - general location: Billings, MT. Growing Conditions: 1 Morel on the bank of the Yellowstone River. Cottonwood river bottom. 7 days earlier than last year. Additional Comments: We got an inch of rain on Wednesday. Why did only one Pop, Theres obviously more but why not a bunch? Its been warm after the rainstorm. Maybe more rain?

April 24th, 2004: 

Morels Iwas looking after theses for about a week.They were about an ahalf an they are 3 to 5 inches 238 .I think this is the most I picked in one spot before. Very good season so far.HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE  Bass Lake Mike  Here they are

April 24th, 2004: S Eschgreys - general location: Omaha NE,  found them on the east side of Elkhorn River in wooded bottom land.  Lots of deadfall.  Still need rain, still to dry and the mushrooms were all very small except two or three.  Found a total of 40 morel shrooms. Growing Conditions:  In rich sandy lowlands with lots of deadfall.

April 24th, 2004: 

Hi Chris, JoeinMT- Central MT, Black Morels, under thorn and aspen We picked about a half a pound today, they were all badly baked on tops.  Wondering the best way to prepare them, should I be worried about eating them like this or is it just the same as if I dehydrated them?

April 24th, 2004: Tony C.,  morel - general location: Washington, Wenatchee National Forest, Cle Elum area, Additional Comments: Just returned from a full day of hunting morels north of Cle Elum, WA but was unsuccessful. Tried searching everywhere...cottonwoods, aspens, pines, river beds, along creeks, swampy areas, moist soil, damp soil, various altitudes, around snow patches, around various vegetation, near other mushrooms...almost everywhere I searched looked very promising, but nothing. This was the first time I've really searched in the Pacific Northwest, but went regularly when living in the Midwest and was generally very successful. It's been several years since I've hunted morels, so perhaps I just need to recondition the 'morel eye'. However, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing more harm than good by relying on my experience in the Midwest. Any advice or recommendations regarding successful morel hunting in Western Washington would be most appreciated!!! I could really use a 'morel mentor' at the moment.

April 24th, 2004: Georgie from MOmorel - general location: Shannon co mo. Growing Conditions: In lowland area around dead elms and on hillside in hardwoods, such as oak. Additional Comments: A strange season here. Found about 3-4 lbs of giant blondes yeasterday. Some were approx. 6-7 in. tall. Will post picture when figure out how to download program. Good luck to all...

April 25th, 2004: danmorel - general location: cook county ilinois. Growing Conditions: rich lowlands, Additional Comments: near rotted wood

April 25th, 2004: Chuckmorel - general location: central illinois  , Additional Comments: Real nice and large. Some were as big as a pop can.

April 25th, 2004: cody blackelephant ears - general location: mongo, indiana. Growing Conditions: conditions are very dry/ under dead trees and out in the open

April, 25th, 2004: Michelle, morels

Findings in springfield, Ohio - Saturday 4-24-2004

April 25th, 2004: Kevin - general location: Bedford,IN , Additional Comments: found 170 big yellow ones on 4-23-04 6 to 8" tall

April 25th, 2004: jk & bs - general location: South of Baltimore, Maryland, Growing Conditions: Rich, hilly, woods. Main trees: Tulip, Beech & Paw Paw. Additional Comments: Found three half-frees and 41 yellows including two that were over 5 inches.

April 25th, 2004: Judy - general location: Belleville< Illinois St. Clair County, Additional Comments: It is so cool here. have not found any yet. We got a lot of rain this weekend and hope to find some if it warms up. The days have been in the 50's & 60's with the nights in the 40's and very dry. But keep posting those pics! They are GREAT!

April 25th, 2004: Darrellmorel - general location: hardy county West Virginia. Growing Conditions: on hill side by poplar trees and side of road, Additional Comments: not finding as many in wood but moslty by roads

April 25th, 2004; Hootermorel - general location: Noblesville, Indiana Hamilton County, Growing Conditions: Upperland, under Elm tree, Additional Comments: Found 10 greys ranging from 2" to 5" very fresh. Need some warmth here this week. Authorized by Kurt Nerrr. Fishersburg, Indiana

April 26th, 2004: Hello Chris! Morels just popped in upstate NY! we are in the mohawk valley. Here are the pics I took of the location, and the baby morels. I assmue this tree is a dead elm or ash... Along train tracks are definetly a great spot for finding morels. Maybe it has to do with the trees, but last year i picked a few of them right out of the railroad stones. Let me know what you think and please post my find. I will let you know the progress of the morels here in New York. Thanks, Robin n Greg

April 26th, 2004: Lori Norvalmorel - general location: Webster County Missouri, near Strafford, Growing Conditions: west facing hillside near spring-fed creek, Additional Comments: found Saturday, April 24th--they seem to just now be popping out--we had soaking rain last week

April 26th, 2004: Brooke,  morel - general location: We found 3 dozen in Madison County, Iowa.  They were high up on a hill by dead trees.
Growing Conditions: There's now a lot of moisture in the ground.  It's supposed to be sunny with temps between 60-80 degrees the next couple of days.  That'll help.

April 26th, 2004: IA Shroomer - general location: Linn County Iowa, Growing Conditions: Edge of woods facing East sapling Elms, & hillside again facing East, Elm. Additional Comments: 4/23 A little early here, but hit the right spots at the right time. Found good sized yellows and greys.

April 26th, 2004: Barbie beef steak mushrooms/not sure correct name? Where did you find them- general location: April 24, 2004 - Upper Michigan near Evart, found 1/2 grocery sack full of delicious beef stakes.  Hope to find morals soon!  They tasted wonderful fried only in butter and salt.  Lovin' it!  Happy hunting! Growing Conditions: Found around fallen poplar trees and open areas. Warning! Many people have hunted and consumed false Morels for years, but they DO contain deadly toxins and should be avoided. I personally have tried them in small quantities, and don't even like the taste near as well as Morels, so why take such risks! Many false morels, Gyromitra species, contain MMH, an ingredient used in Rocket Fuels! - Chris M

April 26th, 2004: Rick Lorenc writes: Is this ridiculous or what....all found in the last 24 hrs!  You can post it if you want to....Where did you find them- general location: Will County, Illinois bottom of ravines.  I had the best 24 hrs ever! I found 100 yesterday and 250 today. The recent rain really helped. I guess it's time to start cooking for all of my friends. Good luck...check the low spots in ravines. The yellows are up in this area. Growing Conditions: Strip mine areas in the depressed areas.

April 26th, 2004: Nancymorel - general location: Shore of lake in Jackson county Missouri, Growing Conditions: 1 ft tall may apples near and was about 20 ft from lake shore on hill facing the north.

April 26th, 2004: steve bremmorel - general location: Iowa, Ankeny, Growing Conditions: Sunny hilltops, Additional Comments: They seem slow this year. However, it's only April 25, and that is usually the beginning in a normal year.

April 26th, 2004: Erin,  morel - general location: Kendall County, IL Growing Conditions: in the woods, not sure what kind of trees.
Additional Comments: Found about 120 so far this week, blacks, greys and small yellows.  Biggest one is about 4 inches.  The rain this week should help.  Seems to be an early season, we're about 2 weeks ahead of last year.

April 26th, 2004: Kansas Toosy - general location: North eastern Kansas.  Douglas county , Growing Conditions: near moist creek beds
Additional Comments: Found 5, 3 inch morels last saturday.  And I found 2 more today.

April 26th, 2004: casey morel - general location: north west missouri. Growing Conditions: growing conditions were in lowland river bottoms in the leaves around maples

April 26th, 2004: Sandymorel - general location: Centre County,PA. Growing Conditions: One location did have a lot of elms .  The site is mixed deciduous and pine, but I found them growing almost on the road.

April 26th, 2004: geogymnCoprinus micaceus - general location: New York,Mohawk Valley. Growing Conditions: At the base of Elm
Additional Comments: Robin n Greg how far up the Mohawk did you find those beautiful morels? County would be great if you don't mind,I've been searching to no avail. Thanks

April 26th, 2004: David W. from Wayne County, Indiana writes:

it feels like new york state here, the shrooms just aren't growin like they should. we found three last week, then two more the next day, went out sunday, walked all through wildmans and only found three there, then come back through our woods and found a few more all greys so far. then found a couple of dead elm trees with the bark clean off, i almost didn't walk over because i usually don't find shrooms under elms with the bark clear off like that, anyway there was about ten or so real nice yellows right there, after three hours of walking , part of it in the rain, i only ended up with 22, they were all fresh and big though, still haven't found any of those blacks in that one spot, it's just a weird year, well gotta go and cook some shrooms...    ...Dave...

April 26th, 2004: Greg morel - general location: Mohawk Valley: Oneida County 3 miles outside of Utica. Growing Conditions: Dead Elms, Ash trees. Additional Comments: This is a Follow up to my find earlier today. In all I found about 15 mushrooms, only 2 were over an inch tall. Im going to scout for more tommorow and over the next week. If you live in my area and would like to help an amateur mushroomer identify other mushrooms I would greatly appreciate it!

April 26th, 2004: Bass Lake Mike sent these today:

April 27th, 2004: Greg  H.,  morel - general location: After striking out in the woods Friday, i found 6 (2") greys in my driveway here in Winona, Mn. Probably a result of spore from cleaning out sink drain and mesh bag from years past...Growing Conditions: Found among peonies and sparse mulch at home next to driveway(last year i found a dozen in the shade of hastas on the opposite side) Additional Comments: Am going back into woods and hunt the tops of southern facing hills with just dying elms later today..good hunting...hope Mn. produces like Ok. and Wv.......;Darn ticks are active in this to cool weather area..rain dances appreciated,too...

April 27th, 2004: Harrison Residemorel - general location: Marietta Ga. Growing Conditions: Harrison found this under a pavilion.

April 27th, 2004: C.Schombergmorel - general location: Warren County, Missouri. Growing Conditions: Under Ash and Cedar trees in the hills

April 27th, 2004: Terri,  morel - general location: Northern Ohio. Growing Conditions: Ash trees and sycamore, Additional Comments: Went out 4/26. Found 101 all together. Some yellow, some grey.

April 27th, 2004: todd dirks - general location: They were found in jones county,Iowa. Growing Conditions: Near dead elms in a pasture on top of a southeast facing hill. Additional Comments: I found about 7 gallons in about a 100yd. area.  Some were as big as 6".  The rain and sunny days helped out alot.  There growin good now.

April 27th, 2004: mushroom mattmorel - general location: Whiteside county illinois, Growing Conditions: slipbark elms

April 27th, 2004: wayne jeffersmorel  sulpher shell - general location: west virginia  lincoln county , Growing Conditions: under ash and tulip poplars, Additional Comments: 04-27-04  found 73 yellows, 1 black, and 1 false all on high elevation, soil was wet temperatur was around 58 degrees, all found on south east side of the mountain, looks like a shroom dinner tonight!!

April 28th, 2004: Tony Breeden - general location: Found 149 large yellows and 50 half frees over the weekend in athens county Ohio. These were the largest yellows I have ever found. Most were over nine inches long. Growing Conditions: Under ash trees and some in open fields. Additional Comments: I met one guy in the woods that had two large sacks full! The guy has been hunting the area for 25 years.

April 28th, 2004: Jimmorel - general location: Fountain County, Indiana. Growing Conditions: Top of a ridge. Dead elm (I think) Another spot was half way up the ridge right below heavy layers of leaves. All were yellows and all were nice size.

April 28th, 2004: Eddie Sporemorel - general location: Logan County,  Ohio. Growing Conditions: old apple orchards
Additional Comments: Chris....a letter from 3 days ago to my brother in law in Florida explains most of this:

  Went to the orchard to look for mushrooms, and went to the exact same trees where you got excited last year.   From a distance, I thought I had hit the "mother loade" again.  They are everywhere, and 2 words came to mind.........HOLY SH*T.   Now why would these words come to mind?????   Will enlighten all.  Last year all we heard from Rob, whenever he would get into a large patch of mushrooms was, HOLY SH*T Ed.....or HOLY SH*T Susan.......or just HOLY SH*T....we laughed so hard at him and we always knew when he was finding them.
  So back to my story of this year.  As I got closer to this "mother loade" something started to look different.  These were not mushrooms, but rather some sort of piled up mounds of dirt, some are 5" tall, and as you can see from the first pictures, they do resemble the morel mushroom. Proceeded to pick one of these mounds and was amazed to see that they are hollow, about a 1/2" diameter hole up inside and the 1/2" hole goes way down in the ground, as you can see from the remaining pictures, and I mean they are everywhere a mushroom should be.....thousands of them.   In all the years I've been in the woods, have never seen anything like this.  Do recall that earthworms, which make a much smaller hole with the surface hole visible, have a similar small ball-like exterior as these things do.  We have racked or brains here trying to figure it out and the only thing we come up with that it is some sort of worm dung......if night crawler, it must be a large night crawler, or could possibly be some sort of grub, but whatever it is, it appears to be eating the root of the mushroom before it has a chance to sprout.  Before any of you ask.....did you dig down to find out what it is.....the quick answer is NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

Number 1.....This ole white boy has no intention of digging after anything that leaves that large of a hole in the ground!!!!!!!!

Number 2 ( HA HA HA HA ).....This ole white boy also has no intention of digging in a half inch (#2) SH*T HOLE.

Now Rob......I told you last year when you kept saying those two words, the image of a piece of dung with a halo was just not comming thru....never could have imagined that HOLY SH*T would be a piece of dung with a hole in it.  
  It's all Rob's fault!!!!
Now Chris.......My brother-in-law is a pretty cool dude, and didn't want to put unecessary blame on him, also was going to ask if anyone else has seen these mounds and noticed low mushroom finds in these areas.....eventually found 13 small and deformed grays ( last picture )in these same areas where there should have been, and have been hundreds for years and years.  
  Have just found a web link which I believe explains this strangness:

Pictures  are downloading now and to follow with email. Eddie, this is the year of the 17 year cicada. They have a 17 year cycle, and their larva hatches from the ground. THis must be it. I was thinking crawdads at first when I was reading your story...- Chris M

April 28th, 2004:  Judy J found three 1/2 inch morels in the neighbor's yard. Left them there to grow a bit (hopefully!) but at least the season has started in MN!!!!  Stillwater MN

April 29th, 2004: More cicada problems: Chris,  Yesterdays searches in 3 different woods, all of which were extremely morel productive in prior years, yeilded the same results....No finds.....again thousands of these mounds.   In the last woods, which was mostly ash, elm, sycamore, and oaks, found some of these mounds were laying on their sides and hole in ground exposed.   Then I noticed one, still intact, move.   Knocked it over with the toe of my shoe and saw this red-eyed critter back his tail in the ground.   Next one that moved, I broke it off at ground level and got it. Further search and found 2 crawling on the ground which are pictured.   As I continued thru the woods there were thousands of these nymphs which have emerged.  When I scrolled thru the link about these cicadas, where it told about these nymphs sucking the fluids of roots, must wonder if the different heights of these mounds ( from 1/2" to 5" tall ) would coincide with the 'roots' of the morels in different stages of growth.   Did read several
years ago that the morel spore will take several years to reach a mature stage where it will sprout.    Any thoughts?   Thanks  
These cicadas, will eat whatever gets in their way. I had planted some fresh fruit trees 18 years ago, and they came out the next year, and lit on the branches of my fruit trees, and burrowed into the tender branches and laid eggs, burrowed so severely, that it killed every fruit tree I had planted. Imagine what they are doing underground b efore they hatch to the morels.....Chris M

April 29th, 2004: Judy J writes: chris these were found by afriend of mine in lafayette indiana. when i went to bloomintonon the 15th we found about 100 but in different was dry found some blacks and went to spencer and found some big grays

April 29th, 2004: john,  morel - general location: jones and three rivers michigan, Growing Conditions: dead elms and apples trees
Additional Comments: went out today 04/28/04 found 106 grays and yellows from 2 to 6 inchs tall. we just need alot more ran to get the good numbers.

April 29th, 2004: Bass Lake Mike found 40 on 4/28/04. very fun season this year. I found 400 to 500 morels week in ahalf then very little. far an few between.Past few years 3 times that by now. Mother nature is messing around this year have about two weeks more thats about it. GOOD LUCK TO ALL. 

April 29th, 2004: erica greenmorel - general location: boston, virginia, Growing Conditions: in woods on a big hillside

April 29th, 2004: Greg Hubartt,  morel - general location: Found these at Salamonie state forest outside of Huntington Indiana altough all 25 was some what dry they sure soaked up the water and im a fixin to eat them with some fresh croppies today and fried spuds . Growing Conditions: they were found under the may apple plants and around douglas fir trees had to get down and look treal good but there they was and i went a crawling like a snake to get them ha ha .Wife seems to think i may have lost y mind at 55 and crawling around.   Additional Comments: Folks ya all need to do a rain dance as i think here in indiana its way  to dry .

April 29th, 2004: Dustin Dwyermorel - general location: Hamilton County----Iowa. Growing Conditions: found few by cut down tree, the rest where on the flatlands by a creek, Additional Comments: all the people from iowa need to start posting their finds.

April 29th, 2004: Scott - general location: Burn area around Missoula MT, Growing Conditions: Found 2 small morels on a south facing slope in a burn area. Additional Comments: As soon as the cold front moves out of the area and we get another couple nice days, the morels should really start to show themselves

April 29th, 2004: Wesley Dew - general location: Alleghany County, Va. Growing Conditions: under large poplar trees on top of a mountain at an elevation of about 2500 feet. Additional Comments: I found 35 large yellow morels about 2 weeks ago at the same site I found 20 black ones yesterday. This has been a wierd season usually after a rough winter of lengthy snowpack the season is good, however, this year we have had periods of cold wet conditions followed by warm dry periods. Some of my consistent areas have yet to yield any finds. Hopefully the best part of our season is yet to come.

April 29th, 2004: Kira, gyromitra  brunnea - general location: Linn co. ? Johnson Co. Ceadr Rapids Iowa Ciy, Iowa Growing Conditions: damp hillsides. Additional Comments: In response to Chris M.  I too have had a strange find while checking my usual spots. Very few mushrooms, and also holes,, hills, or piles. not as small and wet as seen in his images. My guess was some sort of golfer, mole or praries dog has been following the fungus underground and eating them also. This again as in Chris M's story, I found MANY in this area last year. Now I find them missing. Very starnge. Cicadas a possibility in your case, but my traces are of a larger animal.   Good luck to all!

April 29th, 2004: Hi Chris, Here are a few photos of small morchella esculenta found near Lancaster, Ohio. They're small, but at least we're finally finding some. They were on a hillside just below a pasture where water runs off, under mixed elm and other hardwoods, hugh


April 30th, 2004: J. B.morel - general location: Dallas county,Iowa, Growing Conditions: under dead standing elms

April 30th, 2004: Lesley Chaddock morel - general location: in my garden...Growing Conditions: Top dressing of bark applied last year on sandy soil - this Spring these incredible mushrooms appeared. Additional Comments: I'm in the UK and have never heard of these things before - not sure if I feel brave enough to actually cook some and try them though.

April 30th, 2004: Daniel Feltonblack morels - general location: Colliers, WV Brooke county, Growing Conditions: in an old apple orchard under some dead elmtrees and apple trees, Additional Comments: usually i dont find them under oak or ash trees most of the time i find them under elms and often under apple tree.

April 30th, 2004: Jerry W. Allenmorel - general location: Mitchell, IN. Lawrence CO. Growing Conditions: These babies were found along a creek bank.  The nearest tree was a Sycamore.

April 30th, 2004: Hugh Urban - general location: Licking county, OH, Growing Conditions: around tulip poplar and elm in rich hardwood forest, Additional Comments: After WEEKS of no luck, we finally found 20 nice large morchella esculenta, praise the Mushroom Gods. 8 were all within 5 feet of a tulip poplar, and the rest were all around the base of a dead up-rooted elm.  I don't know about the rest of the morel world, but this part of Ohio is a good week to ten days late compared to the last 4-5 years.   I think this weekend will be very good, though

May 1st, 2004: mike lukehartmorel - general location: Saylorville Lake, Des Moines Iowa, Growing Conditions: I started seeing them 2 weeks ago  in the soft ground. they were small. Now it is very strange. I find big yellows and greys and small greys and whites. Tonight This evening I found  lots of huge greys and some yellows in the rain. I only find them in flat areas not facing any certain direction, also near the small dead saplings. Additional Comments: I also haven't found any substantial numbers south of ankeny.They seem to be growing north of Des Moines the best

May 1st, 2004: Bass Lake Mike  I been picking 40 to 100 or so a day. I started picking a lot at first then slowed down . but picked back up mother nature is missing around here are some pictures. thanks.

May 1st, 2004: They started popping up on the 28th in Southeastern, PA. Also, a few in Delaware. We need some rain for better hunting. Good luck to all. JIM

May 1st, 2004: Jay Martinmorel - general location: Traverse city Mi, Growing Conditions: mixed woods

May 1st, 2004: geogymnGyromitre esculenta - general location: Oneida County, NY. Growing Conditions: Edge of old orchard and Hemlock grove, Additional Comments: No true morels, these are the biggest false morels I found as of yet

May 1st, 2004: Lesmorel - general location: Southern Ontario, lake Erie Shore. Growing Conditions: oak and poplar

May 1st, 2004: Hugh Urban,  morel - general location: Beaver Creek State Park, OH. Growing Conditions: under apple and elms in rich hardwoods sloping down to a river, Additional Comments: We went out with the Ohio Mushroom society today and found 13 good-sized morchella esculenta. The first batch was under an old apple tree, and the second was in a stand of elms.   Others in our group found about four more esculenta.   The consensus  seems to be that the season in this area got off to a slow start due to the cool spring

May 1st, 2004: Picked on the B&B fire complex in Oregon. TWO THOUSAND PICKERS. At least 15 buyers. Averaged about 1 pound for every four hours of picking. Will try somewhere less populated next week.

May 1st, 2004: We started looking for mushrooms around the 16th of april but it's been dry and cool here. The first find I had wasn't until the 20th of april and even then they were little grays but within the last week or two it's started  to pick up a little bit I found a hundred or better last weekend. the cover has been weird this year found a dozen BIG mushrooms under a dead cotten wood and been finding a lot around burch trees this year the od thing is all my spots around elms havn't really been producing this year the south side of the slope and the dikes have been good I think the season here in north east Iowa is getting started late this year but I think the best is still coming so to all those hunting keep goin it's got to pick up

May 1st, 2004: Paul Coopermorel - general location: Vinton County, Ohio, Growing Conditions: I found them near some vines
Additional Comments: I found quite a few smaller ones BUT I found four that ranged in size from 7 1/2 inches tall and four inches round to 3 inches

May 2nd, 2004: M. Cooper,  morel - general location: Saylorville Lake Area, Des Moines, Iowa, Growing Conditions: On the North Slopes of Hills, under dying Pine trees. Additional Comments: Third day of hunting, first two days only 7 mushrooms total.  Today, found 101 assorted greys and yellows all on the North side of hilltops just below the high ground.  All found under dying pine trees close to low areas where rain drains down the hillside.   Not bad for a color blind hunter.

May 2nd, 2004: Geogymn - Mohawk Valley, NY - general location: Oneida County, NY,  Additional Comments: Finally.....Found five M. esculenta,small, not enough for the table but a godsend for the head. The ice is broken, let the hunt begin in earnest. Found at about 500ft elev.,river bottom, under dead elm.Also found alot of just emerging Polyporus Squamosus(indicator species?) Good luck fellow New Yorkers, tired of being envious of the rest of the Union. Do appreciate their input though, been a big help in many ways. Scroom on!

May 2nd, 2004: Pat Schenkmorel - general location: Caledonia Michigan, Kent County. Growing Conditions: woodland area, near a swampy area

May 2nd, 2004: Judy J - general location: Found 94 morels, a bit more than one pd near Wabasha MN, Growing Conditions: Around dead elms on south facing slopes, Additional Comments: All were less than 3 inches in ht

May 2nd, 2004: Chuck Partakmorel - general location: Grundy County,Illinois, Growing Conditions: rich lowlands ,hillsides, Additional Comments: This was my kids(7 and 11) first time hunting morels .Once I showed them what to look for they had a ball.I'd call it high quality family time.

May 2nd, 2004: julie willsonmorel - general location: north east iowa, Growing Conditions: side hills

May 2nd, 2004: Bass Lake Mike   found some more 46 grays and yellows 3/4 were yellows.The biggest one was 10 inches.My son found most today and the biggest. THANKS HAPPY HUNTING

May 3rd, 2004: Richard R.,  morel, Sierra Puffball, Cauliflour mushroom, Boletus - general location: California, Sierra Nevada foothills at 4000 feet elevation, Growing Conditions: Ponderosa pine forest, Additional Comments: Greeting from Northern California! Headed out this weekend with one of the most pessimistic attitudes for a while: this year was one of the worst from a rain/temp standpoint for years, in an area that can potentially yield fantasic quantities of Black Morels. We were delighted and suprised to find plenty of mushrooms (in number) although they were generally small and light in weight. Chris, you may weight in on this (as well as Anthony T., the only other Sierra Nevada picker I've seen on this site): it seems that regarding the crucial alchemy of rainfall and temperature, the latter may be more critical. In other words, in a season of less-than-adequate rainfall, high temps will do more to bring on a crop (albeit very early, and fairly light) than a year of more-than-adequate rainfall and lower temps will do in terms of anything - timing, size, abundancy... At least here in California, from now on I will put the emphasis on temperature, rather than perfectly timed rainfall. One thing's for sure: this mushroom is persistent and tenacious; if it could show up this year in the worst possible conditions - I might as well expect to see it forever, and that's a good thing!

May 3rd, 2004: Hi Chris, Went hunting this past weekend (May 1st) in South-Western Pennsylvania, Allegheny County and found about      6 lbs. We found them under just about  every dead elm tree we saw on eastern facing hillsides. It seemed like the  denser the vegetation, the more morels we found. We found yellows, grays,  and whites and unfortunately ran out of time before we could check the  Western facing hills. Can't wait to go back this coming weekend.  Here are a few pictures of the larger yellows. Please feel free to post if  you would like. > Thanks,  Mark

May 3rd, 2004: Hi Chris, Here are a few images of morchella esculenta and gyromitra fastigiata from our finds this week-end, if you're interested. best, hugh

Nice Photos, Hugh! Thanks for submitting them! -Chris M

May 3rd, 2004: morel nut - general location: perth ontario canada, Growing Conditions: poplar, maple mix, Additional Comments: morels just starting in this part of Southern Ontario, mainly black morels,  just received heavy rain Sunday, should make them pop. Picked 20 on Saturday, just enough to want more

May 3rd, 2004: Adam Fox,  morel - general location: West Of Kalamazoo, MI found a total of 9lbs in about 4hrs. BIG yellows and greys. No blacks, No caps, Growing Conditions: All around dead elms and live ash, ash trees not producing very well yet.  Strange season!  

May 3rd, 2004: Rachel Hageman morel - general location: Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Growing Conditions: backwaters of the Mississippi River

May 3rd, 2004: Tim - general location: Rochester, NY. Growing Conditions: moist, rich, lowlands.  Among quite a few elm trees dying and otherwise. Additional Comments: Finally,  I've been searching for two seasons now in upstate New York.  When I saw Greg and Robin's report for the Utica area find, I was elated.  Hopefully, these three small morels are just the begining of a much more prosporous year.   Greg and Robin, I would like to chat with you via e-mail or by phone.  If that's okay then please say so on the report your find page and I'll send you my e-mail address.  Unless of coarse Chris would like to just send it to you  (hint,hint Chris)

May 3rd, 2004: kip morel - general location: floyd county, iowa. Growing Conditions: under an oak tree

May 4th, 2004: 

May 2nd. Central Montana. StephMT and VenoMT found these blacks in aspen stands close to some ponds, at our lower elevations.
It's very dry here and we are having to use our resources of available moisture. 
May 3rd.  Central Montan.  JoeinMT found 4 blacks under some Diamond willow trees near an natural spring.
and a few more under some aspen.  Slim pickins!

May 4th, 2004: Marie - general location: NW Lower Michigan (Leelanau Co.)Growing Conditions: Mixed hardwood forest, around some conifers, Cedars I believe. Despite the cold conditions we have had up here, seems they don't mind the colder weather. A great deal of rain had fallen and conditions seemed perfect last wk. however, temps fell into the 20's and didn't stop the growth.Additional Comments: Black Morels in NW Lower Michigan, seem to be heaviest where temperatures are warmest nearer Lake Michigan's shorelines. I believe the waters warmer than the air is the main factor to this, as farther south and inland a bit, they are slower coming on. The blacks we found were up 3-4". My friend who lives further south, Grand Traverse Co, MI has only found a handfull, 1-2" to our 10 lbs so far . Good luck all! May it be a bountiful season, for all of us. Take care and God bless.

May 4th, 2004: Bushy morel - general location: Twin Cities, Minnesota. Open, grassy areas. Growing Conditions: Found around elm trees, conditions are getting dry, rain is needed. Additional Comments: 150 early grays and yellows 1-2 inches in height picked on 5/3/04. Picked several 3 inch yellows on 4/30/04.

May 4th, 2004: Mitch Giltmorel - general location: Broome/Tioga county New York. Growing Conditions: Near elms. Additional Comments: Been a slow start for me this year. All small greys. Few hear...few there. Hopefully, it picks up this week. Still trying to unlock the secret to finding blacks is this area.

May 4th, 2004: John Anderson,  morel - general location: Waterford, Wisconsin. Growing Conditions: Mossy area, of the woods.
Additional Comments: I found around 40, but did not pick them. They were gray morels and i know they turn into yellow morels. So i will wait and let them grow awhile. I have logged them in my GPS, so I can find them again. The places were i found black and long stem mushrooms last year. I did not find a one. good luck to all, John

May 4th, 2004: May 4th 04 - Central MT, 52 blacks a few were monsters!  Found them in deadleaf under thorn tree.  Please send more rain!  Thanks Chris! §pawner

May 5th, 2004: richard w morel - general location: jackson mi, Growing Conditions: wet spots dead elms sunny spots, Additional Comments: neads to rain some more

May 5th, 2004: Hello, I found a few more morels in Oneida County NY. The miniature yellows I found previously were too early and died small. Today in a different location I found a few blacks and 3 half-free morels. These are edible also? Yes, but do not mistake for Verpa!- Chris M,  They dont look like elfin saddles, but this is only my second year hunting morels. Sorry about the pics my camera is garbage. -Greg

May 5th, 2004: mitchell serlin - general location: Dutchess County NY, Growing Conditions: Abandoned apple orchard, Additional Comments: first time ever finding mushrooms. found 97 just over two pounds.

May 5th, 2004: DevinSnow Morels - general location: Kittitas County, Washington state, Growing Conditions: near fresh snow melt in an area logged 10-15 years ago. Additional Comments: A butt load (60+, stopped picking in case they turned out to be the poisonous kind)of huge snow morels, found one the size of my foot, most were almost the size of my fist. Even if I told you where, the hike is too rough and remote for most people. Didn't eat them though, theres only one species of edible "Calf Brains" morels will sprout soon though, once the warmth rises, perfect conditions!!!

May 5th, 2004: Lisa - general location: My dog happened across a whole bunch of yellow morels last year, so I've been watching the same spot this season for a reoccurance.  This is a flood plain for a portion of the Mississippi in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Growing Conditions: It is a West-southwest facing bowl with lots of downed cottonwoods and stinging nettle.  Pretty shady, too, so it's one of the last places to warm up in Spring.  Very sandy soil that has a great deal of leaf material breaking down as well as the bark from the cottonwoods.   I found a couple small morels there yesterday, but left them (which was really tough to do!) to grow a bit bigger.  Right now they are only peeking out from under leaf material and are exactly the same color as the dried leaves.  I'm hoping we'll get a bunch of rain, because last year it was a full week of rain that produced over six pounds for me in only a few days' time, which thrilled me, since I wasn't actually looking for them.   My grandma, who was an avid mushroom hunter and hiker, must've been there somewhere watching with a smile.  She was the reason I felt confident at all with what I'd (my dog) found.  We used to eat them in the spring with the Micological Society she belonged! to.  Honestly, I can't take credit, since I always look at what my dog stops to sniff, in case she's going to roll.  Dog owners know what I'm talking about...I guess I was just lucky that day she wasn't rolling at all, she was just curious about this lovely mushroom.   Thanks for the informative webpage, my friends!

May 5th, 2004: Monica - general location: Rochester, Wisconsin, Growing Conditions: Found at least 100 under dying Elms in a wooded area when I walked out to fill my bird feeder this morning! Couldn't believe my eyes! Additional Comments: Can't decide whether to eat um or sell um!

May 5th, 2004: duffmon - general location: Wisconsin north of Green Bay in Oconto county. Growing Conditions: Found 4 in the Machickanee Forest.  Additional Comments: Like most years in the Machickanee, I will find 2 or 4 the whole season. But don't feel bad for me, I travel and in Montana last year I picked 3 one gallon bags of dried Morels and have lots left to eat.

May 5th, 2004: Jason Millironmorel - general location: Meigs county Ohio. Growing Conditions: Found all of them on hillsides under large poplars. Additional Comments: Found them on the second of may in a lite rain. The temperature was only in the low fiftys.

May 5th, 2004: sam l,  morel, - general location:  ks kansas city kansas wyandotte, Growing Conditions:  had found most around the elms on westside of hill. found appx 70 all together. grass starting to get very tall. weather might be hurting do due wood growth.may apples high. ticks not bad this year (yet) Additional Comments:  happy shrooming to fellow shroomers!!!!!!!

May 5th, 2004: Trudymorel - general location: Uxbridge, Ontario (Durham Region) Growing Conditions: Front yard, scattered near crabapple. Additional Comments: We're new to this area, and new to morels. My husband raked up about ten of these tiny ones before he realized what they were. I'm dying to taste them but a little apprehensive about "going for it." I'd love some reassurance on this!

May 5th, 2004: Rox Ann Petoskeymorel - general location: Leaton, Michigan is the location. Leaton is approx. 6 miles northwest of Mount Pleasant. They grow all over our neighborhood. Growing Conditions: Around Elm trees.

May 6th, 2004: Chris, Just googled you up as I looked for info on whether I might find morels now in N'hampton area where I am going to visit my inlaws this weekend.  I live in NYC and last Sat found about 20 morels with NY Mycological Society at an old apple orchard.

May 6th, 2004: Sherry Sanland , morel- general location: Battle Creek, Michigan in the suburb of Urbandale. Growing Conditions: They were found within a 20 foot radious from an old cut-down elm tree underneath a blanket of leaves in the backyard of a friend's home. Additional Comments: The largest ones were found today, May 6, 2004. Over the last two weeks, approximately 5 lbs. have been found in this yard. I have some nice pictures of them.

May 6th, 2004: I have already submitted my mushroom find with the info. I wanted to send a pic. Thank you! I love your site, for I am a Morel lover!!!!

May 7th, 2004: Hugh Urban, - general location: Licking County, OH. Growing Conditions: in mixed hardwoods on a hillside
Additional Comments: We found only one  yellow,  but it is quite big. The warmth has brought out the bugs, though

May 7th, 2004: Candyemorel - general location: Montgomery County---Southwest Iowa. Growing Conditions: around dead trees
Additional Comments: I have only hunted this one year and went with someone who knew what they were looking for.  The ones we found were drying up. Alot of people from this area say that its a bad year for morels, not enough moisture.

May 7th, 2004: mike mmorelpolyporus squamosus - general location: mohawk vally new york . Growing Conditions: apple trees down trees, Additional Comments: like to meet others in mohawk valley,

May 7th, 2004: Hollymorel - general location: In a woods I have hunted in for years.  In the grass ... under sticker bushes under dead elms .
Moist and mossy ground, Additional Comments: Chamapaign County Ohio

May 7th, 2004: I think central PA is just about at peak.   All the car hunters are hitting the dead elms along road sides, but I have been having good luck around ash in a mixed deciduous forest.   Sandy


May 8th, 2004: Allenbolete - general location: Being transplanted from morel country for 40 years to Orlando, FL, seeing all these pics is driving me nuts. We have over 34 different species on our place and all the good stuff is popping up now. A few King Boletes are up under a red cedar that gave us about 3 #'s last year. Good luck to all my MI and WI friends. Growing Conditions: Front pasture, under cedars. Will go down to the river this afternoon to look for oysters on downed trees. Found lots last year.

May 8th, 2004: EddieSporemorel - general location: Cadillac, Michigan, Growing Conditions: Mixed hardwoods, also rich lowlands
Additional Comments: Chris......Have a major concern about Blue Bag Diggers......Yes Blue Bag Diggers.......these homosapiens come in $40,000 suv's toten $40,000 rv's plus paying almost $2 a gal for gas and driving 100~500 miles at a consumption rate of 7~8 mpg, and seem to have not an ounce of concern for future years harvests.   With all the $$$ invested so far, am certain they can not afford a 10 lb bag of potatoes or onions to have the mesh bag to carry in the woods with them, but opt to carry the blue Walmart bag. Then they either pick up a log in the woods or some even go buy a mushroom stick so they can dig thru the leaf/mulch layer to try and find shrooms. From the looks of the forest floor after they have plowed thru, these sticks have got to be loaded with 000 buckshot.   Suppose they not even aware that mushroom sites exist.   The locals here really hate to see them come.   Run into a couple in the woods yesterday morning...A quick glance and said to them.......geez! e it's refreshing to see someone carrying a mesh bag and not toten a diggin stick.........they shook their heads and laughed and said..... you must be from here too........I said yea......this time of year you could call me local.  
So true, Eddie!

May 8th, 2004: RichardSlippery Jack - general location: Colorado Rocky Mountains near frisco, Growing Conditions: Evergreens near flowing streams, Additional Comments: I found King Boletes that weighed in excess of one pound. It was usually hit or miss but in most cases we returned home with many filled bags.

May 8th, 2004: Hugh Urban, - general location: Licking Co., Ohio, Growing Conditions: under dying american elm and red elm in low lands next to a creek, Additional Comments: We found 35 quite large morchella esculenta. More than 20 were all around a small stand of elms. The others were also within 10 feet of elms (the technique of looking for dying elms, especially trees with the bark falling off in big sheets, really does work). The morels came very late this year in this area, but at least we finally got a good flush

May 8th, 2004: reva browning, - general location: i went out mushroom hunting and found about 20. brownsville, indiana, they all was about 6-8 inches high and 3-4 inches wide.they are pretty big. Growing Conditions: walked in backyard of a freinds house and they was there by the edege of the yard and woods

May 8th, 2004: Charlie,  morel - general location: Mindoro Wisconsin (LaCrosse county) Growing Conditions:  I found most on top of ridges under dead elms. Picked a total of about 30 or so; mostly greys and 3 yellows. Additional Comments: Looked in my usual spots yesterday and found nothing. Woods was very dry. Went back this afternoon after overnight rain and there they were. Need more rain and warmer temps. Good luck to all.We will need it as we have had quite a dry spring.

May 9th, 2004: Jim Woodchuck, - general location: Hastings, MN. Growing Conditions: Near dead elms, May 6. Additional Comments: Area is really dry.  Surprised, but delighted, to find some.  Found about 6 oz., barely enough for fettuccine for two.  Have noted that 3 oz. fresh, chopped, equals 1 cup.  Dry down ratio is about 10 to 1.  So 1 oz. dried equals about 10 oz. fresh.   After rehydrating in warm cream, it's just great for a meal for two.  Those of you who find 60 lbs., stop laughing.

May 9th, 2004: Anthony Tassinello - general location: Stanislaus National Forest, Northern CA, Growing Conditions: 5200', along creeks, in burnt out tree stump pits, anywhere small amounts of moisture remain among pine and incense cedar needles. Additional Comments: Chris, between the last two trips to the Sierras a few friends and I picked about 2000 morels. The last two Fridays netted 10# and 9# respectively. Sized from 1" to 6". The morels are all coming in very dry except where small underground springs or creeks would provide enough moisture to allow them to continue growing. Thankfully, there are enough of these spots to fill your basket a few times but these last 6 or 7 weeks with no rain has made it challenging. Rangers have said fire season is 3 weeks ahead of schedule here but there are more mushrooms to be had as a 3000 acre wildfire should start to produce in the next two weeks or so. If you don't mind hiking up snag filled mountains at 7000'....gasp....I's a hard knock life. Happy Hunting.

May 9th, 2004: Steve Phillipsmorel - general location: Oswego County New York (Upstate), Growing Conditions: Sandy soil near apple trees, Additional Comments: Grew up in southern Il., never thought I'd find a morel again.  It's been 15 years, but I found 3 yellows under our apple trees on the west sid eof the road that get the most sunlight.  Spent the whole looking after the find but was unsuccessful.   It may be a bit early up here, but atleast I know they are here now.

May 9th, 2004: Joey - general location: Clinton County, MI.  Bath., Growing Conditions: under an elm.  moist/soft ground.
Additional Comments: Collected about
7-8lbs yesterday.

May 9th, 2004: Jim George,  morel - general location: Oneida County . Growing Conditions:  Mohawk Valley, NY
Found another
nine yellows today. biggest is three inches. Riverbottom, 500', under dead elm, 30% of the bark was missing. Around 100 dead elms in the same area, looked around each one, twice, didn't find another morel. Alot of young Dyrad's, weeds are about 16 inches tall. Got plenty of rain, need some warmth.

May 9th, 2004: tony - general location: Mothers Day Boone cty IL I got about 40 huge ones. 3 lbs total. Found along old train tracks on slope. Im near the WI IL state line.

May 9th, 2004: Judy J, - general location: Found about 100 morels in SE MN near Wabasha.  They were decent size and all on a south facing slope.   Growing Conditions: All around dead elms with the bark coming off. Additional Comments: SE MN received rain on 5/7 and rain is going through central MN now.

May 10th, 2004: Kaleb - general location: May 1st, found about 6 morels in Vinton County Ohio. Found near fallen pine needles on the east side of a hill.

May 10th, 2004: Tara Truax - general location: Washtenaw County, Michigan, Growing Conditions: Near dead elm, in a grassy area with low growing brush nearby. Additional Comments: Found some really good-sized M. Esculentas on May's the tail end of the season. These were between 4-6 inches each and gorgeous....

May 10th, 2004: I think what I found in my yard are 5 morels. I looked for morels in Oregon in 1995 with brother-in-law and these look the same. Do morels grow in Newtown ,CT in Fairfield county? YES! Zip code 06470 . Your site didn't have any findings in New England and the closest was N.Y. state. What are the differences between false and real morels?  Thank you for any info that you can give me . The morels found in 1995 were from MOUNT HOOD . I still have some dried.The morels were found yesterday 5-9-04 Again thsank you for any info  Ray  

May 10th, 2004: Hi Chris, Got a chance to go back to Pennsylvania this past weekend. It was amazing! We found approx. 20 lbs this trip. We found them on Eastern facing hillsides again, but only at certain elevations. 50 foot too high or too low on the hillside could mean the difference between finding nothing and hitting the "mother lode"! I'm attaching a picture of some of our find, please feel free to post. Thanks, Mark

May 11th, 2004: Hugh Urban - general location: Licking Co, Ohio and Southern Michigan, Growing Conditions: Under elm and apple trees
Additional Comments: We found just
one more esculenta in central Ohio, so I drove up to southern Michigan to hunt for a day. There the season is just starting for the morels, and I found 11 large esculenta and 5 semilbera

May 11th, 2004: Geogymn - Mohawk Valley, NY Growing Conditions: Dead elm, near creek, Additional Comments: Found 85 yellows under one tree


May 11th, 2004: bobbymorel - general location: western iowa, monona co. Growing Conditions: creek / river bottoms and hills
Additional Comments: not a good year here . started out , very promising. then went flat , due to lack of moisture and heat at the right times. there are some out there, got to work for them this year.

May 11th, 2004 ben walls,  morel - general location: B.C Cananada (okanagan valley) Growing Conditions: on the okanagan mountain park fire  there is 14000 hectars of public land that was burnt last year as well as the 11000 hectars of the the alder groves that were destroyed by fire .they are everywhere . picked 80 lbs in half a day. Additional Comments:  there is so many fires that i know of 4 fires that are quite big   i have pounds drying .  

May 12th, 2004: Lisamorel - general location: Minneapolis/St.Paul, along the Mississippi river. Growing Conditions: Somewhat shaded area with lots of stinging nettle, solomon's seal, downed cottonwoods and silty sand-based soil. Additional Comments: I was starting to think it was getting too hot to have much more luck this season - and I had no pictures last time when I found a few.

May 12th, 2004: Tony - general location: In the woods of north east Wisconsin. Growing Conditions: Heavily wooded pine. Additional Comments: This is actually a question. I'm trying to e-mail a photo for identification. Is this edible? NO! This is a Gyromitra species, many are very poisonous. -Chris M

May 12th, 2004: Shawnmorel - general location: Alvordton, OH. Williams Cty. Growing Conditions: I about gave up looking, Iwent out 1 more time in the same area and walked into a batch of 52-65! Ileft a handfull out there, it looked as if the rain had gotten the best of them. Some Elm/ASH good green undergrowth, spread out 12by25 area W  

May 12th, 2004: Glenn Piercemorel - general location: Greenville, MI , Growing Conditions: Under umbrella plants near swamp and pines. Additional Comments: whites are thick here and around the alpena to gaylord areas also. check back after a couple days they seem to be growing for the third time this year.

May 13th, 2004: Hoosiermorel - general location: Northeast,Indiana. Growing Conditions: Found around fallen trees. Additional Comments: My sister found this HUGE morel. It measures 14 inches tall 

May 13th, 2004: shawnmorel - general location: Walked all afternoon. Iknew SOME early ones had to be coming up. Found some old ones yet, had to leave them for germination purposes, didn't want to ruin a good thing! Found 5 new ones and, had a chance to see some new woods. wish me luck.  Growing Conditions: north side of woods so as to get sunshine and shade, under 2 inches of green foilage. new ones are starting to come out slowly with all the rain, but still coming out.  

May 13th, 2004: Ida Frankmorel - general location: Luther MI. Growing Conditions: on a hill facing the river underpines weve had alot of rain but its been pretty cool out

May 13th, 2004: B Smith,  morel - general location: Town: Georgetown State:Illinois county: vermilon. Growing Conditions: warm and wet near a fallen tree. It was a yellow morel that was almost 18" tall and 6" around.

May 13th, 2004: J. Orr Morchella Escalenta - general location: Michigan, Eaton Rapids. Growing Conditions: Dead Elm & Dead Apple. Full shade. Additional Comments: This year is pretty much a wash...compared to last in south-central Michigan.  Only picked about 75 Morchella Escalenta (or as the Wal-Mart plastic bag hunters say; "greys, whites, & yellows") compared to 500+ most other years. It was the driest April on record they say. This S**KS! But on the bright side, my 19 month old daughter got initiated by picking 35 under a dead Apple tree, with only a few broke in half with none stepped on! Got valuable video of it as well. My buddy from up north near Mackinaw is getting blacks by the cooler full. (C.M. My check is in the mail...your site ROCKS) -Thanks!-Chris M

May 14th, 2004: 

I used to go hunting morels with my dad 50 years ago and once in a while over the past 10 years I have seen a morel here or there in our travels and living across Canada.  Just a couple of weeks ago I asked my husband who is originally from British Columbia if he would go hunting morels with me and that he would not believe the taste of them.  Well, I couldn't believe just strolling through my flower garden just now I found ten morels.  The only explanation is we put some type of bark mulch in our garden last year and this is the first year I have seen them in the garden.  Would there be a particular type of tree that the morels grow close to?   It has been 30 years since I went picking with my dad (who knew them well) so I am a little aprehensive to try these ones.   Are there any other type of poisonus mushrooms that look like a morel?  I thought a morel was the only one that was hollow.  Is that true? Yes, True Morels are hollow, and false Morels may have a white cotteny substance inside the stem. You probably found landscape Morels, which are great! Do you have any photos? What is your location?- Chris M I would really appreciate help on this one. Regards, Vicky

May 14th, 2004: Here it is, lying on a sheet pan. It looks better held up. I didn't have my regular camera pics. of them developed yet, so grabbed the digital and took them in this position. I have never seen one this big in all my days of mushroom hunting. She's a beauty. The real beauty of this story is that her mother-n-law died last year and lived next to my sister and husband. She would go out w/my sister to hunt these tasty treats at the age of 83. She
did find them too. This was the first year my sister decided to hunted by her lane across from the house where her mother n law lived. There stood the beautiful sponge. Doesn't that give you goosebumps? It does me! Thanks for letting us share this great find with everyone. Hunting Hoosiers- Indiana

May 14th, 2004: Greg H. - general location: Winona County southern and western slopes and now the river bottoms... Growing Conditions: 99.9% under dying elms and .1% under a couple apple trees Additional Comments: Been picking about 12# every other day (no wonder the market buying price fell from $11 a # to $6 a #)...they're growing everywhere thanks to several inches of rain (your rain dances worked!) Am probably going to sell most ... please post canning recipe.....phenominal year here in S.E. MN.

May 14th, 2004: Hi Chris, If you're interested, here are some images of morchella semilibera that I found in Michigan, plus a few more esculenta from Ohio -- the last one we found was enormous. hugh

May 14th, 2004: harrymorel - general location: Racine,WI . Growing Conditions: Around base of large cut tree.  Wet area, but everything is wet here now (mid-May.)

May 14th, 2004: I usually find many-    General Location- I find my black morels in Baldwin,MI. I cant seem to find them at home in Lansing,MI. Now, the giant whites on the other hand, I actually pay my rent for a month or two with my morel sales. I find those every year in my local "secret spots"! Its a very {hush-hush} operation. Growing                                   Conditions:BlackMorels-lowland,rich soil, no pine, no brush or leaves, well lit.... OR highland, in pine, sandy, substrate, well lit, western facing cliffs.... go figure. Giant white Morels- Found everywhere from knee high grass around a dead elm, to thick marshy wetlands, to the well  lit, dry, lowland woodlands. It would just make my day to see my pics on your site! I would also like to become a member of your club. My only additional comments are: I would like to see more photos and entries from other Michiganders, but until then, 'll keep sending mine. Thanks Travis

May 14th, 2004: chudqmorel - general location: cadillac michigan  Manistee National Forest. Growing Conditions: around rotten aspen logs, Additional Comments: hunted for two days with another guy returned today. Found a couple greys headed south 60 miles and found fifty grey and yellow morels in a couple hours.  too early for cadillac.  

May 15th, 2004: Vicki and Richmorel - general location: CA, Shata County, Growing Conditions: logging areas with downed trees.
Additional Comments: Starting finding Morels first part of March and going higher up for fresher ones. Found an area with clumps but was to late and had to leave them there. Boo Hoo  

May 15th, 2004: Kenneth Zimmermanmorel - general location: Allen & Putnam Counties in NW Ohio. Growing Conditions: On high ground 3ft to 6ft from dead trees. Additional Comments: My largest finds were two weeks ago. Only one or two per outing since then.  They have all been what we call grey morels.  No-one seems to finding any yellow or spike morels around here.

May 15th, 2004: Mitch Gilt,  morel - general location: Broome/Tioga county New York. Growing Conditions: Around dead elms, misc hardwoods. Additional Comments: Tough year. Found around 125 greys and yellows from 5/8-5/12. Nothing spectacular, few here, few there, picked some, left some. Most in one spot was about 30. Still have yet to find blacks in this region. Maybe next year.

May 15th, 2004: Jason,- general location: Dundee, WI. Growing Conditions: Found at the crest of a southern facing hill in Kettle Moraine. Mostly adult maples around the area with sparse vegetation. Additional Comments: Moved to Wisconsin from Iowa a few years ago and finally found some.  I had my sure spots in Iowa and was frustrated every year in Wisconsin until now.  Found around 40 big yellows in the Kettle Moraine area which is a 45 minute drive from my home but is well worth it.   Ran into two other mushroom hunters walking a path and heading for home who had none. While they were walking away we began down a slope and started spotting them. We had a hard time containing our excitement as we snapped them off at the base because the other couple was still within earshot.   I feel somewhat guilty but I'm sure most of you would do the same.

May 15th, 2004: Geogymn - Unadilla Valley, NY - general location: Otsego County. Never found a morel under a apple tree...until today. Found a total of 39 yellows of various sizes, some looking old, in Otsego county. Found some under ash most under old apple trees. where is the mother lode?

May 15th, 2004: Sue Rankmorel - general location: Sloansville, New York. Growing Conditions: We found this huge amiiunt of morels in bottom land hardwoods, in an old apple orchard, Additional Comments: They were delicious!!

May 15th, 2004: Lisa morel - general location: Vienna Twp. Growing Conditions: Dead elm trees, Additional Comments: Many people out - most of my spots had already been picked over.  Long drive to go for only a few.

May 15th, 2004: Douglas Lingmorel - general location: Wellesley, Massachusetts, Norfolk County. In my backyard! Growing Conditions: At the edge of lawn, under pine, maple and other trees, Additional Comments: This year's harvest is less than last year's, by about 50%. The small ones are smaller. The biggest one is about 1-in in diameter and about 3-inches on the cap. First came up about 2 weeks ago.

Submitted Photos:

May 16th, 2004: Matt Pritchardmorel - general location: Amherstburg Ontario, Canada, Growing Conditions: Growing in mulch, in my flower garden in the back yard, around my cedar trees.

May 16th, 2004: Geogymn - Mohawk Valley, NY - general location: Oneida County- Went to a higher elevation, 1600', morels are smaller, found 35 yellows today, under ash, a total of 64 this weekend or 4 scrooms per hour, what are we crazy?

May 16th, 2004: Randy Cosensmorel - general location: Traverse City area, Growing Conditions: Biggest one in our Day Lilys, a few more in area hardwoods. Additional Comments: Blacks nearly done now, whites just nicely started

May 17th, 2004: Gary Dennismorel - general location: Idaho County, Idaho. Growing Conditions: Along creek under pine and fir trees. Elevation about 2500'. Additional Comments: We found 70 blacks of all sizes in very good condition. Largest was about 4".

May 17th, 2004: Gayle  ,  morel - general location: Up in the Rocky Mtns of Montana, grizzly bear country to be exact. great day,found about 2 lbs. of nice big yellow morels.Had a great time! Growing Conditions: By  a  stream and a waterfall also alot of aspen trees in the area.

May 17th, 2004: lee huebschermorel - general location: oconto county wisconsin, Growing Conditions: backyard lowland

May 17th, 2004: mitch gilt, - general location: Broome/Tioga county, New York, Growing Conditions: Under dead elms, misc hardwoods, Additional Comments: Been a tough year. Found about 75 greys and yellows between 5th and 12th. Nothing since. Still have yet to find my first black in NY. Maybe next year.

May 18th, 2004: Travis, General Location- Lansing, MI,  Growing Conditions- On the banks of a dried up river bed, and surrounded by pine logs,  Additional Comments- These are the biggest ones so far this season, though the smaller ones have been tasting better.

May 18th, 2004: Scott Pieper - general location: Kittitas County, Washington State, Growing Conditions: in the open, under firs, most anywhere we looked, Additional Comments: We found nearly 40lbs in kittitas county washington in the last 2 days.  I guess you have to be a member to post images and I am not.  otherwise I would post some pics.  Guess I had better join.

May 18th, 2004: Chris, my friend, Gary, has a farm down in Lanesboro, MN and last night he brought me a big grocery bag full of morels from his pasture down there.  He just wanted to share them - so I got out my dehydrator and I think I'm going to send off a couple samples to that research group you link to on your website. I thought you might enjoy checking out the photos on his website.  He's quite a mushroomer, but he's also a really great photographer, too. Lisa

May 18th, 2004: Jake Hoffman - general location: Falmouth,Mass...May 22, 2003.  Just found your site this year. Still looking in northeastern Mass. Growing Conditions:   Only one yellow in wood chips that appeared to be less than one year old.  It was only about 150 yards from the ocean, Additional Comments:   I have been hunting for over 50 years.  I have found morels...all types near Terre Haute, Indiana.  Also found yellow morels in New Jersey, CT and Mass. in small(5-12) quantities usually near elm or apple trees.

May 18th, 2004: jean - general location: Central PA-Centre County, Growing Conditions: -one nice morel(not false) found ~May 8 under mature white pines next to ex-husband's driveway - in the pine needles right next to the asphalt. He didn't harvest it. This site has produced before. Additional Comments: It's hard to decide whether to mushroom hunt or kayak.  :)  Happy Hunting to All(except maybe those folks with the big SUV(see above)).

May 18th, 2004: rulon wilcoxmorel - general location: Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Great Island (town of Yarmouth) 
Growing Conditions: under an old boardwalk near. coastal region waterfront.

May 19th, 2004:  RandyWhites - general location: NW Lower Michigan. Growing Conditions: White Pines and Grass were a winner this time. Remember deer like morels too.

May 19th, 2004: Maryann Pardo, Hanover, Massachsetts, Plymouth County. Growing Conditions: I found a about 30 of them in my shrubs in front of my house last week.  This is a moist area. i found a few more today.  They were at least 4 inches and some of them were about six inches.  They were all yellow and rubbery.

May 19th, 2004: mikesemilibera, esculenta - general location: mohawk vally new york ,old apple trees, found 42 half 8 grays 11 yellows this  week on 3 hunts, what is beast way to keep them ,i trid dehydrated them , how do i store them??? In Paper Bags, Or plastic bags and freeze them.Growing Conditions: old apples trees , good soil , alot of deer  tracks , thay are eating the moshrooms,
Additional Comments: happy hunting

May 19th, 2004: Judy J - general location: SW of Wabasha MN. Growing Conditions: Dead elms, Additional Comments: Six of us found over 200 pds over 2.5 days.  Found an area that had been logged and they were througout the area.

May 19th, 2004: Dan Elwellmorel - general location: Crow Wing County MN. Growing Conditions: Dead Elms
Additional Comments: Rain tonite should make for a good day thursday-friday

May 20th, 2004: Submitted today from s_pieper:

May 20th, 2004: Stefan Ziolkowski - general location: Carbon County MT. Growing Conditions: Aspen Groves along a small creek.
Additional Comments: Found 4 small blacks and 2 false morels.

May 20th, 2004: Drew Jenrichmorel - general location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado northern rockies, Growing Conditions: dense vegatation with lots of shade shady hillside, Additional Comments: Steamboat Springs Colorado is an excellent place to find just about any kind of wild mushroom in the early spring and late fall.  Morels are one of the most abundant growths here in the spring.

May 20th, 2004: Andreamorel - general location: Mountains in Montana and also lower by the river for the blonde ones. 
Growing Conditions: They were under the quaking aspen and cottonwood trees in the leaves.

May 21st, 2004: Spawner, here ya go Chris:Location: Burnsite in Montana, Picked 70 + yellows and whites.  What else can I say.  Oh I found the horn too.

May 21st, 2004: Lee Pricemorel, where?

May 21st, 2004:  Scott Fearschanterelle - general location: Monroe County, MS. Growing Conditions: Under Oak tree next to decaying fallen limbs.

May 21st, 2004: Diane - general location: Found huge yellows near Mankato, MN. yesterday. Near dead elms.

May 22nd, 2004: Scott Fears, Laetiporus sulphureus (Sulfur Shelf), - general location: Monroe County, Mississippi.
Growing Conditions: Growing on a partialy shaded dead tree trunk in a recently harvested timber area.
Additional Comments: I'm looking for other Morel enthusiasts in my area. Email me at

May 22nd, 2004: Bob  ,  morel - general location: Under small planted pine tree in friends yard. {1}Along side of road at edge of gravel. {2}  Still looking for {mother lode} any ideas????? Growing Conditions: Moist areas after rains.  Additional Comments: I live near Rhinelander, Wisconsin and would like to here from other people in this area.  I enjoy the outdoors.

May 22nd, 2004: allanDont know - general location: front yard, Growing Conditions: under Berch tree
Additional Comments: Bright red  with white nodules 150mm across

May 22nd, 2004: mikemorel - general location: mohawk valley, Growing Conditions: old apple trees
Additional Comments: what is best way to dry and best way to store , emial me back at []

May 23rd, 2004: Hi,   Attached is a picture of my cat guarding the 5 gallons I found yesterday.South facing slope in a burn site outside of Missoula Montana. JimBob

May 23rd, 2004: Debi,  morel - general location: Backus, Minnesota, Growing Conditions: Woods, By Popular trees
Additional Comments: This was my first time searching for Morels,
got 5 pounds, reading recipes and all the how to save for later enjoyment.. Great information here..

May 23rd, 2004: sharon spiegel, washington, vermont  We found 5 lbs this evening and there are more.

May 24th, 2004: karli  morganmorel  calf  brains,  - general location: washington state,  white  pass. Growing Conditions: in  moist areas, under trees

May 25th, 2004: We found nearly 20lbs of morels between three of us.  We also found 3 buletes Edulis.  two were very small but the 3rd  was quite large and still in great shape.  We also found two small warted puffballs.  All of these were found in Kittitas County WA.   Most of the morels were in more shaded areas between 3500' and 4000'.  I think the season is about over here.  May go next Monday if we get all these taken care of.  Good shrooming to all.  Scott Pieper

May 26th, 2004: Scott Fears,  chanterelle - general location: Amory, Mississippi, Growing Conditions: Grassy area under 2 large pecan trees. Additional Comments: Found around 50 to 60 chanterelles scattered within 100 foot radius. Also finding several Boletes in the area.

May 27th, 2004: john randashmorel - general location: mn. detroit lakes becher county. Growing Conditions: we found them on the higher groung in the poplar and pine trees we have been realey dry and recieved two inches of rain that realey helped

May 27th, 2004: Look what Rex found under a dead elm in Ontario, Canada!

May 27th, 2004: Hugh Urban - general location: Southeast Minnesota, Growing Conditions: under elms, mostly on slopes, Additional Comments: I made a trip up to Minnesota to hunt with my brother on May 25th and 26th. We found 39 very large yellows the first day (one about as big as my head) and 3 more the next day. Most were very fresh, though a few were too old. I'll send some photos soon

May 28th, 2004: Scorn,  morel - general location: Alexandria, MN. Growing Conditions: Under a grove of Oak and a large grove of Basswoods with thick dead-leaf ground-cover.  Several hadn't even gotten out from the leaves, were folded back, and had to be dug up.  Left a few to spore.  a handful of 6-7", but mostly 4" yellow/blacks. 43 found.

May 29th, 2004: Fungus Troll Sarnia Ontario Canada, Me and my wife when out today an found 5 morel. 2 good one 4", 1 big one 10" south of Grand Bend (near Pinery Provincial park ,all under or near cedar(living)and pine tree(living)open area and on the north side of slope ground consisted of mainly sand and needle decomposed ,ground temp was 60F. Fungus Troll

May 30th, 2004: Kiki & Greg - general location: Near Hackensack, MN.  About 105 black morels.  Still looking for yellows. Found near poplars and downed trees. Still don't know what a dead elm looks like.  This is our first year collecting.

May 31st, 2004: JimBob, Here is a picture of my cat guarding the 42 pounds I found. These were found in the same general location as last weekend's 5 gallons.  Burn site outside of Missoula MT. We are having a very moist May, with very little sunshine, but the mushrooms are still coming out.  I went to a different location this past Wednesday and was saddened to see thousands!!! of morels all rotting in the ground. I brought home a couple pounds, but for every mushroom I picked, I passed up hundreds that were bad. I also found some morels I've never seen before. They have black bodies AND stems (It is not ash or dirt), and the body of the Morel is "fuzzy". Attached are 2 pictures of these morels. They were found in small numbers under conifers alongside the above mentioned rotting morels that were everywhere. JimBob, Please dry a sample of this fuzzy Morel and send it into the Morel Data Collection Project on This will make a wonderful addition!- Chris M

May 31st, 2004: Scott&Julie - general location: Cedar Valley, MN (West of Duluth)Growing Conditions: Bordering the state pine forests under deciduous on ground with a fair bed of pine needles.  They were quite difficult to spot at first because the tops had darker color. Additional Comments: We caught the tail end of the season here, but are looking forward to next year.  All total we harvested only about 20 or so.  I'm amazed when people refer to how many POUNDS they harvested!  WOW!  Good luck to you all.



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