Grey Morel, Morchella Esculenta? or Deliciosa? or?

      A great deal of arguments stem from this variety of Morel. Whether or not these are the same exact species, only fresher, than the Yellow Morel (Morchella Esculenta), is yet to be proven in my opinion. I once found a group on fresh grey, almost white Morels growing under a dead elm tree on my own property. I left them for many days, checking back regularly. I did not notice any real change in size, or color. They stayed grey. I have also found very fresh, firm Yellow Morels, and they came up yellow! I just don't know what the mystery is, but cannot believe that they are the same thing. I think they are two different species. I also believe that there are several sub-species with this group. I once found an area covered with tiny 1/2" to 1" very grey Morels, and I could tell by the size of their "pits" that they were not going to grow any more. Were they a "mini" variety, or was it poor ground? I think they were an off-shoot.

     These will show up about two weeks after the Black Morels first appear. You may easily find some two week old Black morels, and fresh Greys at the same time. Size of these is commonly about 2" to 4", but can be larger. I have found them as large as 9" before, only once. To me, these are my favorite. They are firmer, longer lasting in the fridge, and taste 10% better than all of the other Morel varieties, in my opinion. These do favor dead elm trees, but are also common under larger ash trees, sycamores in lowlands, beech trees, and poplar tees. Very delicious! Enjoy!

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