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January 19th. 2005: (From

January 20th, 2005: Scott Fears Oyster - general location: Monroe County, Mississippi. Growing Conditions: Growing on the base of a dead Oak tree on a wooded hillside. Shaded by a mixture of Pines and Hardwood trees. Additional Comments: I have included pictures of a portion of this find.

January 25th, 2005: Another cold spell recently, nothing going on here in GA.

January 31st, 2005: Colin COyne,  morel - general location: Venice, California (LA County). Growing Conditions: Next to our sidewalk in our backyard. Growing above roots from a neighbors tree. Additional Comments: It was amazing 15-20 morels sprung up in our back yard by our garbage containers. I couldn;t believe my eyes (I am originally from MN and have hunted for them in the past) that they were there. Going to cook them with leeks, asparagus, lemon, butter, parmesan, garlic. So good.

February 3rd, 2005: Chris found Leotia atrovirens in Crawford County GA. Very Strange looking mushroom.

February 6th, 2005: Hi, Chris. Went for a long hike today in Lee Co. MS. Found a few  interesting fungi growing on the occasional dead hardwood tree. One in  particular has me stumped on identification. I'm thinking it is a type  of Oyster, but I have never seen one quite like this. I have included  some pics of it. Do you have any idea? Thanks!  (((SCOTT)))  Looks like old specimens of Pleurotus dryinus, the Veiled Oyster.  Examination of young, fresh specimens would be necessary to confirm the presence of a partial veil on these mushrooms. - Dave Fischer


February 14th, 2005: hugh urban,  hydnum repandum - general location: central Oregon coast. Growing Conditions: temperate rain forest, Additional Comments: My wife and I are spending a couple of weeks on the Oregon coast and have had very good luck with hedgehogs and chanterelles. Yesterday we found about 10 enormous hedgehogs (about 6-7" across with big thick stems), a few chanterelles and a number of cantharellus tubaeformus, which they call  "winter chanterelles" out here. We've aslo seen a few gyromitra esculenta, which suggests that the true morels aren't far off 

Feb 15th, 2005: Wildmushroom Wi, today I saw something I never thought I would--------at least not in Feb in Wisconsin. I stopped today after work in an area that I have picked oyster mushrooms for the last few years, we have had alot of rain in last 72 hrs and still have some snow left on ground , I don;t remember where I read this but it was something to the effect that even in winter if there has been alot of moisture keep checking your spots where oyster mushrooms grow ------so I did and low and behold there were some there --still pretty small but a new  batch growing and it looks like someone has been harvesting them all winter (recent cuttings) and a few old waterlogged ones ------I was shocked  anyone else ever see any in mid Feb??

February 17th, 2005:  Chris found Pluteus cervinus, and one Amanita citrina in Central GA. Not much activity right now, not even any Oysters in my regular spots.

February 22nd, 2005: 

Hi-- this morning I was taking my girls to the bus stop,and found these mushrooms in my neighbors yard-- among his hardwood chip mulch.  I didn't think Morels could grow in our area (I used to find them when I lived in Ohio and Iowa).  I was under the assumtion that Redding California was just too hot for Morels.  -- We've had mid 60's to low 70's lately.  Is it possible that these are really Morels?  Dianne Esplin, Redding California. Dianne, you have Landscape Morels! Enjoy!- Chris M

February 24th, 2005: keithmorels,  - general location: sacramento, california. Growing Conditions: mulch

February 26th, 2005: Tim J in Ga.,  Pluteus cervinus ( Deer Mushroom) - general location: Walton County Ga. Growing Conditions: Oak Log. Additional Comments: this is the first one I have found in this area I would eat them all year in alabama

February 27th, 2005: hi Chris, I just got back from a trip to the CA and OR coast, where we found a good number of very large hedgehogs, cantharellus tubaeformus and helvella lacunosa (fluted black elf cap). I'd never seen the helvellas   here in Ohio; they're not a bad edible. best. hugh


February 27th, 2005: I was driving through my local Starbuck's Coffee drivethrough, when I saw what appeared to be a gaggle of Morels. There does not appear to be an overhanging skirt. Can you confirm this for me? I am in Rocklin, CA which is just north of Sacramento. Thanks! Bruce Newland. You have a very nice assortment of Landscape Morels! Lucky You!. Enjoy them! I wish you had taken a shot of them with the Starbucks in the background! Neat!- Chris M

February 28th, 2005: Tim G,  Several including Blewits - general location: Charleston, SC. Growing Conditions: In a local park with most being found under live Oaks. We just had out first major flush of Lepista Nuda (Blewits). They usually fruit in November thru January, but we did not have enough rain to make them fruit until just recently. Prior to this, we had found only 6 Blewits all winter. We also found at least 3 types of stinkhorns, russualas, purple Cortinarius, old oysters, and several other tpyes of mushrooms. Looks like it's cream of Blewit soup tonight.  Additional Comments: Although we had some rain in the Nov.- Jan. period, it was not on a regular basis. This leads to further enhance my theory that regular rains are neccessary for many types of mushrooms to fruit rather than the occasional hard rain, then dry for weeks.

February 28th, 2005: We are still still finding Blewits, Velvet Shanks and Oysters. Central Tennessee. Dave

February 28th, 2005: nick mcdonald , I am from southern oregon and I found the very first morel of this year. I called her mrs. february. she was about 2 inches big and a cute grey. I'm so proud.

March 2nd, 2005: Mike Thomas,  morel,  Coprinus Comatus - general location: Chico, Yuba City, Paradise CA. Growing Conditions: Mostly new landscape consisting of wood chips.  Additional Comments: Tons and tons of morels. I think I may actually be getting bored of morels!!! I have picked probably somewhere between 1500 to 2000 Morels in the past 4 days. I just can't stay away!!! I am having a difficult time keeping up with my dehydrater and just can't give them away fast enough! When it rains it pours! I think the Red Bluff CA area must be awesome due to all the new construction there.... Or maybe next year!

March 2nd, 2005: Alison , Hey there--I found 10 morels in some landscaping next to the UC Santa Barbara library this morning. I usually find some every May in Northern California forests, but wasn't expecting to stumble across any here! Theyr'e mostly small (1-2 inches) and gray, with one larger light brown morel. Now I just need to find a stove in the dorms! 

March 3rd, 2005: Jenny Baley, I found one Morel growing in a large flower pot, near the entrance of a mall in LA County, California. There were actually many cigarette butts, and other trash/ debris that it was growing next to. Wish I had my camera.


March 6th, 2005: Heathermorel - general location: Southern Oregon- Just found a few tiny morels over the weekend, but it does seem a bit early.

March 8th, 2005: clyde mannBlack Morel - general location: Los Altos Hills California. Growing Conditions: Under Trees, not oak but in a mixed deciduous/coniferous region

March 8th, 2005: jon morel - general location: Central Ca. Three Rivers, Tulare County. Growing Conditions: old apple and olive groves.

March 9th, 2005: Penny20 Morel Mushrooms were found yesterday in Kerrville, Texas. A few were small but most were thumb size and very fresh.

March 14th, 2005: Brianmorel - general location: Snohomish County, Washington. Growing Conditions: Cottonwood stands 
Additional Comments: Too early yet for prime picking but I did find a few and some evidence of others being found.  Really small.  Need some rain!!!

March 15th, 2005: Hi Chris, 

I went looking at a local site here in South Carolina that last year produced only one morel, but the prior year produced 150.None Yet.  It is near the coast and I don't think we get enough cold weather to make them fruit every year. The ground was on the dry side, but the soil temps were from 54.5 to  55.8 degrees. Perhaps with the rain they're calling for, we may have morels within a week. My fingers are crossed. I attached a couple of pictures of trillium in bloom as well as one of our 'southern' morels.  aka-magnolia seed pods.
I guess you'll be looking this weekend. Best of luck to you., Tim Geho

March 20th, 2005: Tim WardHericium erinaceus- general location: Walton County GA. Growing Conditions: On an old  scar at the base of an Oak Tree, Additional Comments: Hey Chris, I went foraging today and on the way this Hericium erinaceus stood out like a sore thumb @ 65 MPH!!. I got it on the way back 5 hrs later no luck any where else- (Cedar Creek Area)

March 21st, 2005: Tomimorel - general location: Western Kentucky, Growing Conditions: along old roadside in leaf litter near old railroad tracks, Additional Comments: They're here they're here!!!  Found my first blacks of the season. 4 small blacks and 4 tiny ones not yet black (still pink - no spores so didn't pick em).  Whoo HOOOOOOOO!!! :)

March 23rd, 2005: Tim G,  morel - general location: North of Greenwood, SC. Growing Conditions: Lowlands, under Ash trees, 
Additional Comments: 7 hours drive time, 4 hours search time, $40.00 gas, Quantity- 2 Morels- PRICELESS, The first from the southeast that I'm aware of.

March 23rd, 2005: Wayne Sheffield morel - general location: arizona, coconino county. Growing Conditions: upper sonoran desert, intermittent riparian,arizona cypress

March 24th, 2005: Eddie, from Knoxville found 2 thumbnail size baby morels.

March 24th, 2005: kerry Laxmorel - general location: Livingston Co. Land between the Lakes. Growing Conditions: Leaf litter along hill side. Additional Comments: First one I've found this year, about 2 inches tall grey in area that has produced for the last 5 years.

March 25th, 2005: raku57 - general location: oklahoma city march 24 small grays about 50

March 26th, 2005: Anne Crawfordmorel - general location: Texas hill country near Fredricksburg, Gillespie county. Growing Conditions: Under oak  and cedar trees

March 27th, 2005: nancy morels, where? 

March 27th, 2005: zerald, found nine black morels S.E.Mo 3/26 wooded hill south west facing slope   

March 27th, 2005: Gabriel Krieg,  morel - general location: Decatur, Georgia, Growing Conditions: One single mature morel at the bottom of a tulip poplar, and several immature morels found in a seperate patch around tulip poplars

March 27th, 2005: Chris,  I hope all is well with you.  Took my kids out today and found 27.  Weather was 70 degrees with much rain moving our way.  All appeared to have just popped. Breck Davis, North Georgia

March 28th, 2005: Chris found one tiny Grey Morel in Twiggs County, GA. At least two weeks behind normal this year.

March 28th, 2005: William Wade Floyd,  morel - general location: Ada, OK., Ponotoc County. Growing Conditions: Under Cottonwood next to creek. Additional Comments: Found around 125 greys and another 35 yellers over the last 4 days

March 28th, 2005: Tim G, Near Greenville, SC. Growing Conditions: Under Ash trees in very wet soil. I had to wade to get to some of the trees. Additional Comments: The count was 20 and they weighed 3/4 lb. In 2 trips this year I found 2 and 20. On the same dates last year, my count was 28 and 3 lbs. The season is about 1.5 weeks behind last year due to 15-20 degree below normal temperatures until the last 7-10 days. Next weekend should really pick up.

March 29th, 2005: Christian, - general location: Eureka California. Growing Conditions: in mulch next to a tiny, trashy stream next to a Super Target store.  Anywhere from 20 - 40 morels. from 1 to 6 in tall.  I was amazed collected 9 larger ones. Additional Comments: I think they were yellow morels, but I could be mistaken. I deal more with gilled fungi.

March 29th, 2005: David Gerhart morel - general location: johnston county/oklahoma/along pennington creek. Growing Conditions: actually in shallow leaves and the north eastern side of the timberline

March 30th, 2005: Chuckmorel - general location: southeastern Oklahoma. Growing Conditions: wooded area, near Canadian River 
Additional Comments: found only about 8

March 30th, 2005: kenny - general location: broken arrow, oklahoma. Growing Conditions: along a slope running east to west facing south mid way down the slope with heavy leaf deposits with old decaying trees and branches. Additional Comments: found 40 blacks some have popped through the leaves but most just lifting some leaves enough to be spotted under them....all just popped last nite..temps are good and rains have helped...this place produces many blacks and will head down again in a day or two as i have already eatin all of them..good luck all

March 30th, 2005: 

Less than 5 minutes away from the area I have found almost 40 is the area that I will and traditionally pick 4-700.  This area gets the same moisture, temps. etc.  Absolutely 0.  Do you have any ideas on this? North GA.I presume this area will not start until the weekend which causes me to believe your foray will be at an excellent time. 

March 30th, 2005: Terrimorel - general location: Cedar Hill , MO. 2004

March 31st, 2005: Dave Lewismorel - general location: Rockwood, Tennessee. Growing Conditions: Under old Apple tree

March 31st, 2005: REDBLACK MOREL - general location: IN VIGO COUNTY, IN. SOUTHEAST OF TERRE HAUTE, IN.

March 31st, 2005: R Miller morel - general location: Oklahoma just east of Midwest City

April 1st, 2005: Tomi Oehlschlaeger,  morel - general location: Paducah, KY. Growing Conditions: Along old road bed - in leaf litter 
Additional Comments: Found 37 nice sized black morels on 3-29-05.  All had popped since my last visit there last weekend.  Several more immature ones there that I left for next visit ;)  Hoping for really good hunting this weekend!!

April 1st, 2005: kennymorel - general location: broken arrow, oklahoma. Growing Conditions: found an additonal 55 black morels in the same area as before...found no greys or yellows even in my hotspots..but with the decent rains last night and the temps hitting close to 80 the should be popping around april 4th or 5th...also found some poison ivy...or should i say it found me...good luck all 
Additional Comments: sure wish someone out there would invite me to a great mushroom hunt in a state near oklahoma..i would even wear a blindfold to your shroomin hole.

April 2nd, 2005: David Weeksmorel - general location: Found Nine of the most beautiful Yellow Morels I've ever seen.  I have several photographs for proof, being April Fools and all. Found them along the North Canadian River, in a Cotton Wood stand where the water spills its banks.  Dead trees all around.  Also found some in an unexpected location -among a sandy loam area on the edge of the cotton wood stand, thick with tall pole grass. Central Oklahoma got its Good first Spring Rain. I'll go out again tomorrow and check the other side of the river. After Filling my Belly With These Wonderful SHROOOOOOMSSSS!!!!!-David

April 2nd, 2005: Debmorel - general location: Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Growing Conditions: Towards the top of a south facing hill
Additional Comments: It is still a little early in my area to find sacks full, but if you dream them you can find them.

April 2nd, 2005: This appears to be the Yellow Morel, but is slightly a different color as it was found beneath a tall Maple in Corvallis, Oregon, in recently disturbed dirt.  I believe our elevation is 200 ft.  We've had two weeks of mists and rain.

Joseph Bearden
Corvallis, OR

April 3rd, 2005: Roger Rmorel - general location: April 2nd.I found thirty yellow morels today in Jasper Co. GA. There were about eight that were mature, but most of them were not more than two inches. Alot of moisture in the ground. It still may be a week or so before they start popping up and going crazy.My guess is a few nice warm days and look out!! Additional Comments: I would like the name and number of the einstien who put a food plot in my morels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 3rd, 2005: Jason Morris morel - general location: Eureka Springs Arkansas    Carroll county. Growing Conditions: Under Dogwood trees

April 3rd, 2005: R Millermorel - general location: 9 gray morals just East of Midwest City OK. Growing Conditions: around some ceder trees, Ground real "DRY" we need some Rain!!!!

April 4th, 2005: Theresa McDanielmorel - general location: Found 31 Morels this morning, Both good size yellows and some black! This find was in lincoln county, Oklahoma! Can't wait for next rain! The hunt is on! Growing Conditions: Dense timber with lots of Elms and Cedar Trees, on the west hillside.

April 4th, 2005: Anthony Tassinellomorel - general location: Trinity Alps, Six Rivers National Forest Northern California. 
Growing Conditions: 1st year burn and logging altitudes 1900'-3400'.  Additional Comments: Hi Chris, a little tardy in my reporting but the morels have shown up way early in Northern California this Spring. A 3 day trip March 29-31 to the French Fire, the Butter-Hyampom timber sale and the Sims Fire yielded morels at every location. Unbelievably, we found 6 small blondes at 3400' with most of the other fruitings coming in around 1900'-2200'. Anyone with lots of time and gas money should visit those three sites in a week or two for some undoubtedly good hunting/picking. Terrain was soaking wet, rocky and steep with a variance of super burned terrain to understory burn with mixed pine/oak and madrone stands. Cup fungus dominates but the morels seemed to be stunted by a recent cold snap....good luck to all my No. Cali hunters!

April 4th, 2005: Jim Maynard,  morel - general location: Waverly OH, I only found 3 Blacks 4/1/05 But I'm going to eastern KY this week I always fine Morels in late march. so will post a little later. Growing Conditions: under old pine trees

April 4th, 2005: Tim G.morel - general location: Near Greenville, SC. Growing Conditions: Rich lowlands near small streams. All close to base of Ash trees. Additional Comments: Most were in the sunnier, warmer spots in the areas I hunt. From my past six years records, it would indicate that by next weekend, Morel season should be reaching a peak, and they should be found more widespread. Trilliums still in bud in the lowlands.

April 4th, 2005: Phil Brown,  morel - general location: Sierra foothills in California. Growing Conditions: Logging area at 3200 feet. 
Additional Comments: Found a bit over a pound of blond morels growing in recently logged area in Sierras.  Earliest that I've ever found merkels in the Sierra!

April 4th, 2005: Genesis L. Trice morel - general location: Spencer, North Carolina, Rowan County. Growing Conditions: Under a small grape vineyard approximately 10 feet from a fig tree and an extremely large conifer. Additional Comments: What do I do with these mushrooms? Should I dry them out? I am a culinary arts student at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, NC, however, I don't have cooking facilities in my dorm. Ironic, huh? Anyway, I have picked them about 30 hours ago and I don't want to screw them up. As soon as I find someone with a digital camera, I will photograph them and send it to you! Genesis

April 4th, 2005: MycoMat morel - general location: Top-Secret location near Victoria B.C. Canada. Growing Conditions: In moss around a stump in advanced decay, near Douglas Fir & Ponderosa/Pine, some Cedar nearby also.
Additional Comments: Nice clean mature specimen. Only one in the area. Photo URL: <>
View my entire online mushroom photo album: <>

April 5th, 2005: Breckmorel - general location: S.E. Tennessee. Growing Conditions: Near Cedar and cottonwood. Additional Comments: Found 48 very large greys on 3 April.  My most producing areas that are only a short distance away from the above area have yet to produce 1 morel.  This weekend should be excellent for Tennessee.

April 5th, 2005: Tomi Oehlschlaegermorel - general location: Western KY. Growing Conditions: Various hard wood stands of woods - with many tupip poplars around.  I think it's still a little early for bumper crops of the blacks, but we did find 41 total at 3 different sites.  Mostly on east facing slopes.  Also, found one small grey... C'mon RAIN!!!!

April 5th, 2005: jim porter - general location: havnt found any yet live in heath ohioin licking county. Additional Comments: need help in finding morels

April 5th, 2005: Stephen Bingenmorel - general location: Sacramento, CA, my very own backyard! Growing Conditions: amongst ivy, shaded by juniper shrubs. Additional Comments: I was walking around my backyard about a week ago and stumbled across this in the corner of my yard.  I'm glad I haven't mowed my lawn yet this year!  Never saw anything like it before - was even afraid to touch it!  went online and found this website explaining what a coveted item this mushroom is.  Can't wait to taste it!

April 6th, 2005: chrismorel - general location: nebraska city nebraska usa. Growing Conditions: river bottoms stumps


April 6th, 2005: mishmorel - general location: Roseville CA! Growing Conditions: Growing through wood chips on the front lawn

April 7th, 2005: Doug Wiltzmorel - general location: I found three small morels Near the Kansas River Pott county Kansas. 
Growing Conditions: In a clearing near the bank in some dead grass. Additional Comments: They should be popping this week with all the rain we are getting.

April 7th, 2005: I went back out to my regular spots here in Georgia, and the one that I left last week was dried up, never grew at all, and searched for 2 hours, never found a single Morel. I can't explain it, they should have been there. Heading off to Knoxville now for the foray, will report on Monday, and update everyone's finds then. Good shroomin!- Chris M

April 8th, 2005: SCOTT H. DAVISmorel - general location: Harrison County, Indiana. Growing Conditions: Near a small pond in a wooded area. Additional Comments: Began hunting morel mushrooms as a child with my Mother.  A great way to enjoy the out doors and I can't wait until spring each year to hit the woods in pursuit of the wild morel mushroom.  My wife gets the pleasure of cleaning and cooking the mushrooms.  She dips the mushroom in egg and then very fine cracker crumbs and then deep frys.  Delicious with scrambled eggs!  Just starting to find them in my area this April 2005 and can't wait until my next venture into my secret mushroom locations.

April 8th, 2005: 

Hi Chris!
          The season has started here in central Ohio. The days are warming up into the 60's and lower 70's finally. We picked 15 Black Morel,mostly on the small side but just enough for a tease and left some smaller ones behind. Growing in a valley of poplar trees. Sending a pic with Dylan pointing one out and a pic of our find of the day. 
Thanks, Terry & Dylan

April 8th, 2005: I found this Morel in my backyard in South Sacramento, CA.  It was found amongst ivy leaves and juniper shrubs in the corner of the yard.  I had never seen anything like it – in fact I was afraid to even touch it at first!  Now that we’ve searched the web a little and got a better idea of what it is my girlfriend is super excited about it.  Maybe I’ll find more in the future! Stephen Bingen

April 8th, 2005: Devan  S, - general location: Went on 4/6 alang the Delaware River in Jefferson county Kansas didn't find any but think they will be here soon. got plenty of rain over the last few days. Temp's are going to be in the 70's for the next few days. The outlook is great in my eye's. Growing Conditions: Under Cottonwoods, Around dead elm trees, and in river flood lowlands.

April 8th, 2005: Andrea, beefsteak-gyromitra caroliniana. Where did you find them- general location: Kansas, Sedgwick County
Growing Conditions: In same areas where we usually find morels. Seems a bit dry here and haven't found any yet. Last year around this time they were everywhere, so I am a bit confused myself. Hmm...anticipation killing me.

April 8th, 2005: Jean,  morel - general location: South Central Missouri. Growing Conditions: Under dead Oak tree, near wet weather creek bed. Additional Comments: Found 5 grey morels 04/04/05, 6 more under same tree 04/06/05.

April 8th, 2005: Jeanne Gross, morel, gray,- general location: Newport, Tn. Growing Conditions: Under a red oak tree. Additional Comments: Could not find the mate. 

April 8th, 2005: jerry Branstool,  morel - general location: Matthews, N.C. Near Charlotte, N.C. Growing Conditions: Found 15 under birch trees near small creak. Additional Comments: First find of this year. Late this year due to colder than normal temp.

April 8th, 2005: JKmorel - general location: Maryland - Montgomery County. Growing Conditions: Found four small grays in a little park. The spot is protected from wind but receives a lot of direct sunlight. Found among pine needles, chickweed and other, ground-hugging wild flowers. Additional Comments: I was surprised to find them so soon. Until the 4th the weather was colder than normal. Also, I looked in this spot two days ago and didn't see anything. Not that this really means anything. Sometimes they seem to pop up while you're looking.

April 9th, 2005: Debbie - general location: Taylorsville, NC. Additional Comments: I spent hours hunting for morels today in my usual spots and a few new areas but found nothing.  Anyone in this area finding any?

April 9th, 2005: kennymorel - general location: broken arrow, oklahoma. Growing Conditions: a very good friend and i found around 125 black morels 2 days ago and yesterday i found close to 80 yellers..found all alonside a hill of old timber with heavy leaf deposits paying special attention to the top areas of the hill...Additional Comments: the temps have been great and so have the rains and this should be a great harvest season for the folks here in oklahoma...good luck all

April 9th, 2005: Tim G, - general location: Near Greenville, SC. Growing Conditions: Rich, very wet lowlands under predominately Ash trees. Additional Comments: 6 pounds, but some spots I usually pick were under water. It looks like the season has peaked in the lower elevation of Sc.

April 9th, 2005: DUSTIN PRICEmorel - general location: RIVER BOTTOMS, MANHATTAN KANSAS.  Growing Conditions: DEAD LEAVES , GRASS

April 9th, 2005: Red Westmorel - general location: Illinois. Growing Conditions: under ash tree, elms near by, on steep incline west side. Additional Comments: noticed a very green moss around the find of morals, leaveson the forest bottom are unusually light this year in Illinois, mild winter lowest temp was around 17, i suspect a record crop in 2005,Redwest one of the best morel hunters ever.

April 9th, 2005: Sherry R.,  morel - general location: Found just about 1 lb of morels this morning. Greene County, north of Springfield, Missouri about 10 north on Hwy 13. (Willard address) In rich lowlands, very rich soil. Two of the morels were 4-1/2 inches tall, and we didn't cut it close to the ground at all. Growing Conditions: In rich lowlands, very rich soil,near a creek. Two of the morels were 4-1/2 inches tall, and we didn't cut it close to the ground at all.

April 9th, 2005: CD in central KY,  morel - general location: Mammoth Cave in central KY. Growing Conditions: oak leaf litter
Additional Comments: Hello! I took my kids to a junior rodeo in Bowling Green and stopped in the Mammoth Cave area for a couple of hours on the way.  We stopped in random areas to hunt.  No luck but when we went back to try to find a glove, there they were,
2 yellows in oak leaf litter. Searched and searched but that is all we found. CD

April 10th, 2005: Charlie 4 - general location: Camanche Reservoir- Sierra Nevada Foothills, Ione, Ca (central Cali)
Growing Conditions: We found
12 3-4 inch blonde morelsin perfect condition, 450 ft elevation, lakeside under alder trees in sandy soil- We were walking to a rocky point to fish for trout when we came across the hillside covered in morels.  There were at least 20 monsters that had rotted away, as well. Additional Comments: If you live in/visiting this area, email me and I will tell you exactly where we found them!  I live 2 hours away and probably won't be returning.

April 10th, 2005: Joe Childersmorel - general location: Davie County, North Caroliina. Growing Conditions: Near tulip poplar close to stream.

April 10th, 2005: bruce morel - general location: iowa mahaska co. Additional Comments: very small about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch tall

April 10th, 2005: matters,  morel - general location: West Virginia Petersburg. Growing Conditions: In rocks around ash trees. 
Additional Comments: Things will get started real good this week, ground is moist and the weather is right happy hunting.


April 10th, 2005: Cassandra,  morel - general location: Southern Oregon. Growing Conditions: Green Clover Patch. A little damp.
Additional Comments: It was great, I
found 3 on my first time hunting!!

April 11th, 2005: Anthony Tassinellomorel - general location: Sierra Nevada Mountains, El Dorado National Forest. Growing Conditions: 1st year logging. Additional Comments: Some violent weather here has made the morel foraging a challenge. We need a little warm up and some dry weather. Found a little under a pound, some naturals too all between 3400' and 3800'when they weren't under 3" of snow.

April 11th, 2005: dana goodsonmorel - general location: Henderson, KY. Henderson County Kentucky. Found April 8, 2005.
Growing Conditions: North side of an oak ridge.

April 11th, 2005: Andrea, morel,  - general location: Johnson County. Kansas. Growing Conditions: south side of hill along a cut area.
Additional Comments: Should start popping up in the next few days.  One was a week old the other three were just breaking the ground.

April 11th, 2005: I have just returned from the Knoxville foray. We found 112 on Saturday and about 15 yesterday, mainly blacks, b ut a few esculentas, and semiliberas. We had a wonderful presentation by Tom Nauman,, and met up with the Asheville Mushroom Club as well, and they were able to attend Tom's presentation, so that was pretty neat. We had a wonderful cook out yesterday, and included 3 rounding plates full of fried Morels! No record year by any means, but everyone found some, and we all had the best time! - Chris M

April 11th, 2005: chris sawyer morel - general location: TAMA AND MARSHALL COUNTY is in the state of Iowa.
Growing Conditions: Dead elm trees

April 11th, 2005: R Greenmorel - general location: Springfield , Illinois. Growing Conditions: Elm groves

April 11th, 2005: PAMELA TEMPESTmorel - general location: Jennings county, Indiana.  Additional Comments: only found two very small grey , about 1-1 1/2 inch

April 11th, 2005: John Conradmorel - general location: Keokuk county, North English, IOWA. Growing Conditions: 1 small grey morel, east facing slope, under a dead elm tree. Additional Comments: Lots of rain this week. Hunting should be good this weekend!

April 12th, 2005: CC&C,  morel - general location: Fairfax County, virginia. Growing Conditions: creekside hardwood forest.
Additional Comments: We found
20 black morels in our favorite spot in less than an hour.  The first ones of the year and very fresh.

April 12th, 2005: j smith, blacks and greys. - general location: along a creek facing north, Growing Conditions: on hillside under pines

April 12th, 2005: Gary Poole morel - general location: Independence, Mo eastern jackson county. Growing Conditions: Bottom flats on sides of creek and tops of hills where there's more sun

April 12th, 2005: Annette & Scott Tomkomorel - general location: Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Growing Conditions: Under an apple tree in someone's yard. Additional Comments: We find our first morels under this apple tree every year.  We only found six little dark ones. This is a sign that they will be popping in the woods in about 2 weeks.

April 12th, 2005: kelsey herrenmorel - general location: keosaqua iowa. Growing Conditions: they were every where.

April 12th, 2005: Cat.JeffGyromitras - general location: Maryland, Harford County. Growing Conditions: Lowlands. Additional Comments: First of this false type morel I have ever found around here.

April 12th, 2005: Bonnie Clay,  morel - general location: Cape Girardeau, MO.  Growing Conditions: In a back road ditch,south of town which had been bush hogged recently.  A yellow, 3 in. and only one found.

April 12th, 2005: Scott Adkins morel - general location: Stillwater Oklahoma. Growing Conditions:  creek area under hardwoods and ceders.

April 12th, 2005: Terri Hmorel - general location: Cedar Hill Mo. Growing Conditions: dry.

April 12th, 2005: susie - general location: Labette County, Kansas. Growing Conditions: Under dead and dying elm. Additional Comments: Found 45 two days ago in the higher, warmer areas, including a couple gyrometras and a few small grays, which assured me that we are just getting started. Found another 25 today after a great rain last night. My God, they are beautiful!! I love this time of year!

April 12th, 2005: Chris M, and Roger R, found 114 Giant Yellow Morels, in Jasper County, GA. The tallest was 11 inches, one 10", several 8 inchers. These will be featured on the upcoming Georgia Motherload Video. 

April 13th, 2005: Scott Adkinsmorel - general location: Stillwater Oklahoma. Growing Conditions:  creek area under hardwoods and ceders.

April 13th, 2005: Devan S,  morel - general location: Kansas River in topeka Kansas. Found 54 grey morels thumb sized on 4/11. Rained for 2 days and temps are in the upper 60's to mid 70's. Found them on a west facing bank under dead leaves, and around decaying tree bark.

April 13th, 2005: mikeymorel - general location: out side warsaw mo. Growing Conditions: dead trees low lands rich dirt.
Additional Comments: good luck and to mo get out there there up 10 nice ones smallest 4" 3 bigest ones 8"

April 13th, 2005: Charlie $,  morel - general location:  Toulame County, California. Growing Conditions: A close friend just reported at least 70 black morels in the national forest, 3400'-4500'.. he said he had to wait for the 8+ inches of fresh snow to melt before he cound finish picking!  is it just me or is this shaping up to be an Epic Year for morels? (like Cali's chantrelle/matsutake crops)

April 13th, 2005: Wandamorel - general location: Southern Lincoln County Missouri. Growing Conditions: along fence row in the hills. Additional Comments: they popped between a few thunder storms

April 13th, 2005: Wendymorel - general location: Saint Joseph, Missouri. Growing Conditions: back in the timber, mossy covered areas.


April 14th, 2005: Bruce Travis morel - general location: Fulton County Georgia,(Atlanta, near Roswell, GA) Growing Conditions: heavy leafs, on hillside...damp conditions and under the canapy of medium size white oak (oak tree is still alive and seems to be doing well.

April 14th, 2005: lindsey morel - general location: Eureka Springs, AR - right in my front yard - same place that we found a patch last year on Easter morning. Growing Conditions: growing on large patches of moss

April 14th, 2005: levimorel m- general location: Northern Cal Burney. Growing Conditions: Old thinning units, under firs on the old skid trails.

April 14th, 2005: Jeanetta Housh, - general location: Found 15 grays March 13 in Polk Co. Iowa. Growing Conditions: 1 to 1 1/2 inches found under leaves by a dying elm tree on sw side of hill.

April 14th, 2005: Leslie Crawfordmorel - general location: Northwest Arkansas-Washington County. Growing Conditions: Lowlands, mostly around Sycamore trees (my own personal theory)

April 14th, 2005: Linda Myersmorel - general location: Macon County, Franklin, North Carolina. Growing Conditions: Growing under a giant oak in the yard of a century old home, scattered there among the violets and last falls leaves.


April 14th, 2005: paul sylvain (illionios state mushrooms  1st place)04 - general location: northern fulton county , northern indiana 
Growing Conditions: dead elm south side of woods. Additional Comments: was out looking for the elusive black morel and stumbled upon a patch of 50 greys, :) this is the most, small, and i mean small morels, i have found . i found ten in an area no bigger than the palm of my hand. i just bought a nikon75 so will have pics of this tiny patch! hopefully i will get a decent growth study out of it.  that is if none of my fellow hillbillies and rednecks dont find them first!!!!!!!!!!!found on april 14 at 11:30 am this is very early in my area but i think the mushroom nationals in boyne mi helped me find the little ones... i found 80 in 90 min and did not even place!!!wow those boys are moven through the woods.  they only left me ones under 2in some of the ones i found today were no bigger than 1/16th of an inch no kidding. it will really be fun to watch them grow.  so i would recomend to anyone who hunts morels to go compete in as many different hunting contest as possible. this will help anyone of any age experience  learn and be a better hunter. plus shroomers are the best kind of people. i love the earth and i love the people who love her to. oh and the should make mushroom hunting an olimpic sport!!! think about it to win you have to know all kinds of info,you have to be quick,agile,and the terrian can be very challenging. this would be the most awsome sport ever. until contact mushroom hunting lol lol !!!!!!!!!!! well i will quit rambling <love ya .lets go shroomen sometime 12 mile paul(mushroom man)

April 14th, 2005: William Pinkstaff,  morel - general location: Raleigh, NC Wake..Growing Conditions: Found thirty today just outside Raleigh/Durham all pretty fresh looks like they are just starting to come up good. Most were an inch or a little bigger, a couple were two inches plus. Primarily in the low moist areas. Still pretty tough to see in the litter.

April 15th, 2005: Jane Hunter morel - general location: Wellsboro, PA.Growing Conditions: Woodland slope facing south-east

April 15th, 2005: Dave Wasilewski,  morel,  Gyromitra (Korfii, Fastigiata?) - general location: ten small black morels found on the bottom of a sunny slope here in Northeast Pennsylvania (tulip trees, white ash). Also, one mature Gyromitra Korfii (or maybe G. Fastigiata).

April 15th, 2005: 

April 15th, 2005: scott prather,  morel - general location: west TENN/ west KY.Growing Conditions: found about 100 morels on the south facing hillsides under alot of sweet gums and may apples

April 15th, 2005: Geoffmorel - general location: Louisville KY..Growing Conditions: forest

April 15th, 2005: Chris Morganmorel - general location: Topeka K.S. Growing Conditions: wooded area moist

April 15th, 2005: Jake Dunhammorel - general location: Charolette, NC. Growing Conditions: in rich lowlands..Additional Comments: I am from Springfield, IL and my friend was getting married in Charolette.  During a morning walk, she commented that morel mushrooms didn't grow here (she's also from Springfield, IL) and then I spotted one near the grassy bank of a creek.  They look like morels, they smell like morels, but no one here knows anything about them.  Hope I don't die.

April 15th, 2005: shroomer62,  morel - general location: Madison County IOWA..Growing Conditions: Dead/Dying Elms
Additional Comments: Just starting to pop. Found several little greys. Did not pick any. Gonna let the little guys grow-up.

April 15th, 2005: Dennis Jones morel - general location: St. Louis County Missouri. Growing Conditions: 4/11 During a our first big rain in three weeks following 2 weeks of 70 + degrees

April 15th, 2005: cliffoedblack morels and beef steak - general location: in rosdale indiana it is in parke county. Growing Conditions: in the woods out by a fince line

April 15th, 2005: Jim Woods morel - general location: 3000 ft level in foothills above fresno, ca. Growing Conditions: grassy area under oaks.

April 15th, 2005: Joshmanmorel- general location: Montgomery Co, In. Growing Conditions: Two days after the last rain. Temps were getting warmer. Close to Oak deadfall.

April 16th, 2005: Tara,  morel - general location: April 16, Found 7 grays & 7 yellows in Canadian, OK. Growing Conditions: Found near elm and cedar trees on steep slope and near a creek. Additional Comments: Just curious if anyone found morels in North TX? This is the second season in a row of not finding any morels in our usual "spots" here in TX, so we decided to head north...just couldn't stand not finding any morels this season!I think we got lucky and found some end of the season morels in Oklahoma.

April 16th, 2005: John Conradmorel - general location: North of Interstate 80, Iowa. Growing Conditions: Found over 15lbs. of mostly yellow morels. Found all on south slopes under elm trees.

April 16th, 2005: William R. Pinkstaff,  morel - general location: Found twenty one yellows Saturday just outside Raleigh and another ten today all an inch or two in height no big ones yet. All in the low moist areas. Will look again tomorrow for the motherlode.

April 16th, 2005: rick hornback,  morel - general location: ottumwa , iowa. Growing Conditions: in rick lowlands near creek bed within 50 feet.

April 16th, 2005: Doug Matthewsmorel - general location: creek bottom. Growing Conditions: lowland mushrooms.

April 16th, 2005: JED SPORE,  morel - general location:     FOUND 65 WHITES ALLENDALE IL WABASH COUNTY.
Growing Conditions: LOWLANDS.

April 17th, 2005: cam houchin,  morel - general location: indiana lawerence county. i found about 50 so far one day i found one enormous mushroom was half a pound. found 30 big white ones sold them for 80.00. Growing Conditions: dead elm trees.

April 17th, 2005: dave,  morel - general location: kentucky....daviess co.Growing Conditions: apple trees. Additional Comments: found 30 to 40  

April 17th, 2005: Buzz koehn,  morel - general location: general location quad cities, Iowa.   550 in three days in low land area, 
Growing Conditions: cotton wood stands and clear areas of the woods. Additional Comments: I think we are getting lucky early this year and we have the makings of a banner season

April 17th, 2005: John Carpenter,  morel - general location: Taney County just South of Branson, Missouri in the hills above Big Cedar Lodge for those of you that know where that is.  Found over 300 mostly yellos, but a few small greys. Growing Conditions: creek beds near running water.  look for dead or dying timber

April 17th, 2005: Jason Ewart Meadow mushroom/Agaricus campestris - general location: Found 25 growing in my front yard after heavy recent rain in Boise,Idaho. Growing Conditions: In my lawn/Grass. Additional Comments: Also recently found a couple black morels while turkey hunting in the Boise national forest. We have had a real mild winter with little or no snow.

April 17th, 2005: melody,: morel - general location: marion N.C. McDowell County. Growing Conditions: Under White Pine Trees/ Along the Catawba River

April 17th, 2005: Frank Hutcheison,  morel - general location: Richmond Dale,Ohio. Growing Conditions: Found 13 small blacks along a creek under a dead Locust tree.

April 18th, 2005: David Freeman morel - general location: Martinsville,Indiana. Growing Conditions: Around some dead elm tree's
Additional Comments: We need some rain,Weather is nice but dry.

April 18th, 2005: John M. Phillipsmorel - general location: southern Jackson county in Oregon. Growing Conditions: In fresh turned soil on new logging trails. Along road in blackberry vine starts. Well drained soil of poor quality.

April 18th, 2005: Ira Handlon morel - general location: Nebraska, Cass County. Growing Conditions: Edge of corn field next to dead elm

April 18th, 2005: Steve McKinley, chanterelle - general location: SE Illinois.  Palestine, IL in Crawford county, Growing Conditions: Wooded area near a creek. I am not sure if this is an error or not?- Chris M

April 18th, 2005: Dr. Richard (Rick) DeFreez, Can you identify these? I found them in New Mexico.

Verpa conica, edible but not choice.- Chris M. Thank you!  We sautéed up one.  The cap is tasty and the stem is OK.  

April 18th, 2005: Ryanmorel - general location: Northwest Iowa, Along the River. Growing Conditions: Most of the ones I found were right by broken down logs.  They were in a somehwhat of a grassy area. Additional Comments: The mushrooms I found didnt have that great of a size to them.  We are suppose to get rain for the next 4 days so hopefully they will really be popping up.  I need to find some BIG ones!  I was looking at some of the photos on this site and was just wishing I could find some of that size.

April 19th, 2005: deb morel - general location: iowa polk county. Growing Conditions: under oak trees growing out of moss.

April 19th, 2005: allen martin, grey morels - general location: washington county maryland. Growing Conditions: under elm trees by an old railroad bed. Additional Comments: first ones of the year couldnt believe i found these allready no rain for 12days straight fond four greys
waiting for rain wed.-sat.going to bring them up nice

April 19th, 2005: John Starkey, morel - general location: Montgomery, co Indiana, My son and I found 37 small greys about an inch and a half to two inches tall. Found them around young elm trees. Hope for a banner season

April 19th, 2005: Jamiemorel - general location: Eastern Washington, in Yakima County..Growing Conditions: In a last years burn area.
Additional Comments: They were delicious!!

April 19th, 2005: Howard L. Medinger,  morel - general location: Lancaster County, south of Lincoln, Nebraska..Growing Conditions: Close to Wagontrain Lake, near some dead elms trees.  Conditions were a little dry and sunny area. Additional Comments: I found three nice white morels two minutes after beginning.  That was it for the entire day!  I think it's  little too early this far north, even with the warm temperatures.

April 19th, 2005: mushroom mattmorel - general location: northwestern illinois..Growing Conditions: hilltops. Additional Comments: 60 greys.

April 19th, 2005: Shane Bush,  morel - general location: St. Joseph, Missouri..Growing Conditions: 125 morels, greys and yellows, on hillsides next to dead elms.  Sizes ranged from 2"-5".Additional Comments: Need rain.  Mushrooms that were up were about 3-4 days old and dry.  Some good rain and humid conditions will make hunting spectacular.

April 19th, 2005: Phil Paxsonmorel - general location: Jackson County Iowa..Growing Conditions: Mostly under dead elms. Seemed to be in the gooseberry patches. The cuts on my arms and legs are proof. Found about three pounds since April 14th. Noticed many of the greys are drying out. Hopefully the big yellows will come soon.

April 19th, 2005: Colleen Crandell,  morel,  oyster - general location: Rockville, IN Parke county..Growing Conditions: in my black patch under several oak and poplars. Additional Comments: We had a little rain last week thus the 32 blacks. We need more rain. The temps are high and if we don't get more rain soon it will make the end of the season come soon. Rain forcasted for Wednesday. If it happens the weekend should be great! Colleen

April 19th, 2005: Karen Miller, morel - general location:  Just north of Kansas city MO in Platte Co, near the Missouri and Platte River's.
Growing Conditions: I found a good 5 lbs by a decaying cottonwood. Altogether, 6 of us found almost 50 lbs of small to med/large sized yellow and grey morels. When we got to a friends house there was one literally growing up thru their gravel drive......very dark grey and only about 2 inches. This was Sat. April 16. Additional Comments: DO NOT...I repeat, DO NOT pick up a stick to poke around with until you're sure the stick doesn't move. I also, "found" a good sized snake I was reaching for. lol

April 19th, 2005: Teeny, morel - general location: Poweshiek County, Iowa..Growing Conditions: Along a wooded trail

April 20th, 2005: Charles Herringmorel,  All black - general location: Huntington, Indiana..Growing Conditions: South facing slope around dead and dying elms trees

April 20th, 2005: Red West, morel,- general location: Under ash trees, elm groves, edge of cornfields and tall grass. Dekald County Illinois
Growing Conditions: extremely humid, average temp 78-86, cloudy, extremely good hunting in the dips and i hate to give all you my good tips, but i love morel hunting, Yours truly Red West at his best. Additional Comments: morels will be coming at a fast pace this year for a shorter hunting season, i feel in my 40 years hunting morels i can make these statements and fell confident for you to read and trust.

April 20th, 2005: Marymorel - general location: Owen-Putnam State Forest, Indiana on April 16th. Growing Conditions: under dead Elm trees..Additional Comments: found 62 greys

April 20th, 2005: Rod C, morel - general location: DeSoto, Ks in Johnson County..Growing Conditions: Along a creek bed next to fallen and decaying trees. Additional Comments: Found about 60 morels of various sizes and shapes.

April 20th, 2005: Judy Casmorel - general location: Northwest Arkansas-Benton County..Growing Conditions: Found over 600 yellow and gray over the past 2 weeks; found mostly under Sycamore and Cottonwood trees and along the hillside.  I have found some under leaves in bottom of ravines.

April 20th, 2005: jameson  lockart,  morel - general location: southern illionis around vandalia il..Growing Conditions: under trees.
Additional Comments: look in sahed places and by dead trees and by streams that is what work for me i have found over 150 in 2 weeks.

April 20th, 2005: mike,  morel - general location: west central indiana. Growing Conditions: around ash trees..Additional Comments: found just over 4 pounds today, mostly yellow sponges but some are blacks and greys, if we get some rain then they'll be popping like acne on a teenagers face!

April 20th, 2005: amanda johnson, morel - general location: marion illinois in my yard right up against my house only found 1

April 20th, 2005: shannon taylor - general location: Would like to know if any members in Three Oaks Mi. And if anyone is finding any mushrooms in Michigan?

April 20th, 2005: charles clayton,  morel - general location: Des Moines, Iowa..Growing Conditions: 4-16-05 Found 7 small grey morels, all about 1" 4-20-05 Found over 50 large 3"-4" tan morels..Additional Comments: A lot of rain and sun lately, mid 70's
Moist slight hillside, lots of thorns and smaller trees, lots of oak, a few maple

April 20th, 2005: Dewey, morel - general location: Moline, Illinois..Growing Conditions: Looks like it's gonna be a great season.  Found 21 ranging from very small greys up to large yellows.  All found around dead elms and hedge rows.

April 21st, 2005: Mary Rushing, morel - general location: Marshall County, Oklahoma Sunday, April 17, 2005. Growing Conditions: Under a variety of old trees - red oak, elm, hackberry, emerging from heavy leaf litter within 10 feet of a puddle.  (It has been very dry this spring in this area.) 

April 21st, 2005: j strtutton, morel,- general location: Council Bluffs  IA

April 21st, 2005: Scott, morel,- general location: Bothell WA..Growing Conditions: in our back yard..Additional Comments: To be acurate my wife found it while pulling weeds in the yard this evening.  I have been looking in the areas where I throw our mushroom scraps for weeks, and she finds the first one.  Oh well, we are going into the woods this weekend and with any luck I will find plenty.

April 21st, 2005: Found 2 small yellows under some ash and some oyster mushrooms. Most were just getting started and too small to pick.  Harford County, MD .  Tough to find a meal around here yet.  Capt.  Jeff 


April 21st, 2005: Hi -Found your wonderful website, and am hoping you can help me identify these fungusy plants I found growing in the wood mulch of our flower bed --- is there any way to know exactly what they are? I REALLY appreciate your help! Thank you -   Ellen in Denver

Ellen- You have Landscape Morels! Cool! Enjoy!- Chris M

April 21st, 2005: Chrismorel - general location: Delaware County, NE Iowa..Growing Conditions: our back yard above roots of an elm tree that died and was cut down. Additional Comments: I've been mushrooming since I was old enough to tag along but have yet to find the "motherlode".  Been in the woods twice this week but found nothing, too many dead leaves to find those 1/2" goodies.

April 21st, 2005: Frankmorel - general location: Found them growing again in the same spot,close to Little Britain ontario can.
Growing Conditions: Found them growing in old growth moss that is well drained.The temps have been well above normal this past week,one day it hit 27c.Now there~re back to a normal 12c.

April 21st, 2005: Dusty Peterson, morel,- general location: cowlitz county WA. Growing Conditions: IN rich lowlands by river.
Additional Comments: First time find! What a blast got about
30 black morels.

April 21st, 2005: Karen C., black morel - general location: Boyne Falls, MI..Growing Conditions: hilly wooded terrain. Additional Comments: Been very dry here... season will improve with some moisture.  PRAY FOR RAIN!

April 21st, 2005: chris mitoraj, none,- general location: ft. wayne in. Additional Comments: just wanted to know if anybody has found any in northern in yet besides the guy in hunington- been out 4 times in my best spots -can't buy one-is there a patron saint for mushrooms ???

April 21st, 2005: Wylie Stivers,  morel - general location: West Lafayette, IN Found about 55 in some lower areas near steep hills.
Growing Conditions: Rich lower areas and mostly around dead elms and freshly electrocuted trees (any kind). Additional Comments: Seems like the little bit of rain we got just forced them up.. Usually find my first of the year by the 17th.  We are wayyyy behind.  Another short season is in order.  Snow Sunday?????????  What will the cold do to the spores?

April 21st, 2005: zach, morel - general location: christian county illinois..Growing Conditions: in the timber. Additional Comments: very very tasty.

April 21st, 2005: Matt Hawkins, morel - general location: Heltonville, Indiana  .Growing Conditions:  under dying ash sapplings.

April 21st, 2005: Darren Goldensoph, morel,- general location: Boone County, Iowa. Growing Conditions: Des Moines River flood plains. Additional Comments: These were only small greys very tough to see, probably could have found more.

April 21st, 2005: Bass Lake Mike, morel - general location: North West Indiana. Growing Conditions: Died elm this year. Additional Comments: Found over 100 plus under this tree.all about 1/4/to 1 1/2 took 53 for a meal let them grow for about 4 to 5 days. Will be taking pictures there up at last what a relief last two weeks were killing me. 

April 22nd, 2005: Patapsco Mikemorel - general location: Baltimore County, Maryland..Growing Conditions: under tulip poplars on hilltops

April 22nd, 2005: scott perkins, morel - general location: Bainbridge island Washington..Growing Conditions: in a burn site

April 22nd, 2005: Brooke, morel - general location: We found 6-7 lbs in Madison County, IA.

April 22nd, 2005: Jim Finley,  4/19/05, my brother and I found about 90 grays and yellow morels in Bond & Fayette county's in Illinois.  I didn't find anything in Georgia this year. My usual spots in GA also did not pan out at all, only the one true Motherlode spot of Roger Reynolds', in Jasper Cty, and they were huge there, but at least 4 other diverse locations in GA turned up nothing for me. Also, last year in GA was a drought, so nothing again then, except the Jasper CTY spot.- Chris M

April 22nd, 2005: Samoikr Chan, morel - general location: SW Corner of MO..Additional Comments: Found 50 'bout 5 days ago, 4 yesterday, 4 today... first time ever was the group of 50. Might find some more coming up, nice rains.

April 22nd, 2005: Tom W, I found these morels today in about 30 minutes.  They were found in Aurora MO.  All of these were found in a wooded area with lots of dead elm trees.  I've been hunting these same woods for 15 years......

April 22nd, 2005: Chris, Ben & Ryan Logsdon morel - general location: Pickerington, Ohio (15 miles east of Columbus)
Growing Conditions: We found a medium sized gray and a small gray--a few inches apart--located about 3 feet away from a sycamore tree.  We picked the medium one and camouflaged and left the small one to see how much it grows by early next week.  Woods is ripe, with the moisture this weekend...all we need is a couple of warm days.

April 22nd, 2005: david cable,  morel - general location: polk county,Iowa. Growing Conditions: found 120 mostly grays general areas were around dead elms. Additional Comments: found another forty in story county,same areas mainly dead elms.

April 22nd, 2005: John,  morel, Growing Conditions: Almost all under small live ash trees, have found over 300 this spring already

April 23rd, 2005: Elizabeth Boeglin, morel - general location: Madison County, Indiana..Growing Conditions: several grays, around dead Elms; rich lowlands and near So. facing fence rows..think they are just was so dry; and so wet now..bad storms could shorten the season (which is already shortened, due to dryness).  Just depends on the elevations AND so many other things!  Maybe that's why they are called "mysterious"----you think?

April 23rd, 2005: Mike OHara,  morel - general location: In tazwell county in pekin areia. Illinois..Growing Conditions: we found them in low lands and on high lands around the area. Additional Comments: My dauther Heather and I found 161 nice mushrooms in tazwell county friday after a good rain thursday night. They were all 3-5 in. tall.

April 23rd, 2005: Judy J, morel,- general location: Whitewater area MN. Growing Conditions: south facing slope. Additional Comments: found 6 1-3" morels

April 23rd, 2005: ryvictv, morel - general location: Southwest, Ohio..Growing Conditions: Under a thicket of honeysuckles. Additional Comments: Found one nice grey yesterday, 4/22/05, my first find this year, and today it's snowing.

April 23rd, 2005: Hossman Polyporus squamosus (dryads saddle) - general location: southwestern Pa Hickory Pa washington county.
Growing Conditions: growing on elm stumps and fallen trees. Additional Comments: out looking for morels have not found any yet finally got some rain but now it is going to snow


April 23rd, 2005: Jan Heyrend,  morel - general location: My yard in Boise, Idaho.  Last fall's new landscaping using "fines" bark as a mulch.  Morels keep popping up. Length anywhere from 8 inches down to =/- 2 inches. So far I have gathered 22 and have at least 15 new ones.  Don't know what to do with them......... can you help?  If I leave them in the ground will more grow next year? Thanks!  Jan

April 23rd, 2005: Erin, morel - general location: Kendall County, IL.Growing Conditions: In the woods, old strip mine.   Still can't identify the trees and no rhym or reason to the findings.  We were looking for the smaller ones that grow now and did find about 65 between 3/4-3 inches tall.  Then ran into another hunter who had only one in his bag and it had to be about 5-6 inches.  We were confinced he brought it up from down south until my friend found one almost the same size.  I'm now confinced this "Hunt" has no rules or regulations, LOL.  By the way, it was only 42* here today and frost is expected tonight..I give up.  Morels are weird!  And by the way, my eyes are tired! LOL

April 23rd, 2005: kitzmiller,  morel - general location: Ohio, hocking county. Growing Conditions: dead elm, almost 3 pounds today during a snow squall, that was a first after 30 years of hunting them,but still feel like a beginner some days, average 18 to 20 lbs a year. happy hunting

April 23rd, 2005: Crystal S.,  morel - general location: We found the mushrooms in Clinton, MO.  It is located in the central MO area.
Growing Conditions: We found these mushrooms in wooded, shaded areas, growing under thick patches of dead leaves. Additional Comments: We
found about 40 in a very small area. 

April 23rd, 2005: JB in Des Moine,  morel - general location: Des Moines, Iowa. Growing Conditions: In the timber on the north side of small creek... close to gooseberry bushes... and... The edge of a brushy banked pond also the backside of the ponds dam... Either way standing dead elms help. Additional Comments: approx. 5 pounds of med. grays and 3 to 6 inch yellows

April 23rd, 2005: robmorel - general location: Harrison County, WV. Growing Conditions: two flats down in from the ridge in Sassafrass trees. Additional Comments: it has been extremely dry and warm, finally got some rain the past few days but the temperature has dropped.  i found these mushrooms earlier today and now it is snowing outside.  if it warms up next week it ought to be good mushrooming.

April 24th, 2005: Stefan Ziolkowski,  morel - general location: South Central Montana. Growing Conditions: Along a river close to the banks. Additional Comments: Had about 2.5 inches of wet snow and rain earlier in the week. Snow is pretty muched melted and the ground is very soggy. Last year I only found 1 morel in my close spots, it was very dry. My fellow morelers found none. Compared to the pounds of 2003, it was very sad. It has been in the 30's at night so I thought it might be too cold but I guess NOT! Thought I'd take a peak and found 43 small yellow and grays morels. Left a few to see their growth. Went to another one of my spots with my old man and we found 36 small yellow morels. Also left a few to grow. Heading out tomorrow. What is the lowest tempeture a morel can grow in? About 48 degrees ground temp- Chris M

April 24th, 2005: kevin rollins,  morel - general location: Jackson County, IN. Growing Conditions: Around Elm trees in a low area.
Additional Comments: My dad
found 38 and I found 31, all good size yellow morels.  Its turned cold here (high of about 40 and snowing!), so this may be the end of the season for us.

April 24th, 2005: Chris Lear & Bruce MacRillmorel - general location: Near Jacksonville, IL. Growing Conditions: Most under Large ELM's, some near downed ELM or MAPLE. Additional Comments: Other folks nearby found pounds of nearly same size & type.

April 24th, 2005: We found a few morels in Alleghany County, VA on 04/23/05. Wooded area, east slope of mountain, previously burned area, couple of days after a rain, few and far between, hard to find any. Laura & Steve - Covington, VA


April 24th, 2005: Nick Petersen,  morel - general location: Council Bluffs, IA.Growing Conditions: Found 53 mushrooms near dying elm trees. They were only on one side of the trees, within surrounding plant growth. Good size.

April 24th, 2005: Hello,I'm just an interested mushroom hunter.We found only four very small a week ago today in South Bend IN,are going up north soon.TTYL,Cassie 

April 24th, 2005: Nate, morel - general location: Sunnyvale, CA Found one landscape morel about 2 inch  tall.

April 24th, 2005: Christine  morel - general location: Washigton County, Kansas. Growing Conditions: Found them on the south side of hills, under Elm trees with Dutch Elm Disease. Little grays and blonds.

April 24th, 2005: Garrett Stock  morel - general location: pennsylvania,Blair county. Growing Conditions: wildcherry, aspen trees. low wooded area. around rocky areas. Additional Comments: my dad and i found 30 morels today 4-24-05.

April 24th, 2005: sudhir, morel,- general location: Chicago,IL. Growing Conditions: Under Oak tree, by a river.

April 24th, 2005: Scottmorel - general location: found on the eastside of the central cascades in Washington. Growing Conditions: On north facing slopes under thinned ponderosa pine and vine maple. Additional Comments: We did great for our first time out this year.  We got plenty to stuff, share with friends and start drying for our winter supply.  Hope the whole season goes this well!

April 25th, 2005: Bryan Crosby,  morel - general location: Des Moines Iowa, East side by Copper Creek. Growing Conditions: Just found one by itself. 

April 25th, 2005: Birdog,  morel - general location: Miami County, North Central Indiana. Growing Conditions: Under dead Elm trees on hills with southern exposure.  Additional Comments: It has been very dry, but the recent rain and snow has been helpful. I found about 60 greys over the weekend. If the temps warm back up I think hunting should be very good by next weekend.

April 25th, 2005: chris c,: morel - general location: downed tree in shade, deep forest. Growing Conditions: downed tree, rotten trees.
Additional Comments: they were dried, but still edable.

April 25th, 2005: Alan Masonmorel - general location: Morgan County, Tennessee. Growing Conditions: They're growing in my front yard under my pine and cedar trees! 

April 25th, 2005: 

Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Knoxville, TN
well....... got some news !!!!!!!, nuttin major but we did manage to find some big white shrooms today....... 21 in all, the biggest one was destroyed in the bag though during the hunt. found these in a new place that one of Richies ( Red ) friends turned us on to.
he found some while coming out of the woods after turkey hunting and we went back there today and got a few, he found about 25 and we went back and found 21 more.
looks like its basically over for us this year with it being a slow year but atleast we have 2 new places to hunt in the upcoming seasons.
I'm sending you some pics that I took today of the white ones........ check out the size of the stem of the big one in the "closeup" sorry I didn't get a pic of it but like I said, we kinda killed it while carrying it in the bag with the others, so I cut what was left off the stem and gave it to Richie....... the shrooms are cut in half, as it was the only way I knew to split'em with Richie after the hunt so I could get pics of all them, being I didn't take my camera with me.
and what a photograph the big one would have made, not only that Chris, but we found 2 that were growing about 6 inches off the ground, on the side of a dead tree stump !!!!!!! growing straight off the side of the dead tree stump, it would have made a cool picture !!!!
dang it !!!! why didn't I take my camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway, it was good to see a few again before the season ended.
Thanks for the videos and getting to see you again this year, we'll do it again !!!...... Eddie

April 26th, 2005: This fungus was found in a flower bed in Avon Indiana, just west of Indianapolis, in August a few years ago. Can you identify this? I am very familiar with the Morel family and am pretty sure this is not one of them. I have never seen one like it and can not find it in any of the mushroom identifying books. The stem is like that of a loofa sponge. Any help is greatly appreciated. Possibly a new species? Sincerely, Sheraine Armstrong

This is a stinkhorn! Quite a fooler! -Chris M

April 26th, 2005: red, morel - general location: vigo county, in TERRE HAUTE, Growing Conditions: spillbanks. Additional Comments: Friday April 22 found around 3 lbs grays and yellow morels in 2 hours.  Morels getting tall 4-5" but were run out of woods by heavy storms. Since we have had 2 nites freeze temps. Warmer today so we going out to check.   

April 26th, 2005: J.M., morel,- general location: Carroll, IA. Growing Conditions: Found on the south hills under dead elm trees. Additional Comments: We found 132 grays and yellows.  We've got enough rain now we need the sunshine!!

April 26th, 2005: debra Brittonmorel - general location: Illinois Central Illinois Sherrard Illinois. Growing Conditions: Near gooseberry bushes and dead elms

April 26th, 2005: hugh urban,  morel - general location: Licking County, OH. Growing Conditions: on slopes under elm, tulip-polar and apple. Additional Comments: we FINALLY found our first morels of the year, which was a pleasant surprise, since we just had two days of snow in central OH. We found 7 nice yellows, 1 black and 6 half-frees, mostly under tulip-poplar and elms. One of the half-frees was very large. With all the moisture we've had it could be a good year

April 26th, 2005: P. Alexandermorel - general location: Lake Monroe area, Bloomington, IN. Growing Conditions: Rich lowlands

April 26th, 2005: I came across this patch this weekend. What a sight to see...The were many others in this area, but not eight like the photo shows...Don Hickey


April 26th, 2005: Laura L.Peterson - general location: Sullivan County. Carlisle,In. Back on the backside of the prison on country roads. Always on the hillsides that are closest to creeks, where ground is very soft, plenty found under sticker brush, could'nt believe it,
Growing Conditions: Always on the hill sides by creeks running close by. Where ground is very soft, plenty found under sticker brush, we could not believe the find thid year.Over 600 found in 2 days. Packed by 50's, that is how we counted them. YIPPIE!!!!

April 26th, 2005: Hawkeye Fanmorel - general location: Johnson County, Iowa. Growing Conditions: South facing hill in heavily wooded area. Additional Comments: The morels I found were only 2" tall and haven't been very plentiful yet this year.

April 26th, 2005: chuck stephens jr., morel - general location: des moines ia. Growing Conditions: found them around dead elms and mossey creek banks

April 26th, 2005: Joyce Dooley, morel - general location: Bedford,Va. Growing Conditions: By Poplar trees on southeast rocky slope under leaves in the mountains.Outside temp. was mid 60's F daytime and 50 F at night after a couple days of rain.Sauted in butter. SUCCULENT!!!

April 26th, 2005: Abby,  morel - general location: Brown County, IN. Growing Conditions: Under many dead trees, fallen limbs, southside hills, etc. Additional Comments: It was a great day!  We found about 450!

April 26th, 2005: susie leigh, morel - general location: mountain home afb idaho.Growing Conditions: next to house in shade in clay

April 26th, 2005: tina,  morel - general location: carroll county ,indiana. Growing Conditions: under oak ,decaying branches and trees,tall grass. Additional Comments: 200 grays and yellows april,24 2oo5=2 1/2pounds!!!

April 26th, 2005: April,: morel - general location: northwest,Iowa. Growing Conditions: Hill sides under dead elm  trees. Additional Comments: this is about our 5th trip out and come with mushrooms everytime between 3 to 10 lbs worth. mostly little greys, but starting to find big yellows..keep hunting the mother load will come.April 15th to April 25th

April 26th, 2005: Alex Hastings, morel,- general location: quincy illinois. Growing Conditions: by elm trees and out in patchy green veggy by trees. Additional Comments: found 1 grey and 7 yellows thursday the 21st, found 5 yellows friday, found 3 grays and 14 yellows saturday, found 5 yellows on sunday big batch for my family

April 26th, 2005: Shanemorel - general location: Ky,Il.IN.Growing Conditions: Poplar.Big Yellows under dead Elms. Additional Comments: Have had no luck with Blacks this year.80% have been small Yellows & Greys.Started finding big Yellows & Whites this week.27lb.

April 26th, 2005: byron place morel - general location: near minneapolis mn. Growing Conditions: decaying woods lots of dead trees.
Additional Comments: smallest and the earliest I have ever found

April 26th, 2005: Frank Hutcheison morel - general location: Richmond Dale, Ohio. Growing Conditions: Near elm trees. Additional Comments: After 2 days of freezing rain and snow, I didn't know what to expect. Today was about 65 degrees. I found 60 nice morels. I am guessing 3 lbs. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

April 26th, 2005:  Tom Rowemorel - general location: Valley (Douglas County) Nebraska by the Platte River. Growing Conditions: Rich lowlands.

April 26th, 2005: Thia, morel - general location: Centerville, OH - Just south of Dayton.Additional Comments: FINALLY! I am now convinced that snow in April is a good thing! The last time this happened was in 1998, which was also the year we (our family) found our "spot". In 1998 we layed on our hands and knees because we couldn't pick em' as fast as we found them. Since that year our "spot" hasn't been nearly as plentiful. We blamed it on the construction (tore half of the woods away), our plastic bags (instead of mesh), too much traffic, and so on. But now, in 2005...It snowed in April again..hehehehehe We only had 2 hours to hunt the woods today and we had to leave so many mushrooms as we raced through. We (My mom and I) brought home a total of 222 morels. A perfect blend of yellow and grays, plus a few blacks and spikes. The sponges ranged from 1/2" to 2 1/2" so they were hard to see, but they were EVERYWHERE! Again, on our hands and knees lovin' life....I can't wait till next week when they are bigger and I have more time to hunt them....yay!!!!!

April 26th, 2005: Chad, morel, - general location: Found in Roberts MT (45 miles from Billings) Growing Conditions: Brush line near creek bottom. Additional Comments: Found about 15 blackies. 

April 26th, 2005: Charlie 4, morel - general location: Sonoma County, CA. Growing Conditions: We found 1/2 lb. of Grey's, 2-4 inches, in a fire burn zone, east and south-east facing slopes, growing in madrone circles.

April 27th, 2005: J Bishel morel - general location: Monroe, CT off Rt. 34 near Zoar Beach. Growing Conditions: Waste area under trees within sight of Lake Zoar.  Additional Comments: I'm not a mushroom collector but I almost stepped on these when I parked by the side of the road to look for weathered wood for my sculptures. This is an area where people dump brush piles and unfortunately other debris.

April 27th, 2005: Charlie Robinsonmorel - general location: Sabetha, Kansas..Growing Conditions: In a wooded area near our home.

April 27th, 2005: Kim Yatesmorel - general location: Hickman County, Tennessee (Lyles) Growing Conditions: Growing in the rich forest soil near a creek in the outside edge of the pasture.

April 27th, 2005: Jeff,  morel - general location: Near a creek in Riverton Illinois. Growing Conditions: Most of the mushrooms I found were in an area with a bunch of dead and rotting limbs.

April 27th, 2005: mushroom matt, morel,- general location: Northwestern Illinois. Growing Conditions: Hilltops,under Elms and ash. 349 2-6 inchers,great mess of shrooms......We got the rain we needed and this cool weather will keep the hunting great for awhile.

April 27th, 2005: chrisarledgemorel - general location: rocky area tar hollow state park in ohio. Growing Conditions: hillside. Additional Comments: 2 yrs ago found 3 pound here on easter sunday this year was a few weeks later but already finding some

April 27th, 2005: Judy Jmorel - general location: Whitewater state park MN. Growing Conditions: south facing hills

April 27th, 2005: chuck stephens jr. yellow morels, - general location: des moines iowa,east of iowa state fairgrounds on a side road with just a little timber due to new houses being built in area. Growing Conditions: all around dead elm EVERYWHERE!

April 27th, 2005: clayton howington, morel,- general location: Kingsport Tennessee and Gate City Virginia area. Growing Conditions: around mayapple on a rocky hillside lots of popular trees. Additional Comments: Since first of April I have found approx. 2-3 dozen of what I call the white morels. All were around the Kingsport and Gate City area in northeast Tennessee.  We had a light snow on Sun. Apr. 25th I hope it hasn't set them back. I'm going looking today. We had rain yesterday and a few warmer days of weather since the snow. If anyone else hunts this area please let me know how  you did at  Thanks for the info. Happy hunting.

April 27th, 2005: Jon Loomismorel - general location:  oconomowoc wi. Growing Conditions: dead elm  first one of the year april 23 need rain!! Additional Comments: very early need more rain.

April 27th, 2005: Eileen morel - general location: Bridgman, Michigan. Growing Conditions: Old orchard,  Additional Comments: They were GOOD!

April 27th, 2005: Timmorel - general location: sidney, iowa. Growing Conditions: high and low ground. Additional Comments: I found one that was 5 1/2 inches long and about 3 1/2 inches wide

April 27th, 2005: Chrismorel - general location: all over iowa. Growing Conditions: everywhere. Additional Comments: my husband and I have found lots, big and small, grey and yellow

April 27th, 2005: Aaron,  morel - general location: East central Iowa. Additional Comments: i found 347 yellow sponges in a small area...never before have i seen anything like it.  a once in a lifetime find, at least for me, i have never found more than 20 in one spot until today 4/27/2005

April 28th, 2005: Some pics of morels I found this year. Chris A. Crosby






t> - general location: Ohio,Sherrodsville,Carroll. Growing Conditions: dead elm east side of hill

April 28th, 2005: Marlinblack morel - general location: Frederick County Maryland. Growing Conditions: Poplar Grove on top of mountain. Additional Comments: Things are just starting to look right.Warm temperatures and rain will bring the peek.

April 28th, 2005: tjcalabro, I found this one in the state park in Hamburg, Iowa on April 26, 2005


April 28th, 2005: Tina Wilkinsongrey morel,- general location: We are in Fulton County . Canton IL. Growing Conditions: Alot of them i found was on mossy hill side, wet too..

April 28th, 2005: dan whitegrey morel - general location: calif visalia central san joaquin valley. Growing Conditions: calif. visalia found about 250 in the olive orchard 20 acre orchard after rain and sunny days usually about 2 to 3 in high. Additional Comments: iam looking for somebody close bye to go with.

April 28th, 2005: Jeremy Coutsyellow morel - general location: montgomery county ohio. Growing Conditions: steep incline, open detrius with heavy water flow (note mossy rocks).  May Apples just coming in bloom.

April 28th, 2005:  Hi, I hope your able to post this picture of my daughter on your site.........It would mean alot to her !! She found this one in an old apple orchard in southern Indiana. Thanks, Dave

April 28th, 2005: clayton howington - general location: kingsport tennessee sullivan co. Growing Conditions: moist hillsides popular trees. Additional Comments: april 27 went looking after the recent snow but never found the first trace of any. I hope this cold spell hasn't killed the season. Good luck to everyone else and Gooooood eating.

April 28th, 2005: A clump from iowa...

April 28th, 2005: davidt5804yellow morel - general location: Sioux City, Iowa. Growing Conditions: Mainly under ash and elm trees. Found both in moderately forested and open grassy areas. The ones in grassy areas are a bit harder to spot, as they are well camouflaged. They range from 1.5 inches to about 3 inches. In about 2 hours I gathered about 3 pounds.

April 28th, 2005: roy chaffins, black morel - general location:  I found 125 grey an black morel's I could not beleive it!!! I was blown away. This was in april around the 21'st. Growing Conditions: south side of woods near dead elm and low swampy areas.

April 28th, 2005: Hi Chris,Great site! Very impressive! I was hoping that you might be able to help me identify a mushroom I recently found all the way over here in the England. It is 15cms tall, has a hollow fruit body and stem. It looks very much like a morel (except the strange shape of the fruit body and narrowing stem), but not sure if really is or not. There were some insects inside eating away, which makes me think that it is. And is it edible? Hope you can help. Good luck with the site! Richard Turner, London, England. Richard, this does appear to  be a Morel, probably Morchella esculenta. Sometimes they do grow strangely as this one did. -Chris M


April 28th, 2005: zach waite, black morel - general location: gladwin michigan united states. Growing Conditions: bearms edges of hills. Additional Comments: if look in those spots you will find a ton

April 29th, 2005: Jeff Nafziger yellow morel,- general location: IOWA, Cedar county. Growing Conditions: Under dead elms. Additional Comments: 208 found 4/28/05  back for more tomorrow.

April 29th, 2005: It is morel time , again, except (here) a week earlier as last year. found 19 of them-they were quite small and hard to see, must have just stuck their heads up. even stepped on one...that is a first..same New York City park. three years in a row. well what the heck; it is Van Courtland park at 244 street and Broadway.. a large wooded city park. can not found it elsewhere in that park, except on my patch. good luck for all! peter grass

April 29th, 2005: R&R Taylorgrey morel - general location: Hillsdale Co. MI.

April 29th, 2005: Earl Allenyellow morel - general location: Warsaw, Indiana. Growing Conditions: under dead elm trees. Additional Comments: My brother Rex and I found 55 yellow and grays under dead elm trees yesterday. We are getting plenty of rain but we need some sunshine.

April 29th, 2005: Danyellow morel - general location: Minnesota, Houston County. Growing Conditions: Small greys in the woods, and medium yellows in the long grass. Additional Comments: Found about 10 Lbs. in 2 hours 04-28-05

April 29th, 2005: Jill E, black morel,- general location: Rome Township, Stewart, OH. Growing Conditions: old forest steep hillside -- 3/4 way down

April 29th, 2005: Emilygrey morel - general location: Livingston County, MI. Growing Conditions: Under elm, cherry, & Russian olive, south-facing slope. Additional Comments: Found 34 small greys, first of the year.

April 30th, 2005: Timyellow morel - general location: Western Wisconsin Arcadia. Growing Conditions: South side bluff quite high up

April 30th, 2005: Williemag, found 9 Blacks yesterday...Anoka county, Mn....secret spot X

April 30th, 2005: Deeeeeen, grey morel - general location: Tacoma Washington. Growing Conditions: 4 morels growing under conifers in a well mulched garden april 29. Additional Comments: these morels were white, one was large and so old it had fallen over and broken, but was still white, i only took the smallest one home because the others had too many bugs, but the one i took home is now dark grey.  is this a grey morel? i thought it was a white morel,  but ive never heared of them growing here.  as far as i know you can only find black morels in western washington.  can someone tell me what types of morel do grow here?

April 30th, 2005: jeramyyellow morel - general location: hamilton,county  indiana. Growing Conditions: lowlands by elm trees

April 30th, 2005: Joe Pateryellow morel,- general location: Big hard woods around Ash trees in the Oxford, Ohio area. So far founf about 60.

April 30th, 2005: Richgrey morel - general location: MARYLAND, HAGERSTOWN, WASHINGTON COUNTY. Growing Conditions: Under cedars in a cultivated morel habitat - spores scattered in a composte bed. Additional Comments: This is the third year for picking morels from my back yard composte bed.

April 30th, 2005: Chuck Partak,  morel-other - general location:  Private Club Grundy County ,IL. Growing Conditions: Timber,mostly Elms although some Oaks ,45* slopes Found only 9 in the 3-4 inch range. Additional Comments: Kids had fun . I wish it would rain a little and get more popping up.

April 30th, 2005: Jeff Pedersen, grey morel - general location: On flats, and on the slopes of hills. Growing Conditions: dry hillsides and on top of flat ground,few days after it rained. Additional Comments: been really cold here in Iowa,50 degree days and freezing temps at night,unusually cold temps.

April 30th, 2005: glenn, black morel - general location: Gaylord MI. Growing Conditions: around black ash trees. Additional Comments: there were some areas that had snow on the ground. It was a bit cold.

April 30th, 2005: stew yellow morel - general location: indiana,richmond,wayne,mounds st park. Growing Conditions: sticker bushes.
Additional Comments: found over 300 in 3 hr all under the sticker busher it was like mushrooms insted of leaves,left because we did not have enough bags will go back tommrow

April 30th, 2005: The kids found these in southern Indiana on thursday 4/28 under a couple of elm trees, Dave.

April 30th, 2005: Stefan Ziolkowski, yellow morel - general location: South Central Montana. Growing Conditions: Next to dead trees, damp sandy soil. A few in a sparse burn. Additional Comments: Its bee pretty cold since my first find here in MT. Went out last night and found 30 Yellows. Quite a few had dry tops. Maybe Frostbite? Its supposed to warm up in the next few days and its drying up here again. Do you think the upcoming warm temps will fruit up a second batch without any real recent moisture? Last moisture was snow,total of .10 on,wed,thurs,fri.